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Is It Easy to Get Money out of ATMs in Ho Chi Minh City?

Is it easy to get money out of ATMs in Ho Chi Minh City?” is a popular question for travelers planning to go to Vietnam. This blog will give you some useful information about this matter.

Where Can I Find ATMs in Ho Chi Minh City?

ATM is very popular in Ho Chi Minh City. You will find plenty of them at the airport, in the malls, supermarkets, office buildings, next to convenience stores, big restaurants, and around the city streets as well. There are four large international banks in the city which are:

The withdrawal limit varies among the banks. You can expect a limit of VND 5,000,000 per transaction, but you can make as many withdrawals as your card limit allows.

BankWithdrawal limit
HSBCVND 20,000,000 – VND 30,000,000/day
CitibankVND 30,000,000 – VND 50,000,000/day
ShinhanVND 10,000,000/transaction, VND 50,000,000/day
Standard CharteredVND 4,000,000/transaction, VND 40,000,000/day

What are the Fees for Using ATMs in Ho Chi Minh City?

You might have to pay several fees to use ATMs in Vietnam. On the one hand, you are charged by your home bank. These fees include withdrawal fees and foreign transaction fees, which might include or exclude currency exchange rates. On the other hand, Vietnamese ATMs charge a withdrawal fee, which is charged in addition to the withdrawal fee of the home bank.

Normally, the withdrawal fee is around VND 40,000 to VND 50,000 per transaction. It sometimes varies depending on the amount of money you withdraw.

BankWithdrawal fee at the bank’s ATMsWithdrawal fee at other banks’ ATMs
HSBCVND 45,000/transactionVND 60,000/transaction
Citibank4% of transaction value4% of transaction value
ShinhanFree2% of transaction value
Standard CharteredFree3.4% of transaction value

Tips to Minimize the Fee of ATMs Fee in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam?

Use ANZ, HSBC, or Citibank card

As mentioned, these are the three large international banks in Vietnam. If you are a customer of these banks, you might expect to receive helpful support in Ho Chi Minh City for using ATMs. Specifically, ANZ and Citibank customers can use these banks’ ATMs in Vietnam without paying the withdrawal fee. For HSBC, only when you are an Advance or Premier customer are you free of charge for a withdrawal fee.

Use a fee-free card

Some banks do not charge withdrawal and foreign fees. If you travel often, you might want to consider getting a card from these banks. It will save you the amount of money your home bank charges you.

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Summary of Is It Easy to Get Money out of ATMs in Ho Chi Minh City?

Above is some information to help you answer the question, “Is it easy to get money out of ATMs in Ho Chi Minh City?” We suggest you inform your home bank before using an ATM abroad so you can receive adequate support from them.

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