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Is English Widely Spoken in Vietnam

Vietnam can be considered a very touristy and beautiful place to travel. There are many positive arguments for choosing this particular place for vacation. But we must remember the risks a tourist may encounter along the way. For example, one of the questions that might stop you from traveling is, “Do they speak English in Vietnam?” In our article, we will talk about whether you can find an interlocutor in Vietnam who speaks English.

According to statistics by researcher Paul Siegelbaum, more than 20% of Vietnamese people speak English. This percentage is much higher if we talk about the most tourist places. Of course, there is a regression of knowledge in the countryside due to some people’s lack of learning opportunities. That is, if you choose the most touristic places and can find help or use services in English,

You don’t have to worry about language barriers in a big city because you’re more likely to find many people who can answer you in English. Vietnam’s beauty is undeniable, and you need to enjoy the views and focus more on the positives than the negatives.

Will You Be Able to Speak English in the Big Cities of Vietnam?

Those lucky enough to visit Vietnam more than once claimed that they had no problems with English during the trip. For example, the cities of Hanoi, Saigon, and Ho Chi Minh will be happy to welcome you, and you can communicate in English comfortably. On the streets, there are many restaurants, hotels, and merchants with whom you can find a common language. Before starting the trip, read about travel topics to write about in Vietnam, and if you are a student, you will have something to write about. If you find it challenging to handle everything independently, you can entrust it to professional writers.

It is important to note that tourism in Vietnam has grown by about 30%, and though Chinese visitors make up the majority, many other tourists come from English-speaking countries. Additionally, almost all children in Vietnam are now learning English as a second language; therefore, shortly, the population that speaks English will only grow.

It is worth considering that older people, especially those in small cities, may struggle to speak English. Then you must rely on wit and gestures, as in the comedies we watch in the evenings. It will be useful before the trip to write out the most important phrases you may need to get what you need at any time. The Vietnamese are considered very friendly and always ready to help, whether you are a tourist or not. If you need to find a way or a store, you can always talk to a passer-by who does not arouse your suspicions. Some Vietnamese are fluent in French, Russian, and Cantonese, so don’t be afraid to try speaking in other languages you know. Or, as a last resort, use a language translator app.

Best Places for an English-speaking Tourist in Vietnam

It is essential to make a plan before embarking on a trip; therefore, it will be helpful for you to familiarize yourself with the best places. Nature, history, mountains, and much more will open your eyes after you visit Vietnam, and most likely, one day, you will want to return. So, read what we managed to find below.

Ha Long Bay

Do you love the sea? Then you will want to see the bay because this is one of the best places in Vietnam to see the ocean and karst. It is also included in the UNESCO heritage list, and thousands of islands will forever make a massive impression on you. You can be sure that you will remember these emotions for the rest of your life. Ha Long is a few hour’s bus ride from Hanoi and one of the most famous tourist destinations, so you can find ample amenities and staff that can guide you in English.

Ho Chi Minh City

The commercial center of Vietnam will be an exciting part of your trip, and you will be able to see the city from a new perspective. It is the epicenter for expats and nomads, so not only can you find locals speaking English, but other foreigners are visiting and living in the city as well. You can easily make friends and join in the fun of the town. Visit District 1 for a bustling city atmosphere, or stop by District 2 or District 7 for a taste of the Western lifestyle in Vietnam.


You can become part of the time of the emperor if you visit the city of Hue. The combination of nature and history in the Imperial Citadel will take you back to the feudal dynasty era in Vietnam. Hue is another popular tourist city in Vietnam, so you can come across English-speaking staff in hotels and restaurants. Locals, on the other hand, might have some challenges understanding you.


A trip to the capital of Vietnam is a grand lesson about Vietnamese history. You will find ancient villages and architecture in the city, as well as modern infrastructure and buildings, all of which capture a piece of the thousands-year-old city’s past. Hanoi is also accessible to English-speaking visitors, especially in the Old Quarter area, where even the street vendors are eager to speak to foreign tourists.

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