VietnamTravel Tips & InfoHow to Budget for Your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam

How to Budget for Your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam

A holiday trip, especially during Tet, can cost you from VND 5,000,000 to VND 20,000,000 per guest as prices increase. However, there are some ways to budget for your Tet Holiday travel in Vietnam, most economically. Try these approaches and see how much money you save for a beautiful trip during peak travel seasons.

How to Budget for Your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam – Expected Cost

During Tet days, prices of famous travel destinations in Vietnam such as Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Phu Quoc Islands may go up from 10-15%. Consider these expected costs for your Tet holiday travel in Vietnam below:

ItemsExpected Cost (US$)


US$ 10 – 20/night

1 – 3 star Hotel

US$ 30 – 100/night

4 – 6 star Hotel/Resort/Serviced Apartment

above US$ 100/night

Not including other service fees/breakfast

Bus: US$ 5 – 30/one-way,

Motorbike rental: US$ 5 – 15/motorbike/day

Economy Flights:

US$ 100 – 200

Business/first-class Flight/Cruise (round-trip): US$ 265Prices vary on the transportation carrier
Food and DrinksFast Food/Fast Casual: US$ 5-10/meal/personCasual Dining/Family Style: US$ 10 – 20/meal/personFine Dining: US$ 100 – 400/mealFood and Drinks in tourist areas and city centers can be more expensive
Attractions Entrance FeesUS$ 2 – 10Tet holiday might affect the opening hours of some attractions
COVID-19 TestCOVID-19 Rapid Test Kit: US$ 4/kit
Testing in Medicals Centers and Hospitals (PCR Testing): US$ 30 – 130/test
Price for the test can vary between brands of testing kits or hospitals

*Most places in Vietnam only accept cash payments in Vietnam Dong (VND). Only a few locations take US Dollars and credit cards. In this blog (as of Feb 2024), we use the currency rate US$1 = VND 25,000. Learn more about Vietnamese Currency.

How to Budget for Your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam

Explore Lesser-known Destinations in Vietnam

Remember that Vietnam is full of hidden gems waiting for travelers to explore. Don’t default to popular tourist destinations but opt for lesser-known attractions for a new travel experience and affordable costs during the peak holiday season, especially Tet.

Many options exist for a beautiful, lesser-known destination: Moc Chau, Cao Bang, Tay Ninh, or Con Dao Islands. Usually, a self-planned holiday trip costs you more than VND 1,500,000.

For example, suppose you’re planning a trip to one of these lesser-known destinations in Vietnam. In that case, the estimated cost for a 2-day trip is approximately no more than US$ 400, which means you can save up to 60% for your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam compared to the popular destinations.

Stay in Budget-friendly Accommodations

You can opt for hostels, bed and breakfasts, homestays, or look for simple and inexpensive hotels. Don’t forget that you can make use of accommodation vouchers through the Internet.

Another tip is to avoid staying in central or touristy areas since the accommodation prices could be higher during Tet. Less touristy neighborhoods might be a bit further from the city center but are kinder to your wallet.

Change Your Mode of Transportation

Change into a more reasonably priced vehicle, which will save you a lot of money. If the destination you’re heading to is near you, try traveling by motorbike if possible. You can also try ride-hailing apps if you’re not used to Vietnam’s roads or cannot ride a motorbike.

It is crucial to book your hotels and transportation at least 2 weeks prior to the holiday to avoid excessive upcharges.

Keep an Eye out for Promotions

To prevent missing out on luxury vacations on a budget, you should keep updating advertisements, check travel agencies’ websites regularly, and sign up for email newsletters. These are effective methods of How to Budget for Your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam.

Furthermore, you can search for hotel deals on social media sites or private forums. In most cases, registering to become a member of online travel agencies allows you to save 10% off the standard fee.

Bring Your Essentials

If the place you’re heading to is cold, such as in the North of Vietnam, remember to bring warm clothes. If you plan to stay in the South of Vietnam, bring sunscreen, hat, and comfortable clothes. You can save money since there is no cost incurred for such things.

Make a list of what you need to put in your luggage. These items will save your budget since they are relatively expensive in tourist attractions.

Apply Shopping Tips

During Tet days, prices may go up, and local shops may rip you off at tourist attractions. However, there are still some tips for you to save money:

  • Before buying anything, compare the prices of the items on the Internet. Then, you can prioritize going to the market to purchase the items without being afraid of scams. Don’t forget to bargain when buying souvenirs.
  • For eating and drinking, ask the shops for the menu, where you can see the price. If the food stall or restaurant doesn’t have a menu, ask them for the cost. Be advised that some stores or restaurants might add service fees during Tet. Even though the extra charge is minimal, you might want to check with the stores before ordering.

Final Thoughts on How to Budget for Your Tet Holiday Travel in Vietnam

A journey abroad to ring in the new year with friends or loved ones will provide an incredible memory. Having a precise strategy, picking a good destination, and staying up to speed on deals helps ensure a fun and cost-effective trip. Share with us if you have any nice tips to budget for your Tet holiday travel.

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