VietnamLong An Travel Guide - Tan Lap Floating Village

Long An Travel Guide – Tan Lap Floating Village

Situated in South Vietnam, Long An is the bridge between Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces of the Mekong Delta region. Because of its many attractions, natural landscapes, and historical sites, Long An is a perfect place for a peaceful weekend getaway. In this Long An Travel Guide – Tan Lap Floating Village blog, we will introduce you to all you need to know about visiting Long An and Tan Lap Floating Village. 

  In this article, we’ll share with you

  • Why You Should Visit Long An
  • When to Visit Long An
  • How to Get to Long An
  • Where to Stay in Long An
  • Where to Visit in Long An
  • What to Eat in Long An

Why You Should Visit Long An

Unique natural landscapes

melaleuca forest original

Melaleuca forests and wetlands take up most of Long An’s geography

Long An bears many staples of the Mekong Delta region with its distinctive tropical climate and geography. With a wide variety of terrains, flora, and bird species, Long An is home to many natural reserve and ecotourism sites.

Diverse cultural background

Long An boasts a diverse cultural background in Southern Vietnam with more than 28 ethnic groups and11 different religions. Many traditional festivals are unique to Long An, such as Ky Yen Festival – one of the biggest traditional festivals in Southern Vietnam, and Via Ba Ngu Hanh festival.

These joyful occasions are when the local lifestyles are at their most vibrant, and there are culinary specialties and traditional folk games to enjoy.

Profound historical values

ancient house original

Long An is home to many ancient architectures

Many historical buildings such as Phuoc Lam Pagoda, 100-pillar Ancient House are certified national historical monuments.

Delicious and high-quality agricultural products

Because Long An is blessed with the abundance of silt and nutritions from the Mekong River, its agricultural products are among the best in Southern Vietnam. Many of Long An’s agrarian products include Cho Dao rice, Go Den rice wine, Long Tri watermelon, Ben Luc pineapple, Thu Thua sugarcane, and Chau Thanh dragon fruit.

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When to Go to Long An

Long An has a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons: rainy (May to October) and dry (November to April). During the rainy season, there may be heavy rain and floods; but it is also when many tropical fruits and flowers blossom.

The best time to travel would be around August to October as the weather would still be comfortable, and you can also enjoy the blooming of the lotus flowers – one of the primary attractions of Long An.

How to Get to Long An

Long An makes a perfect day trip from Ho Chi Minh City as the journey is only 50 km long, and there are various options to travel.

By Bus

mien tay bus station

You can find many buses traveling to Long An at Mien Tay Bus Station

You can travel to Long An by bus by visiting Mien Tay Bus Station (395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District). This is one of the most crowded bus stations in the city, so keep watch of your luggage and personal belongings.

Find your tickets to Long An:

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By Motorbike

A motorbike trip is for the adventurous spirits, but if you are not used to the traffic or have little experience riding a motorbike, this is not a viable option.

By Private Vehicles

A private vehicle brings you more freedom and comfort in a long journey, especially for group travels. A Private Mekong Delta Tour comes with private transfer and insurance for the best stress-free travel experience.

mekong tour

Where to Stay in Long An

Luxurious hotels are not widely available in Long An. However, the province is ample with local homestays and hotels with all the basic facilities that one might need.

Binh Tien Farmstay

binh tien farmstay

A local homestay that provides a unique experience

(View on

Cherry Hotel 2 Ben Luc

cherry hotel 2A fresh and clean hotel with quality staff and service

See more: Cherry Hotel 2 Ben Luc

Tips: If you wish for quality service, you can find hotels in My Tho City, Tien Giang Province – which is not so far from Long An


Where to Visit in Long An

Tan Lap Floating Village

1. Overview

tan lap 1

Tan Lap Floating Village is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life

Address: National Road 62, Hamlet 3, Tan Lap Commune, Moc Hoa District, Long An Province
Contact: (+84) 966 968 133

Opening hours:

– Sightseeing tour: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
– Southern Vietnam-style lunch buffet: 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Fee: 2 options only
– Sightseeing tours combo (melaleuca forest walking tour, rowing boat tour, cabled boat tour): VND 190,000
– Sightseeing tours combo + Lunch buffet: VND 370,000
– Buggy service (optional): VND 5,000/1 way

sight map copy

Sight map in Tan Lap Floating Village

buggy copy

It’s best to use the buggy service as the attractions are quite far from each other

Opened in 2003, Tan Lap Floating Village has often been in off-the-beaten-track Mekong Delta tours despite its remote location. The place is popular for its diverse flora and fauna, spanning over 130ha of melaleuca trees that are parts of the famed Plain of Reeds. Thanks to this, Tan Lap Floating Village has such a peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for a nature retreat in Vietnam.

2. When to Visit

If you want to see lotuses, the best time to visit would be March (Lunar Calendar), which is around the end of March – April. But if you’re into fishing and the sight of giant water ferns, you should visit during September – November, when the water reaches 2-3 meters deep (November will be less rainy).

