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How to Survive The Heat in Ho Chi Minh

Dealing with the weather in a foreign country is always a challenge. And handling the heatwave in a tropical country like Vietnam poses a real obstacle, especially when it comes to the most crowded city of all – Ho Chi Minh City!

How Hot is Ho Chi Minh City?

The weather in Ho Chi Minh City is hot and humid all year round with only two seasons: raining season and dry season. But even when it’s raining, the sun can be scorching hot nonetheless.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city hot 1

Every shade is precious

Because of the high humidity, it can feel much warmer than it actually is. Exposure under the sun for a long time can lead to dizziness, headache, sunstroke, and dehydration. Therefore, preparing some tips to survive the heat in Ho Chi Minh City is always a wise decision.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city hot 2

The heatwave is no joke

Prepare An “Anti-Heat” Kit

Leave all of you beautiful sweaters and thick coats at home. There is no chance that you would pull it out to wear. Check out the Travel Tips: Things to Bring to Ho Chi Minh City to pack the quintessential for your Ho Chi Minh trip.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city anti heat kit 1

Cover every inch of your skin

Walking around the streets in this city, you might see that all of the locals try to cover their body as much as they could. You may feel uncomfortable to wear like them, but a camisole or a tank top is not recommended unless you want some lovely sunburns. Wear a lightweight jacket or a thin scarf to protect your precious skin from direct sunlight.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city anti heat kit 2

This is how the local protect themselves from the sun

An adequate amount of suncream, a good pair of sunglasses, and a hat are what you should also put on. You should also consider wearing a face mask to protect yourself from either the pollution or the heat.

Grab An Iced Drink

We all know that we should drink enough water every day. To survive the heat in Ho Chi Minh City, you should pay more attention to that. We highly recommend you bring your water bottle whenever you intend to spend a long time outdoors.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city iced drinks street vendors 2

You can easily find street vendors everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City

If you want something even more satisfying in quenching your thirst, look for iced drinks. There are many convenience stores and street vendors that sell refrigerated beverages. Besides that, iced Vietnamese coffee, iced tea, sugarcane juice, orange juice are some fresh options from the sidewalk stalls. It would cost you VND 5,000 – 20,000 to cool down your thirst.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city iced drinks huge

An extra-large serving of sugarcane juice costs only VND 10,000

survive the heat in ho chi minh city iced drinks coconut juice

Coconut juice is also a good choice

Find A Spot with Air Conditioners

After several hours of walking under the burning sun, you surely want to sit down and take a rest under an air-conditioner. Ho Chi Minh City offers a good amount of tea houses, coffee houses, bubble tea shops, and apartment stores where you can pay a short visit to rejuvenate.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city air conditioner coffee house

Coffee shops are some of the places to run away from the heat outside

Jump into A Pool!

There are numerous Swimming Pools in Ho Chi Minh City. Just 30 minutes in the cool water would help a lot. Note that during the peak of the dry season, the pools can get packed with people.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city pool

Ho Chi Minh City has several large pools

Escape to The Ocean

When you think that you cannot survive the heat in Ho Chi Minh City any longer, the last solution: run to the beaches! They are where the sun is not unbearably hot and the breezing wind gently blows.

survive the heat in ho chi minh city vung tau

Vung Tau is a suitable destination which is just two-hour away from Ho Chi Minh City

Find out The Best Beaches Near Ho Chi Minh City and Top Vietnamese Beaches for A Summer Vacation to know where to rush to!

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Summary of How to Survive the Heat in Ho Chi Minh City

To fully enjoy your vacation, it is crucial to know how to survive the heat in Ho Chi Minh City. Wear appropriate clothes and put on suncream to save your skin from overexposure to the sun. Whenever you feel dehydrated or tired, immediately grab an iced drink or hide in a place with an air conditioner. If you think you can take it no more, head for the pools or beaches.

Or better yet, book a Motobike Tour in Ho Chi Minh and discover the best things to do under the hot weather of the city.

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