VietnamHanoiNoi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips

Noi Bai International Airport is the largest international airport in the country, covering 139.000 m2 of land in Soc Son District and welcoming more than 15 million travelers annually. Here are our Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips to help you prepare for the best experience.


Quick facts:

– There are 2 terminals; T1 for domestic and T2 for international.

– Some services at the airport:

  • Free internet connections
  • SIM card services
  • Luggage drop-off service
  • Banking/Currency exchange
  • Taxis and airport transfer services
  • Restaurants and Duty-free shopping

A General Guide to Noi Bai International Airport

The airport is divided into 2 terminals: T1 (domestic terminal) and T2 (international terminal). Each terminal houses 4 fully-equipped floors from restaurants, free-duty shops to transportation, and even massage services.

Check the Noi Bai airport map to follow our guides easier.

T1 Domestic Terminal Layout:

  • First floor: Arrival for domestic passenger
  • Second floor: Departure for domestic passenger
  • Third floor: Offices
  • Fourth floor: Restaurants and cafes

Find the check-in counter with the number on your ticket, do all the necessary process then advance to the departure hall.

T2 International Terminal Layout:

  • First floor: International passenger Arrival
  • Second floor: Immigration for international passenger
  • Third floor: Departure for international passenger
  • Fourth floor: VIP lounge, and airlines representative office

Click here to learn about Vietnamese VISA for a smoother airport custom process.

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 1: Stay Alert!


Noi Bai International Airport is always busy

Upon your arrival, you’ll notice that the airport is packed with people, luggage, and trolleys. So be cautious of your phone, wallet, camera, and the vital personal documents. Also, do expect some elbowing in case the airport gets too crowded.

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 2: Internet Connection


Noi Bai Airport Free Wi-fi Logging Instruction

Free Wi-fi connection: The airport offers free Wi-fi, but it might be slow due to the excessive number of users.
Internet plan: SIM cards and data services are available at airport kiosks for VND 150,000.


SIM Kiosks at Noi Bai Airport

SIM cards Kiosks locations:

T2 terminal: Arrival Hall (first Floor) – Zone A1 and A2
T1 terminal: Public Hall (first Floor) – Zone A 218

Read more on SIM cards and mobile data in Vietnam.

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 3: Transportations

There are 3 means of transportation that you can choose for departure from the airport

Taxi: Mai Linh Taxi and VinaSun Taxi are the two reliable taxi brands in Vietnam. One tip to avoid taxi scams is using Google Maps to find the shortest route, then check with your driver. The average taxi fee to get to the Hanoi Old Quarter is about VND 350,000 – 400,000.


Mai Linh Taxi

Taxi pick-up locations:

T2 terminal: Arrival Hall – first floor – Hall C and E
T1 terminal: Arrival Hall – first floor – East Wing

Bus: This is the most affordable way of getting from the airport to the city center. There are 4 buses that you can take: bus number 7, 17, 90, and 86. We suggest that you take the 86 bus to get to the nearest proximity of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The first three ones drop you at transit stations, and you’ll have to take another ride.


Bus number 86

Price (free of charge for luggage):

Bus number 7, 17, 90: VND 9,000/pax
Bus number 86: VND 30,000/pax

Bus Pick-up Locations:

T2 terminal: Arrival Hall (first floor): West Wing and East Wing
T1 terminal: Arrival Hall (first floor): Hall C and Hall E

GrabTaxi: You can call this the Asian Uber. It’s convenient, reliable, and offered at a competitive price with conventional taxis. Depending on the traffic and demand, the price fluctuates between VND 250,000-300,000/ride.
Note: GrabTaxi is not allowed to stop at the arrival hall for more than 5 minutes, so you should be ready to go as soon as the driver calls.

More Useful Apps for Your Vietnam Travel.

For your safety, we disregard the option for local motorbike taxis, especially when you arrive in Hanoi at night.

Note: Some Aviation Companies like Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific offer bus transport from the airport to Quang Trung Station (3 kilometers to the Old Quarter) for VND 40,000/passenger. So ask the crew if they have it.

See more Shuttle Services in Noi Bai Airport or look for bus tickets below:

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Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 4: Luggage Drop-off

The luggage-keeping service at Noi Bai International Airport charges VND 27,500/bag/ hour and VND 275,000/bag/day if you leave your luggage for more than 10 hours.


Luggage-Keeping Counter at Noi Bai Airport

Luggage Drop-off Locations:

T2 Terminal: Public Hall, East Wing
Phone: 04.3587.6599

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 5: Other Services

Banks and ATM: You can find them at the Public Hall of T1 Terminal or the East and West Wing of the T2 Terminal’s Public Hall.


ATMs at Noi Bai Airport

Free water is offered in both terminals:

T1 terminal: Departure lounges, 2nd floor, Hall A, B, E
T2 terminal: Before security, 3rd floor, near gate 21, 25, 32, 35

Free mobile devices charging:

T1 Terminal: A-E section of 1st floor Public Hall,
T2 Terminal: Isolated Zone of 3rd Floor Boarding Hall

Trolleys: Infront of A – B – E section of T1 Terminal and T2 Waiting Lounge

Medical Services:

T1 Terminal: Arrival Hall, A Wing
T2 Terminal: East Arrival Hall

Emergency number: (+844) 35876600

Food: Noi Bai International Airport offers a wide range of culinary selections to cater to passengers’ needs. 

Here are some restaurants that you can find:

Burger King: 3rd floor Public Hall, T2 Terminal
BigBowl: 1st and 3rd floors Public Hall, T2 Terminal

Shopping: Noi Bai International Airport offers duty-free and souvenir shops. Products on sale include clothing, beauty products, perfumes from famous brands such as Chanel, Dior, Lancome Moschino,… Alcohol and beverages are also available.

Where to find duty-free shops:

T2 terminal:
Arrival lounge (first floor) – Arrival duty-free goods
Departure lounge (third floor) – Departure duty-free goods

Where to find souvenir shops:

T2 terminal: Central Hall, 3rd floor, two souvenir shops
T1 terminal: Hall A and B, Departure lounge (second floor)

Pro tips: Souvenirs offered at airport shops are priced much higher due to the overhead. Unless it’s the last resort, we would suggest you buy souvenirs at the night markets or from shops in the Old Quarter.

More on Hanoi Souvenirs.

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 6: What To Do on a Layover

If you’re waiting for a few hours for your next flight, we suggest spending your time exploring the city center. You can visit the famous attractions of Hanoi to take great pictures, have a cup of Egg Coffee or just wander around West Lake.

Note: A Vietnam visa is needed if you’re planning to visit the city, unless you decide to stay at the airport only.

Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips 7: Hotels near Noi Bai Airport

Indochina Airport Hotel

nb 8

Distance to the airport: 4 kilometers.

(View on

HAAP Transit Hotel


Distance to the airport: 3.3 kilometers

(View on

Luxury Airport Hotel & Spa


Distance to the airport: 4 kilometers

(View on

Summing up on Noi Bai International Airport Arrival Tips

We hope that our insider’s knowledge helps you plan a perfect visit to the Airport of Vietnam’s Capital City. If you enjoy our blog, share it with your friends, and stay tuned for everything in Hanoi.

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