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How to Travel from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat

Da Lat has long been known for quick weekend getaways to escape from Ho Chi Minh’s summer heat and take loads of romantic Instagram-worthy shots. If you’re looking for somewhere near the city, yet new to explore, Da Lat is for you. This is our guide on how to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat.

About Da Lat

Distance from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat: 320 kilometers

  • Da Lat is the most well-known city in the Vietnam Central Highlands, often dubbed as the “city of a thousand flowers” and is always regarded as the most romantic place in Vietnam
  • Da Lat’s top attractions include Bao Dai Palace, Crazy House, Valley of Love, Tuyen Lam Lake, etc.
  • There are various things you can do here: partaking in extreme sports, exploring natural wonders, and best of all: eating street food!

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ho chi minh to da lat tuyen lam lake original

Tuyen Lam Lake below Truc Lam Zen Monastery is a great place to find peace

ho chi minh to da lat vietnamese pizza original

Vietnamese pizza is a must-try street food in Da Lat

How to Travel from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat

Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat by Motorbike

Time: 7 – 10 hours
Price (motorbike rental): VND 120,000 – VND 300,000/bike/day (excluding gas)
Route: City center – Suoi Tien theme park – BigC Dong Nai – Dau Giay post office – Thong Nhat district (Dong Nai province) – Bao Loc city – Lien Khuong intersection – (following Lien Khuong highway) Da Lat City

Driving a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat can be challenging due to the long distance and the mountain passes. Nevertheless, most of the time you’ll be traveling on National Route 20, which is broad, well-constructed, and has lots of trees along the way which will help you relax during the long ride.

To rent motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh, you’ll need a copy of your passport and contact details. See trustworthy Motorbike Rental Places in Ho Chi Minh and precautions on Driving in Vietnam for First-time Passengers.

ho chi minh to da lat bao loc mountain pass

You’ll get to witness the untouched beauty of Bao Loc Mountain Pass by motorbike

Tips on traveling by motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat:

  • Choose a motorbike with new tires and functioning rearview mirrors, brakes, etc.
  • Remember to change the motorbike’s oil, and start the journey with a full gas tank
  • Use a high-quality backpack, preferably water-resistant in case of rain, instead of suitcases for convenience.
  • Driving constantly will tire you out immensely. We recommend taking a rest every 100 kilometers
  • Some beautiful spots along the way are Pren Mountain Pass and Bao Loc Mountain Pass
  • The best time to start the journey: 5:30 AM – 6 AM. Avoid driving at night as it can be dangerous

Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat by Sleeper Bus/Limo

Time: 6 – 8 hours
Price: VND 250,000 – VND 350,000/bus ticket; VND 400,000/limo ticket
Suggested bus brands from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat: Phuong Trang, Thanh Buoi, The Sinh Tourist, 3S Limo, etc.

Youngsters love this option because it’s both easy and their pockets and on their backs. Just hop on a late-night bus, sleep for 8 hours, and voila – you’re in Da Lat first thing in the morning! You can either choose a sleeper bus, which gives you the same experience as staying in a capsule hotel, or be more bougie with a limo bus!

ho chi minh to da lat phuong trang

Besides Thanh Buoi, Phuong Trang is a trusted brand of transportation to Da Lat

ho chi minh to da lat 3s limo

3S Limo cars are new and well-equipped

Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat by Plane

Time: 50 minutes (excluding time at the airports)
Price: VND 500,000 – VND 1,500,000/ticket (depending on the airlines)

Some say that the best way to go from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat is by airplane because it’ll save you a lot of time and offer more safety. Though you’re paying more, you actually save half of the traveling time. Moreover, there are 20 flights daily (24 during the holidays), so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Some airlines to consider are Vietnam Airlines (highest quality, fewer delays), Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific (budget).

Da Lat airport arrival information:

Distance from Lien Khuong Airport to Da Lat city center: 28 kilometers.

To travel from the airport to downtown, tourists can take a taxi (VND 250,000 – VND 300,000) from brands like Mai Linh or opt for the airport bus (VND 40,000).

Google Maps location:

Tan Son Nhat Domestic Airport in Ho Chi Minh

Lien Khuong Airport in Da Lat

ho chi minh to da lat lien khuong airport

Lien Khuong Airport in Da Lat takes after the shape of a blooming Mexican sunflower

All plane/bus/limo ticket bookings can be done easily on the form below:

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Our Conclusion on Traveling from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat

Because there’s no train connecting Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat, the top choices are traveling by motorbike, by bus, and by plane. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions or give this article your ratings if you’ve found it useful!

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