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Places to Buy New and Used Phones in Ho Chi Minh City

Trustworthy places to buy new and used phones in Ho Chi Minh City are definitely the ones with nationwide fame and credibility. These include Thegioididong and FPT Shop, which have locations across the country. However, in Ho Chi Minh City particularly, a few other phone retailers, namely Cellphone S and Hnammobile, have also earned a good reputation for their quality and service.

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Open 8 AM – 10 PM (even Sundays and public holidays)

They have a wide range of phones, and the customer service is among the best phone shops in the city. In addition, you can get complimentary screen protection or check out their collections of phone cases and accessories.

FPT Shop

Opens 8 AM – 10 PM everyday

Similarly to Thegioididong, FPT Shop is another competitive place to buy new phones in Ho Chi Minh City. Even for models that are not available in Vietnam yet, such as the latest iPhone or Pixel phones, the staff can help you order from overseas and pick it up at the shop.

Cellphone S

Opens 8 AM – 10 PM everyday

Cellphone S might be able to offer you the greatest deal for your new phone. They also carry many Asian brands, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, or Oppo.

All of the shops mentioned above can also help if your phones run into technical issues. You can also look up and buy other electronics on their website, such as laptops, headphones, watches, etc. You can run into these shops outside of Ho Chi Minh, too.

Hnam (Hnammobile)

Opens 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM everyday

Locals’ reviews (our writers): It is a small store but convenient, and doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed.


Opens 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM everyday

Sieu Thi Dien May Cho Lon

Opens 8 AM – 9 PM everyday

Phong Vu

Phong Vu is a reliable electronic maintenance company, but they also sell phones at their stores.

Opens 8 AM – 9:30 PM everyday

All big retailers mentioned above offer used phones for sale (see Thegioididong, FPT Shop, Cellphone S, and Hnammobile’s used phones sales pages).

People also buy phones in Ho Chi Minh City at famous used phone trade streets, like Nhat Tao and Ly Thuong Kiet in District 10 or Hung Vuong in District 5. It’s not highly recommended, but you can find an “antique” phone there.

Speaking of places to buy new and used phones in Ho Chi Minh City, what can you expect in a local phone store in Vietnam? From a local’s viewpoint, it’s an enjoyable experience overall:

  • Being welcomed by staff right at the entrance door
  • Receive sincere consultation and no aggressive effort of sale
  • After purchase, provide your information (name and phone number) for guarantee and related care services later (if problems occur).

Summary of Places to buy new and used phones in Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re looking for places to buy new and used phones in Ho Chi Minh City, the most popular, trusted retailers like Thegioididong and FPT Shop are the best choices since products are registered, and the stores offer very responsible care services.

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