VietnamHow Hanoi is Dealing with Covid-19

How Hanoi is Dealing with Covid-19

Due to the Delta variant outbreak in mid-2021, Vietnam has been in a fight against Coronavirus with no end in sight yet. While the epicenter of the outbreak is currently in Ho Chi Minh City and other adjacent Southern provinces, Hanoi has also taken a hit with NO cases in the city. Transporation is now greatly limited and strict guidelines have been imposed since May to prevent the wider spread of the virus within the community. 

How Hanoi is Dealing with Covid-19 – the General Situation

Even though the situation in Hanoi is not as serious as that in Ho Chi Minh City, the local authority has taken serious steps to prevent the worst scenario from happening, including imposing a curfew, limiting outdoor activities and public transportations.

International flights from Hanoi: Vietnam has resumed some international flights since September 20th, with South Korea having the first flights to enter Vietnam. Some commercial international flights are back to business from Hanoi, including Hanoi -Tokyo, Hanoi-Seoul, Hanoi-Taipei.

Domestic flights are also greatly limited, especially those from areas with a high number of infected cases such as Ho Chi Minh.

Public activities: Hanoi continued strict lockdown measures from September 6th, the severity and duration of the guidelines depend on whether it’s a high-risk area. Red zones such as Tay Ho, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, Thanh Xuan, Ha Dong, Thanh Tri, Hoang Mai apply the “stay-where-you-are” directive, which means citizens are almost completely banned from going outside, only delivery services with permits are allowed to work. In less severe areas, including Long Bien, Gia Lam, Dong Anh, Soc Son, Me Linh, the guidelines are more relaxed but  COVID-prevention measures still must be followed strictly.

Hanoi is carrying out mass testing and vaccination schemes thoughout the city. Sign up and follow the vaccination status on

hanoi dealing with covid 19 public places

In-person services are greatly limited

hanoi dealing with covid 19 bui vien

It’s hard to tell when tourism spots such as Bui Vien can return to their lively state again

Hanoi tightened travel restrictions at the beginning of the new pandemic wave, especially to other cities and provinces. 

hanoi dealing with covid 19 screening

Whether you’re entering a public place or taking a day trip to the outskirts, there are many screening spots to check your temperature

How Hanoi is Dealing with Covid-19 – Actions You Can Take

In case you’re staying in Vietnam on a tourist visa, you can get an automatic exemption until September 30th, provided you can get sufficient documents from the local authority or your country’s embassy as proof of your current health status and reasons for staying in Vietnam.

Follow the standard WHO’s guidelines to protect yourself and loved ones: wear a mask at all times when you’re out in public, maintain a 6-feet distance from other people, and wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer.

Practice medical declaration as requests by the authority when you’re entering certain places, on your return from other provinces, or came in contact with people who might have been infected with Covid.

More on Traveling Vietnam during Covid-19

A vital step for protecting yourself is to get a travel insurance plan that covers Covid-related issues.



hanoi dealing with covid 19 airport

Comply strictly to the authority’s guidelines when you’re traveling during this special time

How Hanoi is Dealing with Covid-19 – for Traveling into Hanoi

Currently, only selected commercial flights can enter Vietnam, so keep a sharp eye for Flight Updates in Vietnam for your next trip to the country. Other than that, only professionals, managers, and diplomats are allowed to travel to Vietnam. In most cases, everyone has to go through a process of getting the required legal documents, such as a work permit (for professionals and managers), and negative Covid test results. Transits in Vietnam, however, are not allowed yet.

Travelers coming to Vietnam must commit to a 14-day quarantine and are expected to cover the quarantine costs and medical fees (if any). Hanoi has 6 hotels approved to operate as quarantine hotels in Vietnam.

Final Takes of How Hanoi is Dealing with Covid-19

We would advise you to continue taking care of yourself and your loved ones as the danger of the global pandemic is still looming. The new wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam has taken a toll on the city’s medical system and the economy, so by staying at home, it is the simplest act we can do at the moment to prevent or at least slow down the rise of COVID cases in Hanoi.

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