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Overnight Cafes in Saigon

Are you a busy person who would love to spend some time during your vacation dealing with some problems at work? Or are you just looking for a nice place to go out with your friends and enjoy Ho Chi Minh City by night? Here are some overnight cafes in Saigon which opens 24/7 offering affordable drinks and unlimited high-speed free wifi.

Snob Coffee

Address: 147A Tran Hung Dao, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1
Price: VND 30,000 – 65,000

overnight cafe snob 1

Snob Coffee is in the list of favorite overnight cafes in Saigon for many night owls. This coffee shop is spacious, has a good range of drinks as well as relaxing decoration. The music here is also well-chosen to be light, smooth and help customers focus more easily.

overnight cafes in saigon snob 1
Snob Coffee has iMac for guests to use for free

Another plus of Snob Coffee is that it has some iMac installed, free for guests to use. It is convenient if you happen to forget your laptop or do not want to carry your laptop around. But note that the number of iMacs is limited, only 2 in each shop, so there are chances that they are already occupied the moment you need.

Thuc Coffee

Address: there are eight shops of Thuc Coffee in Saigon, the ones in District 1 include
– 156B Pasteur Street
– 182 Pasteur Street
– 48-50 Huynh Thuc Khang Street
– 37 Ly Tu Trong Street
Price: VND 32,000 – 69,000

overnight cafe thuc 1
Unlike other overnight cafes in Saigon, all shops of Thuc Coffee open for service 24/7, not just one or a few of them.

overnight cafes in saigon thuc 1
A Thuc Coffee store in District 1

The word “Thuc” in Thuc Coffee means awake in Vietnamese. As their slogan is “At Thuc, life goes on 24/7”, their shops are always full of customers at any time of the day. They are either having a chat with friends or busy focusing on their laptops or trying to take some short naps before continuing to work all night long. On weekends, it can be so crowded that they have to put some extra seats on the sidewalk in front of the shops, which might not be the most ideal working environment. If you go with a small group up to 5 people, it is a place worth considering, especially you and your friends want to stay out late but are looking for some experience different from Ho Chi Minh City Bars.

Den Da Coffee

Address: 182 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Price: VND 25,000-55,000/drink, from VND 27,000 for food

There are seven stores in Den Da Coffee and each of which has its own creative decoration depicting a part of Vietnamese culture or a corner of life in Saigon. However, only the one on Pasteur street opens overnight.

overnight cafes in saigon den da 2 1
A corner of Den Da Coffee on Pasteur street

The menu of Den Da Coffee is the signature that wins hundreds of customers. It is regularly updated so as to catch up with the trend of Vietnamese youth. Although their name means iced coffee – the most popular version of Vietnamese coffee, you can find many kinds of drinks such as tea, smoothies, and even brown sugar bubble milk – a recently popular bubble tea in Ho Chi Minh City.

Another item that you should look into when you come here for the first time is their toasts. They offer toasts with different toppings, a tasty snack for your hungry stomach at late night.

overnight cafes in saigon den da 1 1
A toast in Den Da Coffee

Opera Tea Club

Address: 1st floor, 39 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Price: VND 22,000 – 60,000+

overnight cafe opera 1

Opera Tea Club is actually not a “cafe”, although there still is coffee if you are interested. The founders wanted to create a relaxing space for people to work until they get tired. In Opera Tea Club, you can have high tea, delicious cakes, and enjoyable space for either a high concentration of some nice relaxation. They also have a comfortable area with an abundance of soft pillows for you to lie down for a while.

overnight cafe opera 2 1
Opera Tea Club is a place where you can comfortably fall asleep

Summary of Overnight cafes in Saigon

Snob Coffee, Thuc Coffee, Den Da Coffee, and Opera Tea Club are some addresses that you can consider when looking for overnight cafes in Saigon. They all have menus with a wide range of options, comfortable spaces, and a nice atmosphere.

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