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Most Common Recreational Activities in Vietnam after the Pandemic

The global pandemic has stopped the world, and everyone is advised to stay indoors to prevent further infection. This had a significant impact not only on the economy as more stores closed down but also on people’s daily routines. Thankfully, local businesses are adjusting to the new normality as social distancing in Vietnam has been lifted, and here are our suggestions for your post-pandemic pastimes.

Having Coffee with Friends

Vietnamese culture deeply values catching up with friends over a great cup of coffee. Although large groups are not greatly encouraged, a ca phe sua da at a streetside coffee shop can undoubtedly rejuvenate your morning.

Coffee is the quintessential part of the Vietnamese lifestyle

Along with that, other food and beverage services are getting back to normal. As much as people are excited to eat out again, everyone is taking cautious measures such as washing hands whenever possible and wearing face masks in public.


Domestic traveling is slowly yet surely welcoming tourists, and what is even better is that flights, buses, and lots of tourist services offer attractive discounts. Try looking online for “motorhome hire near me” and gather up your entire family for that much-needed road trip without having to think about where you can spend the night. Rather, bring along your camping gear and enjoy watching the brightness of the stars in the night sky.

Regarding international travel, airplanes will once again soar when this pandemic ends. In this case, make sure to tick off the next place on your bucket list and embark on your out-of-the-country adventure.

Enjoying Nature and the Outdoors

Finally, people surely missed being close to nature, basking in the summer sun on the beach, or hiking a trail to the summit to witness magnificent views. Yes, you can bask in the sun in your yard or walk around your neighborhood while keeping a safe distance from other people. However, nothing beats the solemnity and peace that only nature can bring while hearing the birds chirping or feeling the wind on your skin.

Traveling off-the-beaten-path allows you to recharge your body in nature (In picture: Mu Cang Chai)

Note down these Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam for your next adventure

To wrap up, there are so many things that people miss doing during the world’s most challenging time. Even the festivities and celebrations that people traditionally observe will surely be looked forward to when this unfortunate situation ends. Keep high hopes, take good care of yourself and your loved ones, and we can wind through this difficult time together.

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