VietnamHow Da Nang is Dealing with Covid-19

How Da Nang is Dealing with Covid-19

Due to the new wave of Coronavirus in Vietnam, Da Nang has taken strict social distancing measures to prevent community infection’s unpredictable consequences. Fortunately, the situation in Da Nang is not as dire as that in Ho Chi Minh City or other Southern Provinces, the citizens can still have access to delivery services as well as going to the market while practicing social distancing.

How Da Nang is Dealing with Covid-19 – the Current Situation

From September 5th, Da Nang has eased the lockdown measures, and take-out food, as well as traditional markets, are allowed to operate again in green zones (places with a low number of COVID cases). In higher-risk areas, a permit in form of a QR must be provided to be able to go outdoors. Delivery staff must be vaccinated to be able to work.

All public activities are not allowed to reopen yet. See our Recommendations for Best Things to Do in Da Nang.

danang dealing covid 19 streets

Streets in Da Nang are gaining back its visitors

Some tourist facilities are going under a shortage of human resources (hotel staff, tour guides,etc.) due to the employees-cut during the pandemic.

Many public places require visitors to wear masks and to have their temperatures checked before entering.

danang dealing covid 19 temperature

Temperature monitoring is mandatory on entering public places

How Da Nang is Dealing with Covid-19 – Traveling to Da Nang

Public transportation is greatly limited during the current outbreak. Check out COVID-19 Flights Updates in Vietnam.

danang dealing covid 19 airport

There have been no official plans for international flights to Da Nang yet, but international borders in Vietnam are only open for certain Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Nonetheless, only professionals, business managers, and diplomats can enter Vietnam at the moment, and all must follow the guidelines for foreigners coming to Vietnam during Covid, including providing sufficient documents to the authority, quarantine, and testing for the virus.

How Da Nang is Dealing with Covid-19 – Actions You Can Take

Travelers who are on a tourist visa in Vietnam can get a free exemption until September 30th, and as for the exemption’s validity, you must acquire sufficient documents from either the local authority or your country’s embassy as proof for reasons for staying in the country and your health/quarantine status.

Commit to practicing the safety measures to protect yourself in public: wear masks, wash your hands regularly, keep a distance with other people, and avoid unnecessary large gatherings.

Practice medical declaration as required at certain public facilities (hospitals, governmental offices, etc.), or when you’ve just returned from other regions.

To protect yourself while traveling around Da Nang or Vietnam during Covid, get a quality insurance plan covering Covid-related issues.


Final Thoughts on How Da Nang is Dealing with Covid-19

It’s been delightful news that Vietnam has successfully put the virus outbreak under control for the second time, and that is finally safe enough to go about your daily life and travel in Vietnam. It is worth noticing that the pandemic is still a severe problem worldwide, and to commit to the WHO’s guidelines on protecting yourself and others is a must to overcome this challenging time.

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