Testimonialsi Tour Vietnam - Reviews from Previous Guests

i Tour Vietnam – Reviews from Previous Guests

If you come across suggestions to i Tour Vietnam tours and still wonder whether the tours suit the needs of you, your friends and family. Have a look at our tour itineraries here and read i Tour Vietnam reviews from our previous guests to decide.

About i Tour Vietnam

i Tour Vietnam is a travel agency based in Vietnam, specialized in the southern area of Vietnam. All of our tours are private with a local guide to help you know more about Vietnamese history, culture and local cuisines (they speak English so you can communicate with them easily). The highlight of our tour is the motorbike ride in Ho Chi Minh City, where you can feel the streets flow just like a local would. But if you feel uncomfortable hopping on the bikes, we can also accommodate you with private cars for your journey. Check out detailed booking information of our tours here or learn Vietnam travel tips in our comprehensive blog.

Reviews from previous guests on i Tour Vietnam Services

Among hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google, we have collected some of the reviews that would best describe our tour services. You can see more of i Tour Vietnam reviews on our websites.

Day Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City

A 3.5-hour tour around most famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, start at 8 in the morning or 1:30 in the afternoon. You will get to see, explore, and learn about the history of each place: Saigon Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, War Remnant Museums, and one of the various serene pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City. If you have any questions, our guide will answer it.

itourvn day motorbike tour

Tour inclusion

Besides the standards of our every tour like entrance fees, raincoat, helmet, and insurance, you will get to experience a cup of Vietnamese coffee or coconut juice. These refreshments are the best to cool down the heat of the scorching sun in Ho Chi Minh City.

Reviews from guests

Afraid of motorbike rides? Then you must read this review!

“I must say I am not a fan of motorbike, however, I heard motorbike tour is famous in HCMC so I just had to try it! My friends and I chose Day Adventure Motorbike tour in the morning. Our riders were very friendly and can converse in English, which was very helpful for us! It was the first time I went sightseeing on a motorbike, a bit scary, but it was awesome! I feel like a local since a lot of locals do use motorbike everywhere in the city. We get to visit historical places in the city which were amazing, such as the Reunification Palace and of course, the Notre Dame Cathedral except this one is in Vietnam and not France! I am amazed by what the city has to offer and it really save a lot of time to visit all these amazing places rather than go walking, and much cheaper than taking taxis (which can be hard to get!). I recommend this tour for everyone, it’s very convenient!”

Azam Shah, 5 star, from Google Review

On tour with your love one? Our private tour should be your choice.

“A Breathtaking Experience

Booking i Tour Vietnam’s Motorbike Day Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City was the best decision that me and my husband made for our Vietman trip last month. The tour is well organized and riding a motorbike (which is absolutely safe) gives you a better sightseeing and first-hand experience at Ho Chi Minh’s rich culture and history. Our tour guides are professional, speaks good English and very friendly.

We were able to visit the 5 historical locations on their list plus a few stop overs for photo-ops. The guides even volunteered to take our photos and explained to us the story of each significant place we’ve visited during the tour. Since we took the AM tour schedule, we finished just in time for lunch and our guide recommended the best place to eat which is near our hotel.

We are looking forward to our next visit and we’ll definitely book for Saigon’s Other Side and Coastal Adventure. We highly recommend I TOUR VIETNAM and we can assure you that you’ll enjoy Vietnam as much as we did!”

Shareen D, 5 star, from TripAdvisor

Night Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City

A 4-hour adventure in the cool evening in Ho Chi Minh City, starts at 6 PM. Contrasting with the calm and majestic beauty of attractions in the morning, neon lights on the streets and on some attractions will put a mystery and refreshing look to the places you may have familiar like Saigon Central Post Office and Saigon’s harbor. Meanwhile, a glimpse of the red-light district will show off the dynamic and fun side of Ho Chi Minh City.

itourvn night motorbike tour 1

Tour inclusion

Insurances, raincoats, helmets, etc. like other tours’ inclusions we offer, plus two local dinners. We know the feast for the eyes will not be enough, you will not leave this tour hungry.

Reviews from guests

Yes, the scenery of Ho Chi Minh City is a charm, but you cannot forget about the foods!

“The Night Adventure Tour is an absolute must do if you ever find yourself lucky enough to be in Ho Chi Minh City. I thought I took in so much culture simply backpacking through the bustling city streets with my friends, but nothing compared to the wealth of knowledge that our tour guide passed along to us on this motorbike tour. The absolute best part of the trip was the food, and they didn’t only feed us once, but twice! Additionally, your iTour Vietnam ticket admittance includes free photographs of your adventure. I have completed many tours and adventures in over 20 countries I always want photos of them but not many tours include them, and this is a pleasant exception. Would 100% recommend.”

Steven Cortese, 5 star, from Google Reviews

Our service quality is consistent. Whether at days or nights, our guides still drive you safely and accompany you on the trips with helpful information

“Night Adventure-The best adventure!

