VietnamHo Chi MinhHow Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid-19

How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid-19

The striking impact of Covid-19 is an alert for the whole world and Ho Chi Minh City is no exception. As new bans on social gatherings were implemented, Vietnam’s greatest economic hub went through another string of quiet days. The new Delta variant has wreaked havoc on not only the local people’s health but also their livelihood. Since the emergence of the new cases in May 2021, Ho Chi Minh has been carrying out strict measures to ensure the people’s safety and tackle the deadly virus outbreak.

How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid-19 – The People’s Committee Actions

According to Decree 16 in fighting against the pandemic, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued an urgent request to temporarily close non-essential businesses such as bars, clubs, and many other activities, to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Citizens are required to self-quarantine at home and going outside is now banned, with the exception of shopping for groceries or medical emergencies. A curfew is also implemented and no one is allowed to go outside from 6 PM – 6 AM.

Should there be a need to go outside, you must follow the safety protocols to protect yourself and others:

  • Wear a mask in public places and regularly wash hands with soap antiseptic prevention or solution.
  • Public transportation is now stopped (including buses, taxis, and ride-hailing services). If there is an emergency, you can contact Mai Linh and Vinasun taxis as they are the only brands that have some taxis allowed to operate. However, due to the high demand and scarce resources, always plan ahead for other alternatives in case a taxi cannot arrive.
  • Large-scale events and activities such as festivals, fairs, investment promotion conferences, and seminars are not allowed.
  • Starting from September 9th, 2021, take-out food and delivery services are allowed to operate again from 6 AM – 6 PM. Shippers must be vaccinated and tested almost every day. Restaurants and shops owners (including grocery shops, pharmacies, electronics, postal services) must also be tested to be able to work.
  • Essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as shippers operating within a district, are allowed to operate between 6 AM – 8 PM.

How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid-19 – The Current Situation

The number of cases in Vietnam is climbing rapidly with more than 200,000 in total. Up to 17,000 new cases are found every day, and Ho Chi Minh City makes up more than 60% of the cases and currently has the highest number of cases in the country.


How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid 19 st

Students and teachers must conduct lessons online.

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Because of the unprecedented high demand, supermarkets often fall into the state of being completely wiped out. You can choose to shop for groceries online but it might take a few days for the supermarkets to prepare your order and deliver it to your door.

How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid 19 original fo

Unlike before, people have to get in line and wait for their turn to go shopping inside.

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Face masks are varied from activated carbon filtered face masks to the 3D ones


All public transportation is now stopped in Ho Chi Minh. Only some taxis from Mai Linh and Vinasun are allowed to operate under emergency circumstances. Similarly, ride-hailing services are only allowed to operate for medical reasons (vaccination, health check-up, etc.)

How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid 19 original street

Never before have we seen a Ho Chi Minh City’s street without any bikes (picture was taken a few months ago). After the lockdown order, hardly anyone would appear outside. 

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Summary of How Ho Chi Minh City is Dealing with Covid-19

How Ho Chi Minh City is dealing with Covid-19 is a crucial issue that one needs to figure out before traveling to the city. Though the local government has loosened its prohibition on social gatherings, make sure you know how to stay healthy during the pandemic era and follow WHO and Vietnam’s Ministry of Health guidelines.

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