VietnamHanoiLong Bien District in Hanoi

Long Bien District in Hanoi

The Long Bien District in Hanoi is one of the more gritty and stripped back areas of the city, but this area has an appeal for a more daring and experienced visitor. The area borders the Red River and is famous for its iconic bridge with a two-way traffic system and railway track running the length of the magnificent steel structure. Not an area to be avoided, Long Bien has amazing markets, great food, and drink, fascinating architecture, as well as the magnificent view from the Long Bien Bridge.

Overview of Long Bien District in Hanoi

  • Location: To the East of Hanoi; adjacent by Hoan Kiem, Tay Ho, Hai Ba Trung to the West, Dong Anh to the North and Gia Lam to the South
  • Total Area: 60,38 square kilometers
  • Population: 291,900 (2019)
  • Establishment date: November 6th, 2003

How To Get to Long Bien District in Hanoi


If you’re staying in Hoan Kiem District or Ba Dinh District, catch bus Route Number 01 on Hang Dau Street or Number 08B on Hang Bai Street. They will take you right to Gia Lam Station, in the center of Long Bien District in Hanoi. In the case that you’re in other districts of the city, go to, type in your location and look for the suitable routes.

Check out our Tips on Taking a Bus in Hanoi

Find bus tickets to travel around and outside of Hanoi:

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Motorbike Taxi/Taxi

This method of getting around is pretty much straight forward and convenient, but a little on the costly side. If you’re not comfortable with catching a taxi/motorbike taxi ride on the street, we suggest using apps such as Grab or GoViet for a smoother experience.


Should you find yourself in the Hanoi Old Quarter or just close by, opting for a walk to Long Bien District in Hanoi is a great choice. The simplest route for you is going straight from Cau Go Street to Hang Thung Street, then turn left to Tran Nhat Duat Street, and go straight again until you reach Long Bien Bridge.

long bien district in Hanoi 1

You can make a stop at O Quan Chuong on Thanh Ha Street

What to Do in Long Bien District in Hanoi

Visit Long Bien Bridge

Location on Google Maps
The Long Bien Bridge was built at the turn of the 20th Century between 1899 and 1902, by the same engineer of the Eiffel Tower. You can cross the bridge by foot, car or motorbike but we would definitely recommend walking for the best experience. The bridge is a symbol of Vietnamese strength and resilience as it remains standing despite being the target of bombing during the American war. Though the bridge may feel rickety and a little rusty, hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians cross the bridge each day and there are some unforgettable views from the bridge.

long bien district in Hanoi 2

You can have a wide view of the marsh below the bridge

long bien district in Hanoi 3

Locals selling fresh produce on the side of Long Bien Bridge

Buy Produce at Long Bien Wholesale Market

Address: 189 Hong Ha, Phuc Xa, Hanoi

Opening hours: 10 PM – 10 AM

Location on Google Maps

Situated right below the Long Bien Bridge, Long Bien Wholesale Market is the biggest distributor of fresh food and produce to Hanoi residents. Here, you can find pretty much everything for a great Vietnamese meal, from seafood to meats, vegetables, fruits, they’ve got them all.

long bien district in Hanoi 4

long bien district in Hanoi 5

Fresh seafood delivered from coastal provinces

long bien district in Hanoi 6

You can also buy all kinds of eggs,…

long bien district in Hanoi 7

long bien district in Hanoi 7 1

Fresh produce grown locally,…

long bien district in Hanoi 9


long bien district in Hanoi 10

long bien district in Hanoi 11

And grocery

*Tips: Remember to bargain for the best price and keep a close eye on your belongings

Go Shopping at Aeon Mall Long Bien

Address: 27 Co Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi
Location on Google Maps 
Opening Hours: 9 AM -10 PM

long bien district in Hanoi 12

Aeon Mall Long Bien is a Mega-mall that caters for your recreational needs

If you’re a fan of shopping, then be sure to visit Aeon Mall in Long Bien District in Hanoi! It’s one of the city’s largest shopping malls, offering all kinds of products, from cosmetics, shoes, clothing to household appliances. There’s also a food court where you can take a short break to enjoy a variety of dishes such as sushi, fried chickens, and pastry.

What to Eat in Long Bien District in Hanoi

Hotpot Story

Address: 3rd Floor, Aeon Mall Long Bien, Long Bien, Hanoi
Opening hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
Price: VND 250,000 – 400,000

long bien district in Hanoi 13

Hotpots are perfect for large groups

While you’re in Aeon Mall, why not drop by Hotpot Story and have yourself a fancy buffet meal? Hotpot Story is one of the best chain restaurants in town for, you guessed it, hotpot, pride themselves on serving fresh ingredients with incredible broths.

Nem Chua Ran (Fried Fermented Pork Sausage)

Address: 267 Ngoc Lam, Long Bien, Hanoi
Location on Google Maps 
Opening hours: 3 PM – 10 PM
Price: VND 30,00, – 50,000

long bien district in Hanoi 14

These crispy fried pork sausages will leave you wanting more

Nem Chua Ran is a specialty of Hanoi that adored by local students for its affordability and deliciousness.

Tao Pho Doc Cam

Address: 69 Ngoc Lam, Long Bien, Hanoi
Location on Google Maps 
Opening hours: 9 AM – 8 PM
Price: VND 10,000 -50,000

long bien district in Hanoi 15

Tao Pho is a common treat in the summer in Vietnam

If you’re tired of all the exploring the Long Bien District in Hanoi, come here and treat yourself a nice serving of ice-cold Tao Pho (Bean curd). They also offer various snacks such as shrimp crackers and che.

Where to Stay in Long Bien District in Hanoi

Sao Hotel

Address: 2, Alley 25, Bo De, Long Bien, Hanoi

long bien district in Hanoi 16

Sao Hotel is equipped with everything you need for a comfy stay

Sao Hotel is perfect for those who wish to stay near Hanoi center, within close proximity of Long Bien Bridge and the Old Quarter. See guests’ reviews.

Long Bien Boutique Villa

Address: 43, Alley 293/37, Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi

long bien district in Hanoi 17

Long Bien Boutique Villa brings a look into Hanoi’s past

Long Bien Boutique Villa is located a little far off the city center, but it makes up for that by the amazing ambiance and nostalgic decor. See guests’ reviews.



Conclusion on Long Bien District in Hanoi

Though situated right next to the Hanoi city center, Long Bien District is pretty much an untouched gem of the city tourism scene. It’s just as beautiful, vibrant, and captivating as others in Hanoi. So put on your explorers’ shoes, cross the Red River, and unveil the secrets of Long Bien District in Hanoi. Make sure to share our article if you like it, comment down below what you think. 

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