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Proper Manners Travelers Should Know before Coming to Vietnam

If you’re gearing up for an escapade to Vietnam, get ready to be swept off your feet by its mesmerizing culture. Vietnam is more than just stunning landscapes and mouthwatering pho – it’s where age-old traditions mingle with modern vibes. In addition to your luggage, it is advisable also to prepare some proper manners for travelers in Vietnam.

Before you pack your suitcase and computer backpacks and hop on that plane, let’s take a closer look at some mind-blowing cultural traditions you have to know to make the most of your adventure!

Vietnamese Family Priorities

In Vietnam, family is a big deal, and we mean BIG! Family ties here go beyond your immediate relatives, with grandparents, cousins, and even your third cousin’s pet considered part of the crew. Family gatherings in Vietnam are like a party on steroids, and don’t be surprised when you’re invited. There are specific differences in the family customs between Northern and Southern Vietnam. Fortunately, Vietnamese people are known for their hospitality and are willing to show you the how-to every step of the way.

Welcomes and Greetings

Greetings in Vietnam might be difficult for those unfamiliar with Asian manners, but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. When meeting people around your age or younger, a simple hand wave of “Hello” should suffice. When it comes to older people, a subtle bow is a sign of giving respect. However, as more and more of the older generation become open-minded, they are willing to accept your handshake. In case you want to show off your Vietnamese, add the prefix “Dạ” (pronounced “ya”) before each sentence to show your respect. Regardless, don’t stress out too much if you’re new to the Vietnamese culture. Follow common sense to be as respectful as you would be in any country, and you should be fine. Your Vietnamese friend will gladly guide you through the basic manners.

Dine with Vietnamese Style

Vietnamese cuisine is an explosion of flavors and colors that will make your taste buds dance like nobody’s watching. When dining in Vietnam, remember that sharing is caring, but let the elders have their food first before diving into the meal yourself. So, don’t be shy about diving into communal dishes and bonding with your fellow food enthusiasts.

Party People

Vietnam knows how to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow! With a calendar chock full of festivals, you’re in for a real treat. Tet Nguyen Dan, the Lunar New Year, is their biggest bash. The whole country is decked out in colorful decorations, dancing dragons parading the streets, and people spreading positive vibes everywhere. Fireworks light up the sky, and the traditional exchange of gifts symbolizes the wish for a better and prosperous year ahead. Tet is a time for families and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Temple Time

Temples and pagodas are like little sanctuaries scattered all over Vietnam. Paying a visit is a must, but remember to show some respect, folks. Dress modestly, covering those knees and shoulders, and slip off your shoes before entering. Oh, and once inside, keep the volume down – it’s a peaceful place to soak in the spiritual vibes. You might also experience a traditional ceremony, and it’s always a golden opportunity to learn more about Vietnamese culture. Take it all in, and enjoy the experience!

Respect Your Elders

You should get on board with elders’ reverence and respect. Be respectful of them with polite gestures and language, and don’t dare call them by their first names unless you get their permission. You should listen to the elders and show your interest in what they are saying. Respect their wisdom and learn from it.

Armed with these cultural gems, you’re all set to make your Vietnam adventure unforgettable. Embrace the traditions, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and prepare for a journey that’ll leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Happy travels!

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