VietnamTravel Tips & InfoIs Traveling to Vietnam Worth It

Is Traveling to Vietnam Worth It

It has been a big question, maybe a controversy, whether Vietnam is a worthwhile country for a trip. Admittedly, different people will share varied experiences, and unfortunately, one bad story can leave you wondering, “Is traveling to Vietnam worth it?”

Since you’ve clicked on our article, we would like to share our perspectives and, hopefully, some useful tips to make your stay in Vietnam incredibly memorable.

Is Traveling to Vietnam Worth It? Scams and Annoyances

It is sad news that scams are almost everywhere in Vietnam, and the more touristy a destination is, the more likely you are to get ripped off. Some common scams in Vietnam are taxi scams, street vendor scams, currency exchange scams, and snatch thieves.

However, these unfortunate events can hardly speak for everything else that Vietnam has to offer, and you can easily protect yourself with easy travel tips.

  • Keep a low profile and be mindful of your belongings.
  • Only use services (tour, money exchange, hotel, etc.) you can trust by looking up the reviews online before your trip.
  • When approached by a street vendor, you don’t want to buy from or cannot agree on a price point, be assertive and walk away. It also helps if you know how to bargain and the basics of Vietnamese currency.

Is Traveling to Vietnam Worth It? Attractions and Experiences

Before coming to Vietnam, each traveler will have certain expectations, and the reality can differ wildly from that of their home country. Vietnam is naturally blessed with beautiful beaches, splendid mountain ranges, and a temperate climate. Though you can enjoy all of these anywhere else in the world, the local experiences make your journey to Vietnam unforgettable.

If you want to escape the urban scene, go further to the North for striking aerial views or venture to the Mekong Delta in the South to relax in the fruit garden. In addition, instead of entertainment conglomerates, what makes Vietnam worth a visit is its rich historical background dating back more than 2000 years and its diverse cultures of 54 ethnicities. There are never-ending new things to tick off on your Vietnam bucket list. Even when you think you’ve learned about a subject, the cultural distinctions in other areas will pique your curiosity again.

The greatest treasure of Vietnam is its food culture, which captures everyone’s heart. It is not an exaggeration to say that the rustic yet delectable Vietnamese cuisines make tourists keep coming back for more. What’s impressive about Vietnamese food is not just Pho or Banh Mi, as each city in Vietnam will have its signature twist on the national food, not to mention each area’s specialty. The vibrant street food culture in Vietnam is another unforgettable memory of your adventure in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s creamy ca phe sua da is something no one wants to miss

Vietnamese cuisines are greatly diverse due to the cultural differences between regions

Other Perks of Visiting Vietnam that Will Make You Cherish Your Experience:

Generally, Vietnam is a relatively cheap country to visit compared to other Asian countries. However, there are also many luxurious options like beach resorts and Michelin-rated restaurants to splurge on yourself and your loved ones. Overall, Vietnam can cater to whatever travel budget you aim for.

Technology and online platforms have made backpacking in Vietnam extremely accessible. With these useful apps for traveling in Vietnam, everything you need to know about navigating the streets is at your fingertips.

Vietnam is a safe and open-minded country. Despite its reputation as a one-party country with deep-rooted cultural values, Vietnam catches up pretty quickly with worldwide trends and is very adaptable to change. What is more, Vietnam is generally safe for female and LGBT travelers.

Is Traveling to Vietnam Worth It? Our Tips for Your Travel to Vietnam:

An avid traveler will know certain differences in every country make it unique and worth exploring. The more you are prepared before the trip, the more confident you will be in learning and appreciating the beauty of the country. Here are our tips to make the most of your adventures in Vietnam.

  • Put your safety first and be alert
  • Do careful research about certain places’ restrictions, information, etc. See our Vietnam Travel Guide for in-depth information about visas, currency, communications, and the best places to visit in Vietnam
  • Contact a trusted tour company for recommendations and advice if it is your first time Vietnam
Having a private tour guide can be incredibly helpful

All in all, Is Traveling to Vietnam Worth It?

We cannot ignore the imperfect picture of Vietnam’s tourism, and it’s unfortunate that tourists still have to face certain annoyances when visiting. However, we believe the unwanted events can be avoided, and in no way can these inconveniences outshine the country’s other beauties.

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