VietnamHo Chi MinhOff-season Travel in Ho Chi Minh City: Pros and Cons

Off-season Travel in Ho Chi Minh City: Pros and Cons

Off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City has become an increasingly popular choice for international tourists. Nonetheless, what are the pros and cons of off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City and when is the peak tourist season you should evade?

Peak Tourist Season in Ho Chi Minh City

From November to April every year, Ho Chi Minh witnesses a dramatic increase in the number of international tourists. This period is the dry season in Ho Chi Minh City when the weather is the most favorable for traveling and outdoor activities. You can research weather and temperatures in Ho Chi Minh City before planning your trip to pack suitable clothing along.

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Nevertheless, bear in mind that the period mentioned above is not the only high tourism season. There are Vietnam national holidays that draw an influx of domestic tourists to Ho Chi Minh city because this is one of the rare occasions for family trips. Here are some of the holidays you need to avoid planning your trip while considering off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • September 2nd, Vietnam Independence Day 
  • April 30th, Vietnam Reunification Day and May 1st, International Labour Day
  • May 10th Lunar Calendar, Hung King Commemoration Day

Even though Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday) is the most celebrated holidays, a large number of Ho Chi Minh residents travel back to their hometown or other places. So although the streets seem emptier than usual, Tet Holiday is also when Ho Chi Minh City welcomes thousands of international visitors.

Pros of Off-season Travel in Ho Chi Minh City

Saving Your Budget

In peak tourist seasons, the accommodation, flights, train tickets prices increase dramatically. Off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City will definitely save you a hefty amount of money due to the reductions in plane tickets and hotel stays. You can check out our guide on How to Book Cheap Flights to Vietnam.

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More Availability

Because there are not many tourists in the competition, you’ll have an easier time finding vacancies at hotels, restaurants, and enjoy tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. Last-minute planning is also a more viable option.

Less Crowded

In Vietnam, it is very common to see packed tourist places at high tourism seasons. Imagine getting in an unbearably long line for hours under scorching weather or pushing your way to visit a tourist attraction, definitely not a pleasant experience. Off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City will give you more space and time to make the best of your traveling experience.

More Authentic Local Experience

During off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll have the golden opportunity to experience the more close-up cultures and traditions and more meaningful interactions with the locals. Opting for off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City is a clever way to get a better feel for the city.

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More meaningful interactions with the local during off-season travel

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Cons of Off-season Travel in Ho Chi Minh City

Unpleasant Weather Conditions

In recent years, the summer temperatures in Ho Chi Minh can reach as high as 40°C (104℉) so it’s going to be a bit harsh for tourists who are not accustomed to tropical weather. The unexpected showers may also put off the fun and make your journey more difficult, especially when the streets are flooded after pouring rains.

Less Cultural Experience

Admittedly, squeezing you through throngs of tourists on peak seasons does not sound inviting at all. However, that is when the city comes to life the most with lots of cultural activities for visitors to have a feel of Vietnamese culture. Nonetheless, as long as you enjoy a calmer and more peaceful experience of the city, this shouldn’t too great of a problem.

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Final Thoughts on Off-season Travel in Ho Chi Minh City

Off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City really offers you unique and authentic traveling experiences; notwithstanding, off-season travel in Ho Chi Minh City is not the only way to foster a more in-depth perspective of culture and lifestyle while traveling. 


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