VietnamTravel Tips & InfoHow to Protect Yourself on Public Transportation in Vietnam

How to Protect Yourself on Public Transportation in Vietnam

Taking public transportation is one of the top choices among travelers, but it can get tricky if you are unaware of the surroundings. Protecting yourself on public transportation in Vietnam, as with anywhere else, can be tricky. See below for our best tips and advice to keep yourself safe while using public transportation.

Though public transportation in Vietnam has been improving, but how safe are they exactly? Let’s take a look at the two most popular options:

Tan Son Nhat Airport is small but welcomes a high volume of passengers

For such a small country, flights to and from Vietnam are incredibly busy. While airline operations are of high quality, the airports in Vietnam are the pain points of many travelers. During high travel seasons, it can be jam-packed at the airport, which might cause you to be late for your flight or cause unnecessary upcharges. Therefore, though the airports are pretty safe, be sure to prepare for the high volume of passengers at certain times. You can try to arrive early for your flight, at least 2 hour prior for domestics and 3 hours prior for international. Or better yet, avoid traveling during peak seasons if you can.

Contrary to popular belief, public bus in Vietnam is pretty efficient, especially in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. The reasonable fare make it the most attractive option for those who wants a city tour on a budget. Make sure to keep an eye on your belongings and keep some change (VND 1,000; VND 2,000; VND 5,000; VND 10,000) to buy the tickets on board.

In terms of buses that travel across cities, it is advisable to book your tickets on trustworthy online platform. You can check out the link below for the tickets to your next trips:

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Taxi is arguably the safest and most convenient way to travel in Vietnam. The best way is to download a ride-hailing app so you can have the information of the driver, the vehicle, and the cost. Even on the off chance you forget your item in the car, customer service can help you track it.

Even though Vietnam is safe to travel, pickpockets can happen anywhere, especially on public transports due to the crowd. It is advisable to keep your valuables where you can see them, avoid wearing expensive accessories, and go as a group if possible.

Conclusion on How to Protect Yourself on Public Transportation in Vietnam

Public transportation is a great way to travel in Vietnam as it’s convenient, accessible, and economical. Nevertheless, it’s also a high risk for spreading the virus if everyone isn’t mindful. By keeping the tips mentioned earlier in mind when traveling, you can proactively protect yourself and your loved ones from this risk.

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