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Outrageous Things to Do in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is characterized as a “biological treasure trove” for the rich flora and fauna system along with distinct geographical conditions. Escape the tourist trail and blend in with the rural lifestyle for your adventure of “outrageous things to do in Mekong Delta”.

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Outrageous Things to Do in Mekong Delta

Make the best of your traveling experience with our list of outrageous things to do in Mekong Delta. Be young, wild and fearless again and tick on your Vietnam bucket list with these following challenges.

Discover Wild Forests in Mekong Delta

mekong delta forest

Profuse biodiversity in the Mekong Delta forests

Mekong Delta boasts breathtaking landscapes with wild and pristine forests encompassing a splendid biodiversity system. Feel the enchantingly mysterious vibes of these seemingly endless forests. There are many kinds of forests in the Mekong Delta where you can host an expedition of such as indigo forests, mangrove forests, and tropical forests. Some places to add to your checklist are:

indigo forest mekong delta

Get exposed to lush nature in indigo forests

mangrove forest

Mangrove forest in the Mekong Delta

Challenge Yourself with Extreme Food in Mekong Delta

Your culinary experience in Mekong Delta will be divergent from any region of Vietnam you’ve traveled to before. The gastronomy in the Mekong Delta boasts high standards of diversity, aesthetics, and healthiness. Some dishes are quite unique in terms of ingredients and processing.

Bee worm salad

bee worm salad

A rare specialty in the Mekong Delta

Retrieved from U Minh forest, bee worm is a rare and valuable ingredient for Mekong Delta dishes. To make this dish, first, bee worms are dipped into boiling water before being fried on the pan. In the meantime, other ingredients, including fried onion and spices will also be added. The fried bee will be mixed with fried groundnuts, sliced banana flower, some kinds of herbs. Finally, add some finishing touches with chili, vinegar, and fish sauce. You can sense all types of flavor from this bee worm salad, from sweet, salty, sour and spicy, to buttery and greasy. This dish is a flawless combination to leave an unforgettable impression on your tongue.

Coconut worms

coconut worms

Challenge yourself with wriggling coconut worms

Ignore your spine-chilling feeling at first sight, this dish surprisingly tastes better than it looks. You can either try when it’s still alive and wiggly in the fish sauce or stir-fried in butter for a more aromatic taste. See where to try this wild food in our Coconut Worms blog.

Dishes from mice

grilled mouse mekong delta

A very bone-chilling dish from the Mekong Delta

Mice are considered a delicacy in the Mekong Delta. It requires enormous efforts to turn raw mice into hygienic and nutritious dishes. There are various ways to cook mouse such as steaming, grilling, roasting, deep-frying, and so on. It can sound a bit frightening; however, some people claim this rodent meat tastes even better than beef, pork, or chicken.

roasted mouse mekong delta

Roasted mouse with herbs

Crossing “Monkey Bridges” in Mekong Delta

monkey bridge mekong delta

Trying to strike a balance on monkey bridges

Mekong Delta owns an interlaced network of rivers and canals. That’s why “monkey bridges” have become a means to commute in rural areas of the Mekong Delta. These are called monkey bridges as they make the passengers look like monkeys while swinging, clinging onto the bridge balustrade, and trying to maintain their balance on these bridges. Trying to conquer your acrophobia and testing your balancing skills are worthwhile for outrageous things to do in Mekong Delta.

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Sampan Rides in Mekong Delta

mekong delta tours

Fascinating perspective to explore the Mekong Delta

Take a sampan cruise into the wild forests and experience serene mangrove swamp landscapes. Not only is it one of the outrageous things to do in Mekong Delta but also a chance to completely immerse yourself in nature. Glide past the glassy waters and witness a series of diverse landscapes comprised of prolific local fruit orchards, fascinating farms, verdant paddy fields, and so on.

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle


Shopping at Floating Markets in Mekong Delta

If you’re looking for fresh produce and handmade products in Mekong Delta, floating markets will be the perfect place for you. Make sure to visit early in the morning to observe how the markets come to life fully.

mekong delta floating markets

Floating markets are always busy with vendors from many regions

Conclusion of Outrageous Things to Do in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is such a national treasure with vast natural landscapes for you to discover the rustic beauty and embark on outrageous things to do in Mekong Delta. To fully experience Mekong Delta like a local, you can learn more about our Mekong Delta Tour which will let you customize your adventure with a local tour guide companion.

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