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Old Cafes in Saigon

As some coffee enthusiasts would say, drinking Vietnamese coffee isn’t just about the coffee – it’s about the cafe that houses it. This guide gives you a list of top local recommended old cafes in Saigon.

These old cafes in Saigon will put you in the right mood for a good cup of Vietnamese coffee. Their retro design reflects a Vietnam of the 1980s and 1990s.

Cafe 81

28 Nguyen Huu Cau Street, District 1
Open 7 AM – 10:30 PM

Design highlights: Cafe 81’s vintage collection includes an old Russian sewing machine, a small TV set, a radio cassette, countless books, and, like others on this old cafe list, 20th-century Vietnamese household-style seating.

Menu highlights: Coffee, Northern Vietnam tea, Ginger honey, Kumquat honey, Lime honey, Arrowroot drink

Cafe Nho

115/30 Le Van Sy, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District (near the railway)
Open 8 AM – 10 PM

Design highlights: A house of exquisite collections – Tyrol hats, pendulum clocks, oil lamps, radio cassettes, old model electric fans, cameras, ceramics, telephones, and old scooters, among others. Take a look below.

Menu highlights: coffee, avocado/ pineapple/ coconut smoothies

Menu highlights: Mango mix, Guava, Saigon salted.

Lao Hac Quan Cafe

299B Hoang Sa, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1
Open 7 AM – 11 PM

Design highlights: Another humble coffee place that resembles an old Vietnamese home. The second floor overlooks the beautiful Saigon River. Enjoy the breezes as you sip coffee.

Menu highlights: coffee, passion fruit drink, carrot/ pineapple juice, Vietnamese home tea, light snacks.

Bang Khuang Cafe

2nd Floor, 9 Thai Van Lung, District 1
Open 8 AM – 11 PM

Design highlights: The Vietnamese old flooring patterns (small square tiles) are very classic and familiar, while the seating and tables look modern. It’s a harmonious and fascinating match.

Menu highlights: coffee and ice cream, tea, Vietnamese meals

Address: 14G Ton That Dam Street, District 1
Open 8 AM – 11 PM

Address: 1 Truong Dinh, District 1
Open 7 AM – 2 AM

Summary of Old Cafes in Saigon

If you want to try authentic Vietnamese coffee, why not do so in an authentic Vietnamese space, like the above-recommended old cafes in Saigon?

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