VietnamHow Not to Gain Weight in Vietnam

How Not to Gain Weight in Vietnam

Gaining weight on your getaway? Just the most horrible thing one could ever imagine! You’ve spent hours on treadmills for that summer body and a trip to the food paradise of Vietnam will possibly ruin all your hard work! We’ll tell you how NOT to gain weight in Vietnam right below.

Control Your Cravings

Vietnam is famous for our wondrous and diverse cuisine. We can cater you from savory dishes to sweets to drinks and even a morning hangover; not to mention Nguyen Hue pedestrian street – “Ho Chi Minh City’s bubble milk tea heaven”. But… hold your horses! As mouth-watering as these goodies sound, they can make you regret later unless you consume them abstemiously.

We won’t tell you to say bye for good to comforting sweet soups and other irresistible Vietnamese desserts, which is probably impossible when you’re in a country full of gastronomical pleasures. However, if you’re concerned about how not to gain weight in Vietnam, eat your food accordingly and avoid fried-food or high-sugar snacks.

how not to gain weight vietnam 1

Sweet soups (or che) is a famous Vietnamese dessert

how not to gain weight vietnam 2

Fried snacks like deep-fried bananas look and taste heavenly but surely not so good for your weight

Opt For Healthy Food

So maybe veggies aren’t your favorite, but don’t worry, that’ll be a different story in Vietnam! Vietnamese love their herbs as a sidekick for apparently all dishes, from pho to banh mi to banh xeo …. Therefore, if you’re seriously committed to eating Vietnamese dishes, you’ll soon meet your vegetable consumption quota! No more worries about how not to gain weight in Vietnam.

how not to gain weight vietnam 3

Morning glory, Thai basil, Indian taro, and shredded banana flower are among the most Vietnamese herbs

What about drinks? During a long day in the scorching sun, you sure want something cool to quench your burning throats. We would suggest fruits instead of bubble tea. Besides Vietnamese vegetables, remember, fruits are another thing you must try. They are processed in various ways here, but most quenching must be smoothies, fruit bowls, sugarcane juice, and fresh coconuts!

how not to gain weight vietnam 4

Coconuts are easily found everywhere from cafes to roadside carts in Vietnam

With busy bees out there, planning for healthy meals may be too tiresome. In this case, your answer to the ever-burning question: “How not to gain weight in Vietnam?” are food tours by local guides – where all meals will be catered for in clean and cheap restaurants. You will get lovely tour guides who can tell you the history behind each dish and make sure you come home happy, full, and in the best shape.

Break A Sweat

For those who can’t go a day without their workout routines, we’ve got you covered! Here are the options you could choose from when you’re wondering how not to gain weight in Vietnam:

Climbing gyms and Swimming pools in Ho Chi Minh City: in case you’re too full from gorging on tasty food to do a full routine, these classes will be perfect to have a quick, fun workout.

Outdoor activities in Ho Chi Minh City: to get in shape, you don’t necessarily need to confine yourself in a room. Get out there and check out what the city has to offer!

Mekong Delta Tour: on these Mekong Delta tours, not only will you get to experience first-hand the locals’ life and try bizarre food, you can ride bikes around the villages and work up your muscles by making crafts as well.

Summary On How Not To Gain Weight In Vietnam

Going on vacation is fun and all but without caution, everyone’s ultimate nightmare – holiday fat might be waiting for you at the end of the trip. Luckily, eating healthy in Vietnam and staying in shape isn’t difficult. Plus, there are so many enjoyable ways to help you stay fit like food tours and Mekong Delta tours!

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