VietnamMiscellaneousPlanning a Trip to Vietnam? Check Out These Travel Resources

Planning a Trip to Vietnam? Check Out These Travel Resources

There is so much more to Vietnam than their local dishes. Prepare yourself to be surprised by the magical atmosphere of Hoi An, the scenic lakes of Hanoi, and the cheap shopping experiences in Ho Chi Minh. Of course, these are not the only destinations in Vietnam that will take your breath away. The country boasts of natural beauty, healthy local dishes, friendly locals, and everything in between. If you are looking to travel to Vietnam, the following Vietnam travel resources will help you better prepare.


Many people would love to visit blog websites first when planning to go to this land of lush rice terraces, picturesque valleys, and forested mountains for the first time. The best thing about checking out travel blog sites when planning a trip is that these websites usually provide information that is very specific to your target destination. In most cases, a travel blog site is where you can read unbiased and honest opinions about a specific place. According to the expert Travel Center, many blog sites provide plenty of useful information about Vietnam. A travel blog is a helpful resource for information such as budget travel tips, travel inspirations, and even travel photography tips. It gives access to your travel needs, including hotel booking, flight reservations, digital security, and travel insurance.


Film documentaries are another helpful resource when visiting Vietnam for the first time. A film documentary such as Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, which is all about Vietnam, is a must-watch if you want to learn more about this country. This documentary explores the different delicious cuisines of Vietnam, with candid footage about this country’s modern-day living. It also tells you about the rich history of Vietnam from a traveler’s perspective. There is also another documentary titled Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”: Hanoi, which features one of the former presidents of America named Barack Obama. This episode of Anthony Bourdain’s documentary showcases more of Hanoi, its local traditions, and cuisine.

Most travel documentaries praise the exquisite Vietnamese cuisine

Another wonderful documentary about Vietnam is from a Vietnamese-Australian chef named Luke Nguyen. Each episode of Luke’s Food Network series features different local specialties from various places in Vietnam. In this documentary, you will be presented with mouth-watering dishes from Vietnam and enjoy the show as you get the chance to see beautiful places in the country.


After watching film documentaries and reading travel blogs about Vietnam, you can also read some books about Vietnam. One of the best examples is the book Vietnam – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture, authored by Geoffrey Murray. The book also offers practical advice regarding specific or unfamiliar situations that a first-time visitor to Vietnam encounters.

The National Geographic Traveler: Vietnam book by James Sullivan is also a great resource for everything you want to know about this country as a tourist. This travel guide discusses the country’s major tourist sights, from the wonderful parks of Hanoi to the beauty of Ha Long Bay. It also features lesser-known tourist spots such as the Nguyen tombs in Hue, Nam Cat Tien National Park, and the Mekong Delta.

Mekong Delta is a peaceful countryside of Vietnam

Books may not be as visualized and interactive as some would prefer, but the in-depth stories can trigger your imagination about this Asian country. They will urge you to book a flight immediately.

Smartphone Apps

If you are in Vietnam for the first time and without any companion who can speak your language, the chances are that you will come across some challenges finding your way in this beautiful country. This is why it is highly recommended that you first install a Vietnamese Phrasebook app on your phone that will serve as your translator and be super helpful. All iOS and Android users can install this app for free, but they may also choose to upgrade it, which may cost them almost $14.

See more Useful Apps on Your Vietnam Travel

There is also an app called English to Vietnamese Dictionary that serves as a dictionary translator and provides a list of useful phrases that tourists can use to explore the city’s accommodations, dining restaurants, and local transportation.

A translation app can help you communicate with the locals better when dining at a local restaurant.

Vietnam Tourism Official Website

If the books and blog sites do not give you the specific information that you are looking for about Vietnam, maybe you can find it on their official tourism website. In addition to information about e-visa applications and visa requirements, governmental websites also have a lot to offer for tourists. You don’t have to cross-check with various resources as official information on these websites, whether about immigration or tourism activities. All contents are the latest updates from the government’s announcements, which is especially helpful in this uneasy time due to the virus outbreak. In addition, there are pages dedicated to each major city in the Northern, Central, and Southern parts of Vietnam. It also lists what tourists can do while staying in a particular city. The official tourism website of Vietnam also gives you access to great travel offers and promotions that will make your stay budget-friendly.