Without doubt one of the most beautiful activity that i ever took part.It was incredible exploring the city during the night.The bikes were super safe and the stuff happy and very polite! Thank you very much!To all of you guys!”

Klaus Gorica, 5 star, from Facebook Reviews

Saigon’s Other Side

Spending 3.5 hours with us in the less traveled streets of Ho Chi Minh, you will understand this city is not only about the glamour and hustle in the downtown but also simple and peaceful with the quiet streets, narrow alleys and hidden gems awaited to be discovered.

itourvn saigon other side motorbike tour

Tour inclusion

Among the inclusions we mentioned on our websites, the special thing about this tour is the fresh coconut juice you are going to taste, right from the fruit.

Reviews from guests

Try everything new with our Saigon’s Other Side tour!

“I’m travel blogger, and I have visited over 30 countries, but my visit to Vietnam was not quite what I expected…it was much better! Because I try something new for me – motorbike tours. By foot, by car, by plane – all that is just ordinary, but tour by motorbike in Ho Chi Minh city it was experience that I’ll never forget. Me and my friend taken Saigon’s Other Side Motorbike tour because we like tours that avoided standard tourist hot spots. During this tour i really see another part of Ho Chi Minh and feel myself like a local. Our guide Leah was so funny and friendly, show us incredible places and share with us useful and interesting information. And by the way, it’s really safety, so you can ride with children.

Thank you I Tour Vietnam for making this trip a life changing experience!!!”

Mariia Vorobiova, 5 star, from Facebook Reviews

A worth to note i Tour Vietnam review. You will have new experiences on a trip off-the-beaten-path, but safety first is still the principle of any tours from us!

“Recently went on the saigon other side tour with I tour. We were greeted by Leah at our hotel lobby where we proceed outside to meet our local guides.

The tour feels very safe as they provide a run through on safety and precautions prior to hopping on the bike. The drivers are also careful as well as knowledgeable. We were able to engage and ask them questions throughout the tour unlike other tours where their drivers don’t speak any English at all.

In terms of places we visited, well, I’ll leave that for a surprise as it is “saigons otherside” and I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. You won’t find these places in any book or hear about them.

Highly recommend Leah and her team. A+++”

Wiki Wiseman, 5 star, from Google Reviews

Food Tours in Ho Chi Minh City (I Love Food and I Really Love Food)

We offer two kinds of food tours as we know one isn’t enough for some. With 3 hours on i Love Food Tour, you will get to try the delicious signature Vietnamese foods, with the limitation of 4-7 dishes. Upgrading to 4-hour i Really Love Food Tour, your intense love for foods will be satisfied with the all-you-can-eat tour and a mini-cooking course. All start at 11 AM or 6 PM.

itourvn food motorbike tour

Tour inclusion

The same inclusions with other tours but with foods and drinks of your choice. Give us a heads-up about your diet or allergy, our guide will accommodate you and show you how to enjoy the foods like a local.

Reviews from guests

Feeling overwhelmed with too much foods, the greens, savory sauce, and refreshing drinks will keep you on balance.

“Fab Foodie Tour

This night food tour on the back of a motorbike is excellent! There were four in our group and we had the best time. We’re all big people so were a bit worried how the 40kg riders would cope, but wow – they were fantastic. They drove us around Saigon during the night time traffic like pros – I felt completely safe and comfortable the whole time. The food was amazing. Our first stop was a local eatery specialising in pork sausage and spring roll noodles. They were hot, delicious and plentiful. To pace myself, I only ate a small portion. My husband and friends got carried away and almost finished their bowls, which they totally regretted. Next we tried rice rolls – like I’ve never eaten before. These were my favourites – I won’t say too much, as I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise. We then rode on to a Vietnamese crepe place – wow. They came with fresh greens and sauces – we even got to try our hand at making them. They matched beautifully with the local beer. Finally, we tried a selection of Vietnamese deserts – they were a mix of jelly and coconut creams and juices – we loved them. At the end of the tour our drivers delivered us safe and sound back to our hotel. Although we were full to bursting, we were all sad it was over – the tine flew by. A great bunch of young guides, and a very exciting and flavour-filled night on the town! Well worth the price.”

LouiseChamberlain, 5 star, from TripAdvisor

Enjoy the extended fun of a mini-cooking course with your family on our food tour!

“This was our second time in Ho Chi Minh and this time we had our children (12 and 9 years old). The ride felt perfectly safe. We did the “i really love food tour” – it is the food tour perfect for food fanatics like us! (i Tour Vietnam has a shorter version of this tour called “i love food tour”) We really enjoyed the mini cooking class that was included in the tour. We were surprisingly impressed with the variety of tastes of the local cuisine…such complexity! It was truly an authentic experience. I recommend i Tour Vietnam to any families traveling to HCMC. Very satisfied with their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness.”

