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How to Stay Healthy during Quarantine in Vietnam (COVID-19)

Staying home during the outbreak of COVID-19 is essential for preventing the spread and potential exposure of the virus, but the sudden change in routine is leaving many in unfamiliar territory – especially when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Here is our advice to get you through quarantine in Vietnam.

Be well-noted that this blog is intended for people in self-quarantine without any symptoms or diagnosis of illness. If finding yourself with symptoms, please call 1900 3228 or 1900 8085 and contact the hospital before your visit for the best preparation.

Going out during Quarantine in Vietnam

Following the new regulations of the government during quarantine in Vietnam, you are only allowed to go out in these highly necessary cases:

  • Buying food, medicines, and other essential goods or services
  • Emergencies like medical emergencies, medical treatment, natural disasters, etc.
  • Working at government agencies, armed forces, diplomatic agencies, etc.

When going out during the quarantine in Vietnam, make sure to:

Always Wear Masks

quarantine in vietnam masks

Masks help protect your mouth and nose from exhaled droplets

Some recommended mask types are:

Not wearing a mask when going out in public places can be charged from VND 200,000, as regulated by the government.

Find out more about wearing face masks in Vietnam

Wash Your Hands Regularly

It’s something you have heard again and again during this period of quarantine in Vietnam, and there’s even a viral jingle to remind yourself. Wash your hands frequently, and wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to effectively fend off coronavirus.

stay healthy during quarantine in Vietnam washing hands

Be sure to wash your hands properly

Besides, during quarantine in Vietnam, bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer to clean your hands regularly whenever you go out. Hand sanitizers that can effectively kill germs and bacterias should have at least 60% alcohol content:

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

The hands touch many surfaces that can easily pick up viruses. Once contaminated, your hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose, or mouth, then enter your body and make you sick. Make sure when coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with elbows or tissues, especially during this time of quarantine in Vietnam.

Do Not Visit Crowded Places

Aside from the closures of many public facilities, it is our responsibility to not travel to crowded places. Non-essential gathering of more than 2 people in public can lead to a fine of VND 10,000,000/person.

stay healthy during quarantine in Vietnam do not visit crowded places original

Avoid public and crowded places like market, mall, park, cinema, cafe, etc.

Some other cases that can violate the regulations during quarantine in Vietnam:

  • Irresponsible disposal of used masks, maximum VND 5,000,000 fine
  • Deliberately not report your or other people’s symptoms of COVID-19 to the authorities, maximum VND 2,000,000 fine
  • Avoid medical check and/or quarantine when traveling to or from infected areas, VND 10,000,000 – 20,000,000 fine
  • Spreading fake news, maximum VND 15,000,000 fine

Staying at Home during Quarantine in Vietnam

As most of your time during quarantine in Vietnam should be spent at home, see our quarantine-friendly to-do list to fight off boredom while the country is fighting against the virus.

Keep a Clean Home Environment

If you must venture out, be mindful to reduce your risk of spreading germs in the home by:

  • Immediately washing your hands for at least 20 seconds every time you return home
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces daily (doorknobs, light switches, remotes, toilets, etc.)

Keep Your Body Hydrated

stay healthy during quarantine in Vietnam keep your body hydrated

Adequate water intake is one of the best ways to keep your body strong enough to fight off viruses and infection

Make Use of Food Delivery Services

Shopping for fresh food and sticking to a healthy diet may be challenging during quarantine in Vietnam, but don’t worry, since food delivery services are still up and running. We highly recommend Grab and Now (Foody) since these apps are available in English and have many choices to choose from. You can totally ask the driver to place the food at your doorsteps and maintain a 2-meter distance to avoid contact and protect yourself.

Work out

There are plenty of exercises can be done at home to commit to your fitness routine, such as taking a video yoga lesson or workout instruction on Youtube or performing bodyweight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, wall squats, etc.)

stay healthy during quarantine in Vietnam work out

Find yourself in a bind? Think of at-home workouts

Set aside Time for Your Hobbies

If quarantine in Vietnam has you stuck inside going stir crazy, why don’t you take up some new hobbies to pass the time and keep yourself grounded? Whether sipping a cup of Vietnamese coffee, reading books to or trying new cooking recipes, as long as you find it interesting, go ahead and stay mentally healthy during.

Conclusion on How to Stay Healthy during Quarantine in Vietnam

In the tense situation of the current pandemic, hopefully our blog helps you stay optimistic, and effectively protect your health during quarantine in Vietnam.

Have a question? Let us know in the comment section below:

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