VietnamMiscellaneousHow Travelling in Vietnam can be a Life-Changing Experience

How Travelling in Vietnam can be a Life-Changing Experience

It is always great to travel for many different reasons. Traveling opens our minds to new cultures, other people, and more. Going to a new place and changing your scenery can also give you a much-needed break from everyday life while helping you grow much more. If you’re a student and get a chance to travel, take it!

Students are often tasked by their college or university to write an essay about their personal experiences, and a story about their travels can be a great subject for such a class essay. If you simply browse essays about personal experience, you will find many of them linked to traveling. Reading some of these free writing samples is a great way to see how this decision can give you interesting stories to talk about as part of your course.

So, if you want to travel and talk about your stories as part of your education, immersing yourself in Vietnamese culture is one of the best decisions. When you experience Vietnam, you’ll learn about the country’s long history and see a lot more.

A Diverse and Historical Culture

It is no surprise that a country with over a thousand years of history has an extraordinarily complex and diverse culture. Some of the best Vietnam experiences include ancient architecture like the Japanese Bridge and the Tan Ky House in Hoi An, and Vietnamese Water Puppets. If you are after some cultural entertainment and fine art carvings, you can find them in Kim Bong Village.

The Vietnam War

Learning about the Vietnam War from the country’s perspective can open your mind to this crucial part of history. You will be able to visit various war sites and memorials to learn how this part of the country’s history was a turning point for the people. With this experience in Vietnam, you will be able to add a lot more depth when you have to write descriptive essays about myself because this education in history will help you develop your own thoughts and ideas about it. Students can read a book and then write an essay on this history, but visiting the country will teach you a lot more from their side.

The Natural Beauty

Sometimes, all it takes for someone’s perception of life to change is to visit some breathtaking natural landscapes. If you decide to explore Vietnam, you will see many of these landscapes. From the incredible lakes in Hanoi to the out-of-this-world dunes in Central Vietnam, there is immense diversity in terms of the natural beauty you can experience in Vietnam.

Low-Cost Tourism

One of the most important things to consider when traveling anywhere is whether you can afford to do so. Luckily, this country gives young students a great chance to explore the world more because it doesn’t cost too much. This country allows young travelers to get some actual travel experience, from budget hotels and cheap transport to affordable food. And when you have that, it might just be the first step to having your perception of life and people change entirely and grow.

Conclusion on the Life-changing Experiences in Vietnam

Going somewhere new for students in college and university can be a much-needed break they need from having their heads buried in a book all day. Doing this is a great way to grow yourself as a person and get a lot of informal education during the process. Luckily, Vietnam offers some of the most interesting and affordable experiences that students can have, which can then help them writehelp them write a well-crafted essay for their class.

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