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How To Choose A Backpack For Your Vietnam Travel

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam and not sure how to choose the right backpack? You’re in the right place to get some helpful tips on choosing a backpack for your travels in Vietnam.

Sizing, carrying comfort, accessibility, and some more minor features should all be considered in a good travel backpack. Here’s everything you should keep in mind while choosing the right backpack for Vietnam travel.

Pick The Right Size of Backpack for Your Vietnam Trip

It would be best if you got a backpack that’s the right size for you in every sense. It should fit your body perfectly and be big enough to hold all the items you need while traveling. Finding a bag that satisfies those two requirements is not as easy as you might think.

The ideal size of a backpack depends on quite a few things. Body size is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider because you want a backpack that hugs your torso in all the right ways. That’s why it’s so important to measure your body and ensure that the pack will fit well and not be too big or too small for your body type.

The backpack capacity is a close second. Most people go with 50-70-liter backpacks for 2-3 week trips, so it ultimately depends on how long your trip is. It’s a good idea to figure out what you want to take to Vietnam and then try to find a bag that can easily fit everything.

It’s also essential that you master the art of packing light. Everything you put in that backpack will wind up on your shoulders, and you do not want to lug around a 50lb pack in Vietnam’s summer heat. If you’re ever in a dilemma about a couple of bags, always go with the smaller one.

Ideally, you’d be able to fit everything in a backpack that’s 40 or 50 liters. This capacity can hold many items, and wearing the backpack for prolonged periods is still bearable. Also, it’s worth mentioning that laundry services in Vietnam are easily accessible and very affordable, so don’t go crazy with the outfits.

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Comfort Is Everything

The backpack you decide to take to Vietnam will spend much time on your back. If you enjoy going on long-haul hikes and treks in Vietnam, that bag will usually be pretty full while you’re carrying it around. That’s why getting a backpack that keeps you comfortable even when it’s filled with 40 lbs of gear is imperative.

Look for padded and ventilated back panels, padded hip belts, ergonomic shoulder straps, adjustable sternum straps, and height-adjustable torsos. These features will help you stay comfortable and avoid painful and sore muscles during your Vietnam travels.

What About Wheels?

If you already know what you will be doing in Vietnam, consider if a wheeled backpack fits into that itinerary. If you’re not going to be too far away from pavements and roads most of the time, then something like these wheeled backpacks might just be the best solution for you.

backpack for vietnam travel

The main advantage of a wheeled backpack is that you can always take it off your shoulders and just treat it like a suitcase. You can pack more items than you would in a regular backpack, and you won’t feel the extra weight as much since you don’t have to wear it on your torso the entire time.

Many amazing backpacks with stowaway wheels can function as both a normal and a wheeled backpack. The only issue is that they’re not suitable for rugged terrain, so they’re not ideal if you’re stepping off the beaten path often.

Consider Pockets and Access

The main compartment is the star of any backpack since it always holds the vast majority of your gear. Have you considered what style of the main compartment you want? Would you rather have a top-loading or a front-loading main room?

Perhaps you prefer backpacks with a suitcase-style main compartment allowing easy access to everything. Or maybe you would rather have a top-loading pack with a rolltop closure and access points on the top and sides.

You need to consider all these factors and determine the right choice. Having more than one access point to the main compartment is an excellent feature because it allows easy access to stuff at the bottom and sides without unpacking your entire backpack first.

Also, consider the smaller pockets and compartments, especially if you’re packing many smaller items you want to find quickly. A backpack with a detachable daypack is another excellent option, especially if you’re staying at a hotel or campsite and can leave your main backpack there while you’re exploring with a smaller 10-20-liter daypack.

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