VietnamHanoiLGBT-friendly Places in Hanoi

LGBT-friendly Places in Hanoi

To Ho Chi Minh City, the LGBT scene in Vietnam’s capital is more low-key. While there is still a long way to go, public opinion is changing positively and quickly, so probably no one saw this move coming a decade ago. For now, travelers to Hanoi will find friendly and open-minded locals but a relatively small queer scene.

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Must-know Travel Tips for LGBT Travelers in Hanoi

Though it is not likely that you will run into aggression in public, some Hanoi people might give you some stares when they learn about your relationships. However, Hanoi, in particular, and Vietnam as a whole, are safe and friendly to all travelers. With that in mind, here are some travel tips to make you feel more at ease on your trip.

Showing Affection in Public

Too much public display of affection, from straight or gay couples alike, would not be very welcomed. It’s not like there’s a penalty for it, but it may appear offensive to some locals due to Vietnam’s culture of restricting physical contact in public places.

Recreational and Tourist Activities

The top attractions in Hanoi are open to the public, so queer or not, you can publicly and safely enjoy Hanoi’s many offerings. One important note is to wear conservative clothes (pants/long dresses and long-sleeved shirts) when visiting religious or cultural sites.

Transportation – Accommodation

Oftentimes, private transportation and accommodation would be more favorable. So for that purpose, hotels are often the best choice compared to other types of accommodation. Hotels can also act as a contact point should you want to book private tours or rent a motorbike in Hanoi

LGBT-friendly Places in Hanoi

We get that everyone likes to hang out with people who share their interests. That’s why we’ve recommended these gay-friendly hotels, cafes, and bars in Hanoi, hotspots for travelers to stay and visit.

LGBT-friendly Hotels in Hanoi

Nexy Hostel

Nexy is respectful of all travelers. This luxury hostel is right in the heart of the old town, yet it’s quiet at night. If you are traveling alone, on a budget, or want to make friends during the trip, we highly recommend Nexy Hostel.

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Lotte Hotel Hanoi

If you don’t mind staying out of the center, this luxurious 5-star property is in Hanoi’s second-tallest skyscraper! Remarkably contemporary and modern with floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic city views, outdoor and indoor pools, 2 bars, and a rooftop sky bar, this will be a stay you never forget!

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LGBT friendly places in hanoi lotte hanoi

Look for more LGBT-friendly accommodations in Hanoi here:

LGBT Places in Hanoi: Cafes – Bars

For a city of its size, Hanoi has a relatively limited gay nightlife. But there are plenty of coffee places; because Vietnamese people love their coffee, it’s for everyone to try safely and publicly. Hopefully, the current boom in tourism will encourage more LGBT bars, clubs, and events.

GC Bar

Address: 5A Bao Khanh Street, Hang Trong Ward, Hoan Kiem District
Opening hours: 5 PM – 12 AM

The biggest gay bar in Hanoi conveniently locates in the Old Quarter. It’s packed at the weekend, usually with a nice mix of the local LGBT community, ex-pats, and visitors. It’s more of a place to meet up for a chat, to play pool, and more!


Address: 112 Xuan Dieu Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District

Savage is a newly opened cocktail bar owned by a gay Frenchman. Everyone is welcome, so it’s not a gay-restricted bar, but there are plenty of cool ‘alternative’ events and a great vibe, so it’s worth a visit. Remember to dress to impress; they have a bouncer and a cover charge as well.


Address: 238 Au Co Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District

It is an uber-alternative place that refuses any labels – but it is very gay-popular, definitely a worthy note among LGBT-friendly places in Hanoi. It’s mostly filled with ex-pats, but you can head to Sidewalk and start a conversation with someone in just a few minutes.

LGBT friendly places in hanoi sidewalk

More about Coffee Places in Hanoi.

LGBT-friendly Places in Hanoi: Events

Hanoi Pride has been growing considerably since 2012. Every September, thousands of people gather for this colorful parade. In the week beforehand, there are plenty of LGBT exhibitions, discussions, film screenings, and a bike rally. It is one of the few open displays of LGBT Pride in Hanoi.

Stay updated for all the glitterati or find support from these public groups:

Further Things to Consider for LGBT-friendly Places in Hanoi

Regardless of your sexual orientation, there are many things you’ll need to prepare as a traveler. Hanoi is so full of life that it is worth a visit on so many levels. Even if you are a solo traveler or a group member, the city offers a wide range of destinations. We hope that our list of LGBT-friendly places in Hanoi will help you get ready in the best way possible!

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