VietnamMiscellaneousLighter Travels: Backpacking Tips for Stress-Free Trips in Vietnam

Lighter Travels: Backpacking Tips for Stress-Free Trips in Vietnam

Backpacking should be one of the most carefree experiences of your life, and Vietnam is among the most backpackers-friendly countries in Asia. Still, the pressure of living out of one bag and choosing to prioritize the quintessential in your travel kit can take away half the fun. Here are some handy tips you can apply to spare more time and effort for relaxation on your trip to Vietnam.

Bring Reusable Bags

Plastic or canvas tote bags are perfect travel tools because they are portable and incredibly versatile. These reusable bags are ideal for separating dirty clothes, storing miscellaneous belongings, and even shopping at Vietnam’s local markets.

Don’t Pack Everything

Packing for Vietnam is tricky because everyone would love to bring all their clothes when they travel, but carrying all is a horrible idea. Less is more, and knowing how to be minimal is the best when packing your clothes. Bring clothes that are versatile in design, and learn about Vietnam’s weather and dress codes to pack accordingly. The ultimate solution for carrying more clothes with you is goruck gr2 backpack, which has a large amount of space to carry as much as you want.

Download Offline Maps

Before going on an adventure—especially to remote areas in Vietnam—download free offline maps for the city you are going to. The app will show you the best route to your destination even without an internet connection. This is incredibly valuable as a backpacker, as you can go forth with your adventure regardless of the language barrier or the unfamiliar roads. Remember to pack chargers and spare batteries along with them.

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Ask the Locals

If you run out of ideas of what to do, your best solution is to find a local and try to mingle and ask them for recommendations. Vietnamese people are happy to show you their beloved city and willing to help. Most young Vietnamese people can speak English fluently nowadays, so there should be no problem asking for advice and directions. Chances are they’ll bring you to places that most tourists don’t frequent for more authentic local experiences and unforgettable memories.

Have the locals help you find hidden gems in Vietnam

Try Everything

Vietnam is home to a 4000-year-old culture that is wonderfully diverse from North to South. Exploring different cities and cultures on your backpacking trip to Vietnam allows you to get out of your comfort zone, push your limits, and expand your knowledge horizon. The more you seek local experiences in Vietnam, the more you will grow to appreciate this small yet mighty country.

Yes, traveling to a foreign country may cause you some packing struggles, but the immense fulfillment of the journey is worth looking forward to. It doesn’t matter how extravagant your trip is or how much luggage you’re able to carry; Vietnam’s fantastic attractions and amazing hospitality are what you can cherish on your eventful trip.

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