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How to Find the Best Tour Package in Saigon

Is it your first time in Saigon, or are you a returning visitor looking for more diverse experiences in Vietnam’s most bustling city? Finding a quality tour package in Saigon is the first challenge every tourist has to face due to the abundance of the service, ranging in different price points and reputations, so make sure to jot down these useful notes when choosing the best tour service for your stay in Saigon.

Decide What You Look for in a Tour Package in Saigon

Since there is a great variety of tours in Saigon you can choose from, make sure you pick the one that can fit all of your needs or is flexible enough to tailor to your requirements. Here are a few vital factors to consider:

How many people are there on your team?

It is essential to take into account whether you are a solo traveler in Saigon or on a trip with your family and friends. Regarding traveling in groups, a professional tour guide who can take care of various customers is crucial because even though there are many people on tour, everyone wants to meet their personal needs. However, the real question is whether you need a tour guide when traveling solo in Saigon. Our recommendation is to find a local private tour who knows by heart the nooks and crannies of Saigon for authentic experiences and insights into the local lifestyle.

The group size matters when booking a tour package

How would you like to explore Saigon?

Despite being a young and economy-centric city, Saigon is never short of sights to see and experiences to enjoy. Figuring out how you would like to spend your limited time on a Saigon tour is another factor in choosing the best tour package.

What are the famous attractions in Saigon?

This is a great way to have a general idea of what makes up Saigon’s resounding reputation while learning about the ups and downs of the city throughout Vietnam’s history. Generally, it’d take a full morning to explore all of Saigon’s main places of interest, and make sure you find a tour package that allows you time to absorb the attraction as well as take memorable pictures instead of just brushing over everything.

Going off-the-beaten-track

If you’re looking for a unique Saigon tour experience, step off the tourist trails and observe the cultural pieces that complete the picture of Saigon. The challenge of finding the best tour package in Saigon for this particular activity is that the tour guide must be eloquent in the city’s history and culture and able to converse with you well in English.

Learn about Vietnamese religious significance on your trip

Tasting Saigon’s cuisines:

Instead of having local specialties, Saigon is a hodgepodge of signature cuisines from other Vietnamese cities and areas. Therefore, a tour specially designed around Saigon’s food is much needed if you’re a foodie, and the best tour package in Saigon will take you to restaurants and shops loved and frequented by locals rather than the touristy spots. Food tours are among the most popular tour packages in Saigon, because how can anyone turn down on the appeal of Vietnamese food?

Value for Money – the Best Tour Package in Saigon

As exciting as a tour package may seem, don’t jump to the conclusion just yet. Price is not always the determinant to quality, and a quality tour package in Saigon must have the following inclusions:


Safety always comes first in any tour you book (motorbike tour, car group tour, food tour). The best tour package in Saigon should give clear instructions for your first time trying a new activity in Vietnam, i.e., sitting on a motorbike or being able to ensure the food safety of the food tour. Moreover, check carefully to ensure the price of the tour includes insurance coverage.

Wearing quality helmets are of vital importance on a motorbike tour


The best way to learn about service quality is to look up reviews in Facebook groups or Google ratings. You can also learn a lot about the tour company’s quality and professionalism by how they communicate with customers.

Customization and Experience

The best tour package in Saigon prioritizes the travelers’ experience. We recommend signing up for a private tour in Saigon for great customization options. This means you can skip any spots on the tour if you’re more interested in other places or join a food tour without any worries about your dietary restrictions, as a private tour package is hugely flexible.

Final Words on How to Find the Best Tour Package in Saigon

Once you’ve got all the important information, the last step is to enjoy your next tour in one of Vietnam’s most worth-visiting cities. Look for a tour package that suits you the most, or better yet, requires further customizations, and you’re all set for your life journey in Saigon.

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