We’d recommend looking up (Vietnam Immigration Department) and (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism) for the latest news about Vietnam travel, or you can do some research on your country’s embassy page on traveling to Vietnam.

Oi is a travel magazine that features much information about Vietnam’s best travel destinations, the latest news, and significant events. Whether you visit Vietnam for leisure or business, this magazine will provide helpful information. If you’re visiting the country for the first time, this magazine also features restaurant reviews. Read the magazine for where to find the best Middle Eastern food or the Western food you crave.

Got a sudden craze for authentic American BBQ in Vietnam? Look it up on travel magazines

Vietnam Travel is another magazine worth reading if you want to spend some days in Vietnam as a tourist. It provides information about Vietnamese cuisine, culture, and travel experiences, and has a dedicated page for travel guides. Vietnam Travel offers a good read if you want information regarding where to go in Vietnam for your honeymoon, backpacking adventure, or family trip.

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Vietnam Airlines Website

Vietnam Airlines’ website will serve as your best resource for flight schedule bookings and hotel reservations, making managing your flights much more accessible. If you want to redeem or earn miles from Vietnam Airlines or other airline partners, you may also check this website for helpful information. You may also visit the websites of different airline companies based in Vietnam. Other Vietnam airlines include Vietjet Air, Vietnam Air Services Company, and Jetstar Pacific.

Vietnam Travel Forum

These forums are helpful as they usually contain honest opinions about Vietnam. In these forums, you can also read some valuable tips about anything from exchanging foreign currency to Vietnamese Dong to planning a trip. The Travel blog site also summarizes Vietnam’s history, a big bonus information for travelers visiting Vietnam for the first time. also has other website pages that provide knowledge about cruising, the best hotels, news, and trip ideas. However, as a reminder, when you read the information in the forums, always double-check with multiple resources and opinions. There could be some facts or statements told in the forum that are no longer true or biased. For example, one person commented about poor service at a hotel in Vietnam. As a responsible traveler, you should be wise enough to check other online resources to see if the same is still accurate or whether other people share more positive experiences.

Social Media


Although Pinterest is an image-based social networking site, it also offers useful information for travelers wanting to visit Vietnam. Do you want to know the best places to visit in Hanoi? Or learn the best way to get a Vietnam Visa? What are the best things to do in Da Lat? All this information and more can be accessed when you check out Pinterest.


There are Facebook accounts of travel agencies in Vietnam that you can also check out if you want to book specific trips, with guided tours, shore excursions, tour packages, and tailor-made vacations. Do not forget to always check for the reliability of the information and reviews of the services.

Additionally, Vietnam travel groups on Facebook are collections of personal experiences, offering insightful stories and hands-on tips for discovering Vietnam’s best sides.


Instagram also has several accounts that may serve as useful resources for those looking to visit Vietnam. One best example is Tran Tuan Viet @vietsui, whose images have been widely praised by National Geographic. His account features stunning landscapes and the beauty of everyday life in Vietnam. The second best Instagram account for Vietnamese travelers is Nhan Le @nhanlephotography, which publishes drone photos of beautiful Vietnam. Nhan Le is an expert in aerial photography, which is why his images on Instagram will have you scrolling endlessly for more. Another account worth checking out if you want to see more of Vietnam is Miles of Smiles @milesofsmiles. Her home base is in Hanoi. Most of the images she uploaded on Instagram showcase Vietnam’s cheerful and colorful side. Seeing her among these pictures would also make you want to join and never leave.

Now that you have this list of resources, remember to stay in shape. Remember that this post-pandemic-stricken world does not like sick people. Ensure that once you travel, you do not have colds, coughs, fevers, and other symptoms of a viral infection. Otherwise, your exciting trip will be replaced with days spent under quarantine cells.

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