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How to Support the Locals during Ho Chi Minh City Lockdown

Ho Chi Minh has been under lockdown for over two months, and there haven’t been many signs that the strict guidelines would be eased up. Life in the city has been turned upside down. Many businesses are forced to close down, and the most vulnerable group is the low-income community. They are primarily factory workers, local-scale business owners, or street food hawkers. Therefore, not only are they threatened by the deadly virus, but their livelihood is also on the line. Taking care of ourselves and our families during this time is paramount. Still, if possible, you might also want to give back to the local community to support them during this challenging time.

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Regarding how to support the locals during the Ho Chi Minh City lockdown, below are a few trustworthy charity organizations you can donate to or participate in to help alleviate COVID’s toll on Ho Chi Minh City.

International NGOs in Vietnam

For the latest information on the COVID situation in Ho Chi Minh and in Vietnam, international NGOs are the place you can trust. These NGOs in Vietnam focus on covering the latest concerns regarding the effect of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination in Vietnam. Some NGOs you can look into are:

UNICEF Vietnam: ensuring the healthy development and of children across Vietnam, and now making sure that the children are safe from the lethal effects of COVID.

Blue Dragon Vietnam: initially working towards ending children and women trafficking in Vietnam, now with the Coronavirus around, Blue Dragon is also working to provide meals and shelters for the homeless.

Red Cross Vietnam: running closely with Vietnam’s medical system since 1946, Red Cross Vietnam is still working tirelessly to protect the people against the damage of natural disasters and pandemics.

Local NGOs in Vietnam

Aside from the popular global agencies, the local organizations in Vietnam also work relentlessly to assist the affected areas and communities. Though smaller in scale, they are the ones who understand the people’s situation the most.

Help A Teacher (H.A.T): providing support to help teachers (especially kindergarten teachers) as schools are advised to move to the online platform.

Lotus Charity Fund (Quy Tu Thien Bong Sen): providing the vulnerable community and quarantined areas with meals, emergency kits, educational aids, and job opportunities.

From Saigon to Saigon: providing meals to economically disadvantaged labor workers

Hear Us Now (H.U.N): aiding hearing-impaired students with educational opportunities, as well as helping the unemployed deaf and hard-of-hearing laborers

Apps and Social Media – How to Support the Locals during Ho Chi Minh City Lockdown

Suppose you want to reach out to the disadvantaged locals around your neighborhood. In that case, thankfully, there is helpful technology and online forums where you can have access to individuals needing help.

SOS map: there is a website version and an app where people can call out for help (food, medicines, etc.), and you can reach out to them via the contact details on the app.

For more choices of food delivery platforms, see How to Order Groceries Online in Vietnam

Note: As most cases on these platforms are written in Vietnamese, we would advise you to have a Vietnamese-speaking friend to help you clarify and contact the people in need.

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Wrapping up on How to Support the Locals during Ho Chi Minh City Lockdown

We understand that all of us are stuck in undesirable situations right now, with many of us struggling. However, those who could barely make ends meet before the lockdown are in a significantly more dire situation. One humble meal might seem minor to some, but it can make a much more significant difference to others.

For more information about the COVID-19 Guidelines, visit our detailed guide on Vietnam Travel COVID-19 Regulations.

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