VietnamMiscellaneousMuslim-Friendly Travel Tips in Ho Chi Minh City

Muslim-Friendly Travel Tips in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, in the southern part of Vietnam, is a popular location for Muslim tourists. Visitors are drawn to the city’s vibrant energy and unique commercial and cultural scene. If this is your first visit, you can become lost in the labyrinth of picturesque locations and fascinating things to do. You can handle this with the help of our Ho Chi Minh City guide below. Plan your vacation with Etihad Airways and take advantage of this guide for top Muslim-friendly tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City.

Muslim-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

War Remnants Museum

Initially opened in 1975 under the name “Museum of American War Crimes”, this is an excellent source of information regarding the Vietnam War. There are hundreds of graphic pictures and evidence during some of the country’s darkest moments, whereas the outside area displays fighter jets, rocket launchers, tanks, and single-seaters, among other vehicles seen in the Vietnam War. Since the relationship between Vietnam and the US reconciled, the museum’s name has changed to “War Remnants Museum” to alleviate the strain on the diplomatic connection while still displaying the hard truth of war.

Cu Chi Tunnel

If you’re astonished by how much traffic in the busy metropolis of Ho Chi Minh, let’s go to the Cu Chi Tunnels, which are just 30 kilometers away. During your visit, Halal tourists to Ho Chi Minh City are welcome to enter the allowed tunnels, explore the area at their own pace, and learn about the history of the tunnels and the daily lives of Vietnamese troops during the battles.

Ben Thanh Market

We acknowledge that there are limitations as to what Muslim tourists in Ho Chi Minh can purchase and consume, but you might be surprised at the range of products that Ben Thanh Market can offer. Here you will get to experience the traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship as well as the local food and drinks. Moreover, a few meters from the market is Nguyen An Ninh Street, which is a shopping street that specifically caters to Muslim-friendly clothing and souvenirs!

Mosques in Ho Chi Minh City

The best part about visiting Ho Chi Minh compared to other cities as a Muslim is how diverse the community here. You can explore a number of mosques, including the Al Rahman, Cho Lon, Jamiul Anwar, Jamiyah Islamic, and Saigon Central mosques. These mosques were constructed so that Muslims living in the city and those coming from around the globe could gather here to pray. In addition, the eateries around the mosques provide delicious meals. Thus, you are welcome to attend and pray in addition to enjoying the delicious food.

Saigon Skydeck in Bitexco Tower

A nice spot to conclude the day is Saigon Skydeck, which stands at an impressive 262 meters and overlooks the Saigon River. From its observation deck, which is 48 stories high, you can enjoy some of the best views in the city, particularly after dusk. If you go up to the 48th level, you’ll find a stunning 360-degree panorama of Saigon and lots of picture opportunities.

Museum of Fine Arts

For Muslim visitors to Saigon who are enthusiastic about Vietnamese arts and culture, the Museum of Fine Arts is an essential attraction. The museum is small and ancient, yet its collection is vast. A wide variety of high-quality Vietnamese artwork, especially from Saigon and the southern regions, is collected, stored, preserved, and shown there. Enjoy the paintings and sculptures that are on display here; some of them are even from the 7th century. The museum itself was once a mansion of high art value, so make sure to capture some iconic photos for yourself here.

Muslim-Friendly Tips for Visiting Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City’s Climate

Due to the tropical monsoon climate, Ho Chi Minh City has both hot and dry and hot and rainy weather. Ho Chi Minh City has two different monsoon seasons: the dry northeast monsoon from November to April, and the wet southwest monsoon from May to October. Humidity levels average 75% throughout the year, with greater levels during the wet season.

The Best Time to Go to Ho Chi Minh City

The dry months of December to March are the ideal times of year for Muslim travelers to visit Saigon. The temperature in these months varies from 21 to 34 degrees Celsius with little to no rain. Numerous festivals and engaging events are available. It is worthwhile to experience the vibrant environment during these months, even if costs are higher and transportation might be a little more challenging owing to the significant volume of people.

Ways to Navigate Ho Chi Minh City

Booking flights with Etihad Airways will get you to Vietnam, but getting around Ho Chi Minh City might be challenging for some halal tourists. Here are a few of the most prevalent modes of transportation to help you get around and have a pleasant trip:

  • A motorcycle taxi, or Xe Om, could be the most practical mode of transportation in this area. Since there are so many motorcycle taxis on the road, getting one is simple. The majority of drivers are courteous and will transport you anywhere you choose. Typically, the cost is determined by the distance. The best tip to avoid scams is to book a ride via an app, such as Grab or Be – which you can also use to book a taxi up to 7 seats.
  • Taking a public bus in Ho Chi Minh City is an exceptionally cost-effective option. The city now has up to a hundred different bus lines and routes. However, you need to think about when you want to ride a bus since they become quite busy during peak hours.

Travel Hacks to Save Money

While a trip to Ho Chi Minh City won’t break the bank, there are still steps you can take to minimize expenditures while there. Let’s have a look:

  • Before leaving your lodgings, be sure you plan where to go next. You can trust the advice of the hotel staff as they are both natives and seasoned pros in the field. They will let you know what kind of price to expect and how to bargain effectively.
  • If you find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City around happy hour, you should definitely make the most of it. During certain times, you will be eligible for a discount.
  • There is an excellent selection of cheap and delicious halal street food here. Banh mi are Vietnamese sandwiches that you must try.

To Sum up Muslim-Friendly Travel Activities in Ho Chi Minh City

We hope you found the information on Ho Chi Minh City above useful. Have you packed everything you need for your trip to Ho Chi Minh City? Don’t forget to share your stories and impressions from your time in this country.

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