Stefania Valentino, 5 star, from Facebook Reviews

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most famous historical places in Ho Chi Minh City’s suburban, a representative for Vietnamese’s resilience during the wartime. On this 6-hour tour (starting from 8 in the morning), you will get to see places, experience the living conditions, and try the foods that Vietnamese soldiers had lived with to survive and fight for the country.

itourvn cu chi tunnels

Tour inclusion

We currently offer only private car tour because of the long trip from Ho Chi Minh’s downtown to Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi District. Besides the historical attractions, lunch and refreshments with signature Vietnamese cuisine, which is also in the inclusion, will be a complete the introduction and experience in Ho Chi Minh City.

Reviews from guests

A glimpse of the rural areas, another side of the modern Ho Chi Minh City

“A few years ago my boyfriend and I started travelling around the world. We are from Europe and Asian countries are especially appealing. These winter holidays we decided to go somewhere warm – to Vietnam. We came to Ho Chi Minh City and spend really good time there. It was a tour company “i Tour Vietnam” that organized our leisure. We chose “Cu Chi Tunnels”, it was a half day tour and didn’t regret. Friendly, English speaking tour guides Zoey and Leah made unforgettable adventure for us. It was very informative and unusual outing. We are grateful to “i Tour Vietnam” for showing the heart of their country. I strongly recommend this company!”

Tetiana Rudovska, 5 star, from Facebook Reviews

The experience couldn’t get more real with an optional try out at the firing range.

“Our amazing trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels

There are no words that can describe THE most incredible tour we have ever taken to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

My family and I decided to take a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels, I was very excited about this trip as I have a big passion for history. I believe that I know a great one when I experience it…and that is what I found there. Our tour was private so they only picked us… and that was awesome as I had plenty of time to ask our guide, Leah, many questions about this beautiful historical place.

I consider myself a very good writer but somehow feel challenged to put into words just how awesome this tour was, every arrangement has been perfect. I was astonished by how these tunnels were designed and how they weren’t destroyed during the war.

The most amazing part for me was that, I Had the chance, for the first time, to test my shooting skills with an AK-47 at the firing range, I can’t describe how happy I was after this experience.

Without a doubt, we will definitely be returning. Thanks for this great time!”

Michael G, 5 star, from TripAdvisor

Mekong Delta

If you want to get away from the bustling in Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta is one of the best places you should visit. This full-day trip (around 8-10 hours depending on the traffic) will starts a little early, at 7 AM in the morning, but you will feel rewarded once you can get to see the floating market, selling of fresh fruits on the motor boats.

itourvn mekong delta

Tour inclusion

This tour is currently available with private cars only, but we still have a local guide to accompany you. The sampan ride, cycling around a small town in the countryside of Vietnam, and the mini-cooking tour of rustic dishes that all of the southern people love will be the best memories.

Reviews from guests

You will spend most your time cruising, see the life of people along the two side and on the river.

“Me and my family visited Vietnam for vacation. We went to Ho Chi Minh City and take a package tour Mekong Delta Tour. I enjoy the smooth sailing, see different kinds of boats, houses, and impressed by floating market. I love the food as I was invited to cook and prepare meals by their help.
I feel so welcome and comfortable. They are also very helpful and honest. Before I forgot I want to say thank you to our very energetic tour guide ”Nguyen” as I enjoy every day I spent in Vietnam. I highly recommend the Mekong Delta Tour. I will never forget this experience.”

Hazel joy Frilles, 5 star, from Google Reviews

What experience can a tour to Mekong Delta offer you? Read this i Tour Vietnam reviews from one of our previous guests and find out.

“An amazing place

I have always wanted to visit South East Asia, so when my best friend mentioned an awesome Vietnamese tour that she took, I was hooked. Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful and breathtaking city. I traveled with two other family members and was mesmerized with the view of the city, the motorbikes zooming in the streets, the city was so captivating. I was mesmerized. In the morning we went on the Mekong Delta Tour that we had booked beforehand, and we were too excited to wait any longer.

I Tour Vietnam provided a private van and it was on time; the driver and guide were professionals and courteous. We enjoyed the cooking class at lunch and the fresh coconut from the floating market. I haven’t had that in forever. After lunch, we rode bicycles around the villages and I watched and learned how people weaved mat! It was so exciting! I look forward to my next trip back to Vietnam.

Thank you I Tour Vietnam.”

drveeola, 5 star, from TripAdvisor

Other Comments on Our Motorbike Tours in Ho Chi Minh City

I Love Food Private Motorbike Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

itourvn reviews 1

Best family trip experience with our motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City!

itourvn reviews 2

One of the best motorbike tours in Ho Chi Minh City

itourvn reviews 3

Amazing experience with our highly recommended motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City

itourvn reviews 4

Want to know more i Tour Vietnam and what we have to offer? Check out our featured tours here, remember you can always customize them the way you want to, and see all of i Tour Vietnam reviews gathered here.
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