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How to Use Crypto and Bitcoin to Travel Vietnam

Visiting the enchanting landscapes of Vietnam is a dream for many. But did you know you can fund your adventures in this Southeast Asian jewel using cryptocurrency?

Yes, from bustling Hanoi to the tranquil beaches of Da Nang, crypto is becoming more accepted, especially with the rise of easy-to-use crypto payment apps like Let’s dive into how you can seamlessly use crypto to cover your travel expenses in Vietnam.

The Crypto Scene in Vietnam

Vietnam, in recent years, has displayed a noticeable enthusiasm for cryptocurrency, driven primarily by its digitally forward population. The country ranked top 1 in Chainanalysis’ 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index, and a survey from Statista showed that nearly 21% of Vietnam’s population has used or owned some form of cryptocurrency.

This rising interest in digital currencies is paving the way for broader acceptance, especially in tourism.

Do Vietnamese People Use Crypto?

With a significant number of Vietnamese working overseas, cryptocurrencies have become a preferred choice for sending remittances home. Many Vietnamese view crypto as a faster, decentralized, and more transparent alternative to traditional banking systems, bypassing high fees and long waiting periods usually tied to conventional financial channels.

Another possible factor why a lot of people in Vietnam use crypto is that a majority of the country’s residents are young, tech-savvy individuals who are naturally inclined towards emerging technologies. They see crypto not just as a trend, but as a revolutionary shift in how financial transactions can be conducted. Not to mention that the allure of potential investment gains can’t be ignored. The crypto market, with its volatility, promises opportunities for high returns, which can also be attractive to Vietnamese investors.

Booking Your Flight to Vietnam with Crypto

Several global airline ticket platforms, such as CheapAir and Alternative Airlines, now accept Bitcoin and other crypto as a mode of payment. The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose your destination and travel dates.
  2. Select Bitcoin or another crypto as a payment option as you checkout.
  3. Use your crypto wallet to complete the transaction.

Be sure to check any transaction fees to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Reserving Accommodations with Crypto

The hospitality sector in Vietnam is catching up with the crypto trend. Numerous hotels, especially in major cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, have started accepting crypto payments. If you’re interested, you can browse through platforms like Travala and CryptoCribs. They list accommodations in Vietnam where crypto payments are welcome.

Eating and Dining in Vietnam with Crypto

While famous street food stalls have not jumped on the crypto bandwagon yet, several restaurants, cafes, and bars in major Vietnamese cities already accept crypto. So go ahead and relish that bowl of pho or sip on Vietnamese coffee without reaching for traditional cash, using apps like CoinMap to help you locate eateries that accept crypto.

Moving Around – Transport and Tours

A growing number of travel agencies and tour operators in Vietnam accept crypto payments for their services. Whether you’re booking a cruise in Ha Long Bay or a guided tour through the Cu Chi Tunnels, you can check which tour providers accept crypto on websites like Future.Travel. It’s a Vietnam-based online travel agency which directly caters to the crypto community.

A Few Notes When Traveling to Vietnam Using Crypto

While crypto adoption is on the rise, it’s important to know that the Vietnamese government has yet to consider crypto as legal tender. However, this does not mean transactions are illegal; it’s just that they’re not protected by law. Therefore, you have to take security measures and safety precautions to prevent potential losses associated with illegal activities.

Only use secure, reputable crypto wallets, and always have an alternative payment method ready in an emergency. Avoid public Wi-Fi when accessing your wallet or making transactions to prevent hacks or unauthorized transactions.

A Few Notes When Traveling to Vietnam Using Crypto

Traveling through Vietnam using crypto is becoming increasingly viable. While it might not have reached the ubiquity of traditional payment methods, the infrastructure is growing, making it easier for crypto users to travel using their digital assets. With that said, the next time you dream of watching the sunset in Sapa or navigating the bustling markets of Ho Chi Minh, remember your crypto can be your companion. Safe travels and happy spending!

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