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House Rentals in Hanoi

Along with its unique beauty and active lifestyle, Hanoi also captivates the expats with valuable economic opportunities, thus, being an ideal place to settle down. Let’s find out more about the very first step to embark on your new life in this amazing city: house rentals in Hanoi.

Table of Contents

  • An overview of house rentals in Hanoi
  • Have a Detailed Plan First!
  • Decide What Types of House Rentals in Hanoi Is Suitable for You
  • Make Decision on Which District to Stay at
  • How to Find House Rentals in Hanoi
  • Tips on House Rentals in Hanoi
  • Legal Documents Needed for House Rentals in Hanoi
  • Concluding Thoughts on House Rentals in Hanoi

An Overview on House Rentals in Hanoi

There is an age-old idiom to associate with Hanoi: an inch of land is an inch of gold. The city, despite being the second-most populous city in Vietnam, has a fairly small area; therefore the price of house rentals in Hanoi is considered quite high.

house rentals in hanoi overview original

The price of house rentals in Hanoi is among the highest in Vietnam

However, the actual price may vary depending on your types of house rentals in Hanoi. Also, please remember that the rental cost in Vietnam often does not include utilities (wifi, electricity, wifi, etc.).

Have A Detailed Plan First!

Finding a dream home may take up a lot of time so having a detailed plan stating your exact requirements may be really helpful in speeding up the whole process. Starting with the basics, for example, which types of houses as well as districts in Hanoi you’d love to stay and how much you willingly pay for the monthly rent. Some of the other factors you may want to consider includes the commute route, parking area, neighborhood vibe, etc.

Decide What Types of House Rentals in Hanoi Is Suitable for You

Moving on to the next stage, we have compiled a list of different types of house rentals in Hanoi for you to have a look at. With the details of house size, rent, and further notes, you can easily decide which one should be your priority.

Studio/ One-Bedroom Apartment

Size: 30 – 50m2
Monthly rent: US$ 300 – US$ 700

A studio apartment is one of the most popular choices of house rentals in Hanoi since it’s very cost-effective, especially when living alone. If you’re with a partner, you may want to consider a one-bedder to save extra space for further purposes, for example, a living room or a studying/ working corner. 

High-end Apartments/ Condo

Size: 60 – 120m2
Monthly rent: US$ 600 – US$ 1500

If you plan to stay in a condo, you’re really in luck! Over the past few years, the city has been flooded with condo projects, thus offering you a wide range of selection. Needless to say, the further away from the center of the city, the more affordable the rent is. Go with the projects done by reputable contractors (Vinhomes, for example) to get rid of poor management or facilities.

Street-front and Alleyways Houses

Size: the typical width of a Vietnamese house is about 4-5 meters
Monthly rent: US$ 400 – US$ 1500+

Usually, a street-front house is not everyone’s cup of tea since the price is extremely expensive and this type of house is more suitable for running a small business rather than staying in.

house rentals in hanoi street front and in alleyways houses original

Hanoi Train Street is the perfect example

Houses in alleyways are more preferable. Still, as the houses are quite narrow and typically don’t have elevators, you may find it inconvenient. Also, the only kitchen in the house is usually located on the first floor, meaning that you have to share cooking space with others. But regarding the price, with about US$ 400 – US$ 600, in-alleyways houses are quite suitable to live with a couple of friends.


Size: varied
Monthly rent: starting from US$ 1,500

Villa or mansion obviously is the ultimate choice of accommodation among many high-income people as it’s a status symbol of wealth. Make sure to contact a creditable property agent for villa viewing as most of the time, it would be impossible to find villa owners listing the properties themselves.

Make A Decision on Which District to Stay at

After choosing the right types of houses, it’s time for you to decide which area to settle. Below are some suggestions to assist you in making comparisons.

West Lake (Tay Ho) District

You can find lots of recreational and lively activities when living in the West Lake area like bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. Being a desired location, housing here costs much more than other areas in Hanoi. A fully furnished one-bedroom apartment or a studio will be at least US$ 500 to US$ 550.

house rentals in hanoi west lake district original

Only in West Lake can you catch such a beautiful sunset

Ba Dinh District

The district is the center of Hanoi with many Vietnam historical landmarks and business buildings, thus, many opt to live here thanks to the close traveling distance to their workplaces. Yet, the price is quite decent, with around US$ 300 for an apartment.

house rentals in hanoi ba dinh district original

Quan Thanh Temple is one of the well-known historical sites in Ba Dinh District

Cau Giay District

If you look for an urban and modern living vibe, Cau Giay District is more preferable than Ba Dinh District. You can easily find a nice 2 bedroom condominium at around US$ 700. A significant downside of this area is traffic congestion is visible, especially during peak hours.

Dong Da District

Compared to the mentioned districts, Dong Da District is the most cost-effective selection of house rentals in Hanoi with the rent varies just around US$ 300 per month. The district houses most of the top universities of the whole country; accommodation, accordingly, is adjusted to match with the expectation of university students, hence, affordable housing.

How to Find House Rentals in Hanoi?

Visualized your ideal home clearly but still wonder how to reach it? Here are four popular options:

Check Property Listing Website

Like anywhere else around the world, the property listing website is among the quickest ways to search for a property. We highly recommend having a glance at these websites, which are all available in English:

Visit Facebook Group for House Rentals in Hanoi

Facebook is one of the best ways to find housing in Hanoi. Don’t forget to check out Hanoi Massive Housing/ Share Houses/ Studio/ Apartment and Hanoi Massive Housing. The core benefit of Facebook Group is that the majority of posts are in English and you can also directly communicate with the house owners.

Take A Drive-by

Sounds quite odd but taking a stroll in the area you like, calling up the number on the banner, and asking for the information actually works out sometimes. The best thing about taking a drive-by is that you can know exactly where the apartments are, something you are unable to tell from the online listings or the agents would not be willing to tell you the location over the phone, either.

house rentals in hanoi take a drive by original

You may find a new home strolling through Hanoi

Tips on House Rentals in Hanoi

Ask a Local Friend 

The thing that most expats love about house rentals in Hanoi is that you can bargain the rent with the owners! Never hesitate to do so, especially if you are on a tight budget. A local friend now will be a great companion to easily communicate with the owners and find the best deal for you.

Take The Minor Issues into Account

The rental price is the priority to most of you, but don’t forget to consider other problems of the house, even the smallest ones to ensure a comfortable stay:

  • The outdated water system in some areas is the main cause of flooding, which causes extreme inconvenience
  • The waste collector is also a problem. Keeping an eye on trash outside the houses, whether it is acceptable to you or not.
  • The natural light of the house: Since houses and buildings in Hanoi are built quite closely with one another, insufficient natural light or unclear view from the house is inevitable.

house rentals in hanoi tips original

Be careful with the close distance between houses when inspecting them

Legal Documents Needed for House Rentals in Hanoi

Be as prepared as possible when signing a lease. Make sure you have all the listed documents below on hand:

  • Temporary residence declaration, registered at the ward’s police station
  • A valid passport and legal residence permit in Vietnam for a minimum of 6 months
  • A bilingual house leasing contract

Some other documents are also required, such as a business certificate in case you are renting the property for work purposes.

Concluding Thoughts on House Rentals in Hanoi

Moving to a strange city is definitely a challenge for anyone! But believe us, house rentals in Hanoi are not as intense as you may imagine. Doing research, carefully planning, and looking for appropriate help is the key to have your dream home in Hanoi. We hope you find our article helpful and we are more than happy to welcome a new Hanoi dweller!

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