VietnamMust-see Flower Fields in Vietnam

Must-see Flower Fields in Vietnam

Whether you opt for an adventure, a honeymoon or simply seek refreshment for yourself, the poetic flower fields in Vietnam definitely cater to you. Scroll down to see how this nature’s embellishment blows a new breeze to your Vietnam journey.

Buckwheat Flowers in Ha Giang

When in blossoming season, buckwheat flowers spread all over mountains, covering the already stunning Province of Ha Giang in a masterpiece of life. From the white color in the bud, it gradually transforms into pink once it blooms. Apart from the mesmerizing beauty, buckwheat serves a healthier alternative to wheat and is used as herbs by ethnic minorities.

When to visit: October to December
Recommended locations: Sung La Commune, Lung Cu Commune, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Pho Cao Commune
Nearby places: Dong Van Plateau, Ethnic Minorities Villages, Noong Lake

flower fields in vietnam hagiang

These tiny blossoms are used to make the famous buckwheat cake

why we love vietnam 5

Winding roads to the buckwheat flowers’ land

White Mustard Flowers in Moc Chau

During the white mustard season, Moc Chau plateau is coated with every hue of white. From the distance, these rustic tiny blossoms resemble a spongy cloud floating above an endless field. If you happen to see colorful dots on this white background, it is a high chance that they are highland dwellers wearing brocade clothes.

When to visit: November to December
Recommended locations: Lun Village, Na Ka Valley, Pa Phach Village, Ban Ang Pine Forest
Nearby places: Thung Khe Pass, Mai Chau Tea Hills, Pha Luong Mountain

flower fields in vietnam original mocchau

The pleasant scent of white mustard brings serenity to the atmosphere

flower fields in vietnam original mocchautea

Also, Moc Chau’s tea hills are waiting for your discovery

Peach Blossoms in Sapa

Immersed in the fog, the cold wind and even the ice, peach blossoms still survive like a miracle of nature. Just wait for the glistening sunlight, the peach petals will bloom beautifully and color Sapa’s scenery with every shade of pink.

When to visit: December to February
Places to visit: O Quy Ho Pass, Ta Phin Village, Sapa Town
Nearby places: Fansipan Mountain, Ham Rong Mountain, Muong Hoa Valley

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flower fields in vietnam sapa

Indigenous children playing with peach blossom trees

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Yellow Mustard Flowers in Hanoi

Once you visit Hanoi in the late winter, remember to gaze at the pristine beauty of yellow mustard fields. Originating from the familiar vegetables in Vietnamese cuisine, yellow mustard has a mild flavor that provides a sense of simplicity to your heart. Seize a moment and watch soft petals swaying in the wind, you will find the true definition of peace.

When to visit: November to December
Recommended locations: Phu Dong Village, Yen Vien Field, Trau Quy Town
Nearby places: check out Top Attractions in Hanoi

flower fields in vietnam hanoi

Yellow mustard fields under the sparkling sunshine

Lavender Flowers in Dalat

Known as “The City of Flowers”, Dalat is home to various beautiful flower fields in Vietnam. Thanks to the cool climate, it is one of the distinctive spots growing lavender in the country. With the mysterious purple and comfortable aroma, these lavender fields guarantee you a completely different view of Vietnamese flowers.

When to visit: June to July
Places to visit: Cau Dat Farm, Tuyen Lam Lake
Nearby places: Langbiang Mountain, Valley of Love, Bao Dai’s Palace

flower fields in vietnam dalat

Take a camera to capture this magnificent sight

Ending on Must-see Flower Fields in Vietnam

These must-see flower fields in Vietnam are not only for agricultural purposes but also serve as a tourist spot attracting both domestic and foreign visitors. Contact us now for more information on your Vietnam Travel.

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