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How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau

Seeking a getaway from the energetic Hanoi? Head straight to Mai Chau to let your hair down in a couple of days. As a remote area with spectacular mountains, Mai Chau is like a haven to escape from the hectic pace of life. Before you pack your bags, read our guide for some glimpses about how to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau.

Overview of Mai Chau

Distance between Hanoi and Mai Chau: 160 km

  • Mai Chau is a small town in Hoa Binh Province in Northwest Vietnam
  • Mai Chau has a widespread reputation for its picturesque flower fields and cultural diversity. However, due to its remote location, it is yet to be a bustling tourist attraction
  • Depending on your preference, you can visit Mai Chau in these months in November – February for peach and plum blossoms, March – April Ban flowers, or May – August for plums and peaches season
  • Most popular transports to go from Hanoi to Mai Chau: bus, taxi/car, motorbike

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau ban

Ban flowers
How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau

Verdant field of flowers

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by Taxi/ Private Rental Car

  • Travel time: 3- 4 hours

For private transportation and driver, ask your hotel receptionist in Hanoi to help you arrange one, or visit a tour operator and tell them your inquiries (e.g. number of seats, car brand, etc.). Remember to ask for the price and the inclusions before booking and try bargaining a little bit.

  • Car rental price: from VND 1,000,000/day/car
  • With private driver: and extra of VND 500,000 approximately/per day

As for public taxis, hopping in a Vinasun or Mai Linh taxi is ideal. As the price is based on the meter clocks, it partly depends on the driver’s knowledge. If the driver knows the road like the back of his hands, he will most likely choose the shortcuts. If he has never traveled to Mai Chau from Hanoi, he may get lost, which will cost you more than the average price.

  • Estimated cost: VND 1,500,000 – 2,000,000

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau original road

You’ll pass by a lot of magnificent views on the road to Mai Chau

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by Bus

Tourist Bus to Mai Chau

The plus point of a tourist bus is that it has a tour guide, and the bus usually stops by Mai Chau attractions along the way and in Mai Chau. However, travel agencies only offer buses to Mai Chau on specific days. Besides, if there are not enough passengers, the trip might be canceled just before its departure time.

  • 1-Day Tourist Bus Price: from VND 700,000/pax (including meals)

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau banlac

Tourist buses usually stop at this idyllic Ban Lac

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau hang

…and Mo Luong Cave

Local Bus from Hanoi to Mai Chau

Buses to Mai Chau depart every hour so you can be flexible with your time. Be aware that some buses do not solely stop at Mai Chau, they might travel further to Hoa Binh District. Therefore, you should ask the ticket seller about the bus itinerary and get off the bus at the right place.

  • Travel time: 3-4 hours
  • Departure station: My Dinh Bus Station, Yen Nghi Bus Station
  • Destination: Mai Chau
  • Price:

Normal Bus: VND 80,000 – 100,000/ticket
Limousine: VND 150,000 – 220,000/ticket


  • There are numerous buses, so you will have difficulty finding yours
  • The facilities of bus stations are modest, and the staff dóe not speak fluent English
  • To minimize the hassle, buy tour tickets online beforehand, so you’ll know where your bus will depart and where you have to get off, the best part of which is that you can pay with whichever currency you have and stay free from scams

Look for the bus tickets below:

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How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau mydinh

My Dinh Bus Station

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau yennghia

Yen Nghia Bus Station

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by Motorbike

Mai Chau’s nature surely brings a stunning background for your Instagram post along the motorbike trail from Hanoi. However, since the way to Mai Chau is packed with dangerous passes, narrow roads, and dense fog in certain seasons, it is not the safest option, especially when you’re familiar with a motorbike or the Vietnamese road conditions.

Itinerary 1: Center of Hanoi – Nguyen Trai – Ba La (Ha Dong District) – Xuan Mai – Route 6 – Thung Khe Pass – Tong Dau Junction – Mai Chau

Itinerary 2: Center of Hanoi – Tran Duy Hung – Thang Long Avenue – Xuan Mai – Route 6 – Thung Khe Pass – Tong Dau Junction – Mai Chau


  • Carefully check the motorbike’s condition (engine, rear-view mirrors, brakes, etc.) before renting
  • Prepare a paper map/offline map apart from a Google Maps
  • Plan your travel time, gas, and mobile data plan
  • Avoid traveling at night
  • Read our Precautions on Riding a Motorbike

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau deo
Thung Khe Pass from above

Summary of How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau

As Mai Chau is an off-the-beaten-path destination, the road from Hanoi to this wonderland will be full of obstacles. Thus, you should do many kinds of research, map out a detailed itinerary, and prepare good health as well as an adventurous spirit.

Get your travel insurance to travel Mai Chau:

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