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How to Book for the Hanoi Grand Prix

F1 Vietnam Grand Prix – also officially named Vinfast Vietnam Grand Prix, is the biggest event of 2020 in Vietnam. Therefore, if you plan to go to Vietnam this April, do not miss out on the chance to enjoy the street circuit right in the heart of Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. Below is our guide to the Hanoi Grand Prix, how to book your seats, and suggested Hanoi itinerary for your Grand Prix trip.

Will the Coronavirus affect the Hanoi Grand Prix event?

Vietnam has shown amazing efforts in containing the 2020 epidemic outbreak with 0 death toll as of March 2020. The F1 official has said that the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will unlikely be affected by the virus, but the quarantine rules in Vietnam at the moment and the unpredictable impact of the disease may cause some significant changes.

Updated: The Hanoi Grand Prix, just like other international events such as the Tokyo Olympic 2020, will be canceled due to the virus (source).

Vietnam Travel Safety Tips

Essential Health Items:

  • Face mask: Vietnam, as well as other virus-stricken areas in the world, is undergoing a face masks shortage, so prepare beforehand (preferably from a trustworthy online merchant) for your upcoming Vietnam trip.
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Travel-sized first-aid kit

More Vietnam Travel Safety Information:

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With everything said, here’s what you need to know about the Hanoi Grand Prix

Essential Information for the Hanoi Grand Prix

Hanoi Grand Prix fundamental info 1

The internationally standardized circuit is in the last stages of construction at the moment

  • Time: Friday 3rd (Free Practice), Saturday 4th (Qualifying Day), and Sunday 5th (Race Day), April 2020
  • Location: My Dinh Sports Complex Station, Hanoi
  • Length: Circuit: 5,607 kilometers (3,483 miles); Race: 308,385 kilometers (191,621 miles) – the race has a total of 23 turns
  • April is one of the peak tourist seasons in Vietnam, so have yourself booked for the race in as soon as possible!

How to Book for the Hanoi Grand Prix

If this is your first-time booking seats for a Formula 1 Grand Prix, choosing the right tickets is not that easy! The price varies based on ticket class, days of spectating the race, seating areas, and packages.

General Admissions tickets also can give you access to top-notch positions in a limited area and other sidetrack events such as technology exhibition, F&B corner, and fan-zone entertainment, but you have to pay extra. Meanwhile, Hospitality tickets provide all-inclusive luxury services to make you feel like a part of the spectacle.

Hanoi Grand Prix how much are the tickets

The more you pay, the better the views (3D example of the Hanoi Grand Prix circuit)

  • Days: If you are a true fan of F1, you can get 3-day tickets, which can cover the 3rd to the 5th. There are also single-day tickets if you just want to spectate a specific day or Saturday-Sunday tickets for the Qualifying and Race rounds.
  • Turns: F1 Vietnam Grand Prix has 23 turns in total, each represents a city in Vietnam. The seating areas that cover a broader perspective overlooking more turns will cost more than those with limited views.
  • Packages: Selective offers ranging from a tour of the circuit, taking photos with the trophy, to the F1 Paddock Club, the ultimate deluxe package offering a prime seat with 6-star hotel services.
    • F1 Paddock Club: exclusive areas of the drivers, teams, engineers, press, etc.
    • Hospitality: luxury services, high-class vantages, networking opportunities
    • Standard: All-in-one package with the best views
    • General Admission: most reasonable price to be part of the race

f1 turns seats class

Map of the seating areas and racing turns

Ticket price (USD/ticket)


April 3rd


April 4th


April 5th

2 Days

(April 4th and 5th)

3 Days 
 F1 Paddock Club10045271 5800 


Diamond Suite

Platinum Champions Club

Gold Lounge



































 General Admissions3045x6875

Refer to the F1 official website for the racing experiences you’re looking for and the price

Where to Buy Tickets for the Hanoi Grand Prix?

Online: You can pre-purchase the tickets for Hanoi Grand Prix online through the official F1 Vietnam Grand Prix website or other official local online retailers:

Directly: 3-Day General Admissions and Premium Standard tickets are available at some Vinmart+ in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Domestic ATM Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

After your payment succeeds, you can receive your physical tickets or hard cards through the COD method or pick them up at registered addresses. Keep a lookout for your email notifications for when and where your tickets will be delivered.

What else to do at the Hanoi Grand Prix

  • Music Festival
  • Food Festival
  • Meet and Greet with teams and drivers
  • Join the Pit Crew
  • F1 Esport

Hanoi Travel Guides for the Hanoi Grand Prix

There are four seasons in Hanoi: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The F1 Vietnam Grand Prix is held in April – a summer month. Therefore, it will be quite hot and humid. The average temperature is around 29,2℃ to 33℃, and it can have downpours!

Hanoi Grand Prix Hanoi military museum

Hanoi Military Museum is a tourist attraction that is imbued with historical values of the Vietnam War

Hanoi Grand Prix Hanoi must try

Bun dau mam tom (rice vermicelli with fried tofu)

banh cuon hanoi hanoi grand prix

Banh cuon (steamed rice rolls)

Where to Stay in Hanoi

Check out our accommodations recommendations for boutique hotel experiences during your Hanoi Grand Prix tour!


Summary on How to Book for the Hanoi Grand Prix

We hope that our take on the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix can help you to be ready for the once-in-a-lifetime F1 experience in Hanoi. Don’t wait any longer and book yourself in for this exciting event, also, comment below if you have any Grand Prix tips for the others!

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