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Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam

There are many things to be worried about while going on a trip, and your wellbeing should always be the top priority. Though Vietnam’s environment isn’t as cleansed as its Western counterparts, Vietnam is generally a safe country, provided that you keep in mind these essential health and hygiene tips for traveling Vietnam. In this article, you’ll be able to learn about medical treatment, food-water safety, keeping fit, and so on.

Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam – Medical Treatment

Of course, no one wants to visit the hospital while being on vacation. However, sometimes, sickness can’t be helped, and when that time comes, it’s best to be knowledgeable.

COVID-19-specific tips for medical treatment:

  • Travelers coming into Vietnam must go through a mandatory health check-up at the airport and a concentrated isolation period (5-14 days). Foreign nationals need to pay for their medical treatment if infected.
  • In regards to insurances, all foreigners will need to purchase international health insurance that can cover the payment for medical examination and treatment in Vietnam. The testing fee will be paid by all entries in the country. Don’t forget to read more about COVID-19-related fees and hospital etiquettes during health emergencies in Vietnam.

health hygiene tips traveling vn face mask sanitizer original

Face masks and sanitizers on sold at a supermarket

  • While being out and about, comply with the local authority’s advice on staying healthy and avoiding infection. It should be constantly stressed that travelers must wear face masks properly at all times in public places and wash their hands regularly. You can buy face masks and hand sanitizer at all convenience stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets in Vietnam.
  • You should be vigilant with symptoms of COVID-19 and report to health workers immediately.
  • Stay up-to-date with new travel regulations for COVID-19.

General safety rules:

First, stay ahead of the game by getting the necessary vaccinations for traveling to Vietnam. Some of the most vital shots to get are for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Malaria. Also, carry medications that you usually use for common illnesses such as headaches, fever, and the common cold. For those with more severe diseases, bring along your doctor’s note.

There are different types of hospitals in Vietnam, but to get the most convenient service, we suggest you opt for international hospitals. In this case, travel insurance will be extra helpful in supporting you with the medical treatment bill. If you haven’t had one already, look for a plan and insurance quote below:


Read more about steps that you should take in case of being sick here: What to Do If You Get Sick in Vietnam.

Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam – Accommodation

During the mandatory quarantine period, you’ll need to stay in either the government’s quarantine sites or hotel for quarantine in Vietnam of your choice. The lodging fee for these hotels will depend on the accommodations’ regulations, while the fee of government quarantine facilities is VND 120,000/day (VND 80,000 for food and VND 40,000 for the living costs). For both options, you should follow the general guidelines for cleanliness and sanitation and comply with the health authorities’ orders.

That said, even without the pandemic, knowing some tips and tricks to make your stay perfectly hygienic is always crucial.

  • First, choosing a reputable hotel is the key. Read up on reviews and scan the hotel’s website and online booking agents carefully:

  • Generally, hotels are more hygienic than guest houses and inns. If you’re not tight on the budget, opting for the former will always be the safer choice.
  • Check the room’s amenities immediately after stepping your foot inside.
  • You can bring your toiletries and towels. It’s a surefire way to lower the chance of infections inside hotels to near-zero.

Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam – Transportation

Amidst the pandemic, traveling by public transportation isn’t recommended. However, if you must use such vehicles, follow these directions:

  • Apply all the anti-virus tips while being in a public place: wearing face masks properly, wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer, and keeping your 2-meter distance from strangers.
  • Avoid touching different surfaces and your face.
  • Avoid transportations that are usually crowded like buses, and use a taxi or a ride-hailing service.
  • Note down the vehicle’s number plate and your travel schedule detailedly to aid contact tracing if needed.

Moreover, traveling by plane has slowly become an option again, with domestic travel being resumed, leading domestic flights to operate more, and international air routes being reopened. Since September 15, people can travel from Guangzhou, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Phnom Penh, and Vientiane to Vietnam, provided that they have a negative RT-PCR test result three days pre-departure. No matter which flight you take, domestic or international, you must follow these rules for flights during COVID-19 in Vietnam to have a safe trip because planes can be one of the easiest places to