VietnamProcedures for Traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19

Procedures for Traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19

Since Vietnam’s borders are opening, the need to traveling abroad from Vietnam for your business trips or going home is much more essential. Overseas trips are no longer the same, at least in the current time of the pandemic, so it is crucial that you follow all information on traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19.

Traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19 – Possible or Not?

The ultimate question of all travelers: is traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19 possible? The answer is yes.

Vietnam has resumed domestic flights, as well as international air routes with these six destinations: Guangzhou (China), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan), and Vientiane (Laos). The number of flights available is still limited so contact the airlines as soon as possible. For more detailed information, follow this Vietnamese government announcement.

In addition, there are plans for repatriation flights to your home country. However, it is similar to commercial flights: the number of seats and flights is not abundant, and the flights only operate on specific days. Therefore, keep a sharp eye on the flying schedules and the registration procedure, you can also contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Vietnam for more updates and instructions.

Due to the recent outbreak with the COVID variants, Vietnam has now suspended flights from the UK and South Africa.

Procedures for Traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19

So now you’ve sorted out about the flight back home. What else should you prepare for traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19?

Vietnam Visa

First, you must check whether your Vietnam visa is still valid.

  • Visa exemptions: Vietnam has suspended all visa exemptions for the following nationals: Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, and Italy.
  • Visitors staying in Vietnam since March 1st, 2020 are allowed to have an automatic extension till May 30th, 2021 without extra penalties, provided that they have proofs to have been stuck in Vietnam since and must acquire a letter from the embassy.

procedures travel out of vn COVID 19 quarantine original

Those who have been through quarantine must get proofs from the local authorities for exiting the country

  • Foreigners treated for COVID-19 or quarantined: can be considered for visa extension, but they must provide proof documentation from Vietnamese authorities for the treatment and/or quarantine, certifying that they aren’t positive with COVID-19. The above note or confirmation document must be shown to authorities upon exit.

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  • If you need further guidance on visas, hospitals, embassies, or consulates details, contact Vietnam’s Tourist Helpline: (+84) 378 173 371 (9 AM – 5.30 PM, GMT+7).

Health Check-up/Covid Tests

procedures travel out of vn COVID 19 health checkup

All individuals will be asked to fill out a health declaration form and have a temperature check before entering any hospital

  • For traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19, you won’t need to go through the mandatory quarantine. However, you must prove that you’re not infected with the virus.
  • Vietnam now has 79 facilities throughout the country that are eligible for testing COVID-19. See here the full list of COVID-19 testing facilities in Vietnam. The test results are crucial as you’ll need to present them to the authorities and the country you’re traveling to.
  • While getting the test, remember to comply with hospital etiquettes during COVID-19 to avoid any possible risk of contracting the virus and avoid fines for non-compliance.
  • COVID-19 testing fees: VND 734,000 (about US$ 32) (Real-time PCR) and VND 238,000 (about US$ 10) (quick test kit). Some insurances will cover your COVID-19 testing fees, so it is advisable to get travel insurance before making any trip during this particular time. Check the insurance quotes and plans:


At the Airport

procedures travel out of vn COVID 19 airport

Strictly comply with the established safety measures when you’re at the airport

Airports in Vietnam have somewhat returned to their normal operations, but strict measures for preventing the virus are still in place.

Travelers need to make sure all your required documents are with you to shorten the check-in process, keep wearing face masks 100% of the time, and keeping a safe distance of 2 meters from other people.

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Our Thoughts on Traveling out of Vietnam during COVID-19

As tourism in Vietnam becomes a possibility once again, it is crucial to equip yourself with knowledge on travel regulations to ensure that your trip is smooth-sailing and safe. To keep up with the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam in general and specifically travel-related activities, subscribe to our blogs to receive the latest updates!

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