Communityi Tour Vietnam's GIVEBACK Program

i Tour Vietnam’s GIVEBACK Program

What is i Tour Vietnam’s GIVEBACK Program?

The GIVEBACK Program is a community project of i Tour Vietnam. For every tour booked with us, we share some of our profits to help the underprivileged by purchasing any items below:

(1) a shirt for an orphan

(2) a new set of school supplies for an orphan

(3) a meal for the homeless, or

(4) a tree

It was our aim and our commitment when we formed the GIVEBACK Program at i Tour Vietnam back in 2013. We believe that sustainable development can be achieved by giving back and helping the underprivileged in our community, giving children a better future and a better chance of developing their potential.

To reach out to children and people in need of help in other remote regions in Vietnam, i Tour Vietnam’s GIVEBACK program has been collaborating with Helping Hands Foundation to give school supplies to students in poor villages in Quang Tri Province, in addition to our donations to orphanages in Ho Chi Minh City.

Previous Activities of the GIVEBACK Program

Over the years, upon our words and promise to travelers on our tours, we have been giving donations to many places such as orphanages and the homeless in Ho Chi Minh City and villages in Quang Tri to help the children and the poor community.

Orphanages in Ho Chi Minh City

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giveback program i tour vietnam 21 giveback program i tour vietnam 22

Villages in Quang Tri

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itourvn giveback program 9 itourvn giveback program 10

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itourvn giveback program 6 itourvn giveback program 5

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Why You Should Volunteer on Your Travel

Help People. Many visitors who have come to Vietnam and fallen in love with the culture and people here have come back and done volunteer work like John Kelly, a retired American working as a waiter in a charity cafeteria. Your help to the underprivileged in a country that is new to you could be an inspiration and motivation for humanitarian relief projects. It is also an act of kindness to the underprivileged themselves knowing there are good people out there.

Have a Local Experience. While joining volunteer work in Vietnam, you will have more opportunities to get close to the community. You will eat, sleep, work, participate in the activities, and experience many things just like a local. It is also a good chance to acquire a new language because you would need to communicate with the local organizers and the people in the community as well.

Make New Friends. When you get close to the community, you will get to know about many things like the culture, the people, and their living conditions, and thus you can easily blend in and make many new friends. Vietnamese are famous for their friendliness and hospitality, so there will not be a problem. Many travelers often experience loneliness when traveling away for a long time, but it could be overcome by making new friends in new places; one of the ways is to join in these social responsibility activities.

Raise Social Conscious. When coming to new places, you will learn new things. More than just sightseeing, attractions, and popular culture, when joining in volunteer activities you will see another aspect of the country you visit and the actual living conditions of some locals there. Seeing the people in need in countries like Vietnam can make you appreciate more of what you have and understand more about the situation of the world out there. Your action and participation will also make a ripple of goodness.

Final saying about i Tour Vietnam’s GIVEBACK Program

We would like to express our appreciation for the contributions of travelers over the years through our tours as well as personal donations and joining us in volunteer activities. i Tour Vietnam’s GIVEBACK Program will continue to deliver our promise and commitment to social responsibility and helping our community in need.

You can also help us on this journey by joining any of the tours at our expense or making your donations to our GIVEBACK Program.  Please note that we do not donate money, but we will buy items to ensure that every contribution will directly benefit the community.

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