Read more about Vietnam’s weather.

tan lap 2 copy

The greeneries here are more lively during the wet season

3. Activities

a. Cabled boat tour (50 minutes)

The boat is pulled along the Rach Rung River for 3 kilometers at a slow speed, offering a general view of the region and explore different types of birds in their natural habitat. It’ll pass through the outer area of the melaleuca forest, the lotus and water lily fields, and other main attractions of Tan Lap Floating Village.

cabled boat copy

Cabled boat

life vest copy

Life vests are provided before all water-related activities

b. Rowing boat (Dinghy) tour (30 minutes)

On this part of the tour, you’ll get into a dinghy (6-8 people) rowed by locals. Besides bringing you deeper into the melaleuca forest for a magical view, they’ll also tell you insiders’ knowledge about the region and wildlife.

dinghy tour 1

Dinghy boat dock

dinghy tour 2 copy

The water color’s black due to melaleuca trees’ oil, weeds, and mud at the bottom, but the water is entirely clean

c. Melaleuca forest walking tour

After the boat tours, visitors can roam freely around the forest by following the 5km-long cement road. This a good way to explore the diverse nature in close proximity, and to take one-of-a-kind pictures at the same time.

Some of the best attractions along the road are: X-shaped bridge, Half-moon lake, and Observation Tower – which provides the best panoramic view of the village being 18 meters high.

forest tour copy

A walk in the clean air of Tan Lap Floating Village is great for breaking a sweat

observation tower copy

Observation Tower

d. Fishing

For visitors that are keen on fishing in Vietnam, Tan Lap Floating Village provides boats for rent for VND 350,000/boat for one whole day. You have to row the boat yourself and bring your fishing kits, but in exchange, you’ll get to catch fresh organic fishes.

Pro tip: follow the cabled boat to not get lost.


– You can bring your pets along during these activities, just make sure that they’re not too big for the boats, and that they stay put!
– Tents can be rented if you want to sleep out in the forest.


The spacious outdoor area is fitting for your pets to get some exercise

4. Food

There are two options: you can either have a buffet (see price above) or eat at a family restaurant (around VND 100,000/person). If you’re going as a group, we suggest opting for the restaurant for a better price.

food 1

food 2

They only serve Vietnamese family meals here

5. Accommodation

Tan Lap Floating Village has two accommodation options: an 8-story hotel building that has an astonishing panoramic view of the site, and garden villas that offer beautiful river and garden views. However, there’s not much to do here at night, so consider staying in other areas for a livelier nightlife.

Price: from VND 500,000 – VND 1,300,000 (including breakfast and melaleuca walking tour fee).

garden villa copy

Garden villas

hotel tower copy

Hotel tower with an aerial view of the area

6. Tips on Visiting Tan Lap Floating Village

  • Bring bug repellent, especially for mosquitoes.
  • Pack a hat, a jacket, and a small umbrella in case it rains.
  • Watch out for snakes and bring a simple first-aid kit for the melaleuca forest walking tour.
  • Wear comfortable clothing; sneakers are highly-recommended since you’d do a lot of walking.
  • Bring lots of water and use ample sunscreen because you’ll be out in the sun a lot.

Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient Village

phuoc loc tho 1 original

Many wooden houses with unique architecture are preserved in this village

Address: 67A, 824 Provincial Highway, Hamlet 2, Huu Thanh Village, Duc Hoa District, Long An
Opening hours: 7:30 AM – 7 PM
Price: VND 40,000 (entrance fee)

Sitting beside the peaceful Vam Co Dong river, Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient village features a collection of old wooden houses, each dated from 80 to 120 years old. The 10-hectare area consists of more than 22 wooden houses and architectures of regions all over Vietnam. Inside the houses are also collections of artifacts, antiques, and relics of bygone eras. When visiting the village, you can immerse yourself in the nostalgic beauty and tranquil atmosphere of the wooden houses and the natural landscapes surrounding it.

phuoc loc tho 2 original

Antiques stored inside the wooden houses

Aside from the collection of wooden houses, Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient Village also consists of a dining and catering as well as an entertainment area, which makes it very suitable for weddings and teambuilding events.

Hundred-pillar house (Nha Tram Cot)

hundred pillar house 1

hundred pillar house 2

An ancient architecture and a famous local attraction

Address: Trung Hamlet, Long Huu Dong Village, Can Duoc District, Long An
Opening hours: 7 AM – 5 PM

Constructed from 1901 to 1903, the house is one of the most famous cultural and architectural attractions in Long An. The architecture is a mix between traditional Southern style and French colonial-era style, and was ranked as a National Historical-Cultural Monument by the government in 1997. Today, it attracts many tourists and visitors to come marvel at its architectural beauty.

What to Eat in Long An

Sour Soup with Fish (Canh Chua Ca)

sour soup original

The soup is a specialty of Long An

While the sour soup is a popular Southern dish, the sour soup in Long An is truly special. The soup is cooked with the mystus fish, combined with the sour taste of tamarind and the refreshing taste of tonkin jasmine flowers. Tomatoes are also sometimes added to bring flavor and color contrast to the soup.

Hotpot with Fermented Fish (Lau Mam)

fish sauce hotpot

A rustic meal to share between friends

Hotpot with fermented fish is a rustic dish with natural ingredients. The hotpot is made from a special fish sauce – a staple of many Southern dishes, fish caught from the Mekong River, fresh Vietnamese herbs and rice vermicelli.

Go Den Rice Wine (Ruou De Go Den)

go den rice wine

Many locals said this is the best wine of Southern Vietnam

Go Den Rice Wine – originated from Go Den District, Long An – is one of the most famous rice wines in Vietnam. The wine is made entirely from rice and cooked with traditional methods dating back to French colonial times. For many locals, Go Den rice wine is considered to be the best wine of Southern Vietnam, thus making it a highly-sought-after souvenir.

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Summary of Long An Travel Guide – Tan Lap Floating Village

With its diverse cultural background, beautiful natural landscape, and warm Southern hospitality, Long An is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend getaway with your friends and families. We hope that our Long An Travel Guide can help you learn more about this wonderful Mekong Delta province.

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