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How to Find a Private Driver in Vietnam

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or have been living in Vietnam for a while, driving on Vietnam’s streets will always be a challenge. A private driver in Vietnam is the perfect solution, satisfying your wish to explore further and beyond the country and the need for flexibility and customized service. Here are the top tips for finding a private driver in Vietnam.

Benefits of Having a Private Driver in Vietnam

  • Driving in Vietnam without a valid license is illegal, and the rules on Vietnamese roads can be widely different from your home country. See more on Can Tourists Drive in Vietnam.
  • Though Google Maps is truly a blessing for traveling in a foreign country, only the Vietnamese know the Vietnamese streets like the back of their palm.

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Book a Private Tour for a Private Driver in Vietnam

A private tour will most likely offer everything on your checklist: personalized service and a professional driver. As a cherry on top, a private tour guide is a trusted partner on your trip who will show you the nooks and crannies of Vietnam.

Pros of Private Tours in Vietnam:

  • There are many options to choose from: you can either book a city tour, a trip to the countryside, a food adventure, or better yet, combine everything into one trip for an eventful expedition.
  • Services tailored to your needs: the flexibility to choose your preferred vehicle (either motorbike tour or car tour), add in more places to visit, skip certain spots, or take the routes that you like.
  • Professional English-speaking guides with profound cultural and local knowledge

Cons of Private Tours in Vietnam:

Quality private tours are mostly available in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. On the bright side, you can always drop an inquiry where you want to visit a trustworthy operator as private tours are incredibly customizable.

What to Look Out for in a Private Tour with a Private Driver in Vietnam

  • Authentic reviews from customers
  • Safety and insurance
  • What you want in a tour: Are you traveling solo or in a group? What are you looking to try (food or culture)? etc.
  • Value for money: Though cheap or free tours can be a fun idea to make more local friends and learn about the local lifestyle, for more professional services, it’d never be a loss to look for a tour operator that provides high values for their prices.
The types of cars can range from 4-seat to a minivan or a tour bus, depending on your group’s size

Car Rental with a Private Driver in Vietnam

Another prevalent issue in Vietnam is hiring a private driver with a car rental service. Thanks to the advancement of technology and rental services, finding a private driver in Vietnam is easier than ever. Here are some options you can look into

For Short Trips in Vietnam:

Ride-hailing apps: Popular ride-hailing services in Vietnam, like Grab, offer private car rental with a private driver aside from their regular transportation service. The car rental is charged by hours, with the fees somewhat equivalent to standard taxi fares in Vietnam (around – which won’t be economical if you’re planning to explore the city for the entire day.

However, one important note is that most drivers, either from car rental companies or ride-hailing services, do not speak fluent English. Therefore, even though the English function greatly aids you on the app and the website, consider this fact when booking a private driver in Vietnam.

Car rental services: For a more cost-effective choice of private driver in Vietnam, many car rental companies provide one for an additional fee. This service can range from standard to professional chauffeurs.

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Some chauffeur service in Vietnam you can choose from


Blacklane was initially founded in Berlin, and now they are offering chauffeur and transfer services around the world, including Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi


Avis – a US brand – is another car rental service with international standards in Vietnam.

Finding a Long-term Private Driver in Vietnam

To find a trustworthy driver with adequate skills and a professional attitude, you might need to invest quite some time in researching and possibly a bit of trial and error to find the one who is most suitable to your needs. We’d recommend asking your friend groups for advice, looking for reviews on online expat forums in Vietnam, and arranging a meet-up with the potential driver to learn if they would be a good fit for you.

Other Notes on Finding a Private Driver in Vietnam

  • Price: You should always negotiate the price with the service provider. Inquire for a quote for your itinerary if it’s a private tour or if you’re hiring a private driver from a car rental vendor. Make sure to discuss the price and its inclusions carefully and that there will be no unexpected costs during and after your trip. As for long-term driver hiring, specify your requirements and the payment in a legal contract as transparently as possible. You can consult with your lawyer or legal advisor if you’re unfamiliar with Vietnam’s laws.
  • Safety and Hygiene: to protect your health, always wear a mask while you’re in the car, and disinfect your hands regularly with hand sanitizer.
  • Tipping in Vietnam: You may leave a tip for your driver after a pleasant trip, but it’s a good idea to check carefully with the driver or the company beforehand.

Final Takes on How to Find a Private Driver in Vietnam

Whether it is a short trip or a long-term service, having a private driver in Vietnam can provide huge flexibility without the hassles of driving on Vietnam’s busy streets. Remember to weigh your options carefully, and you’ll be all set for your next trip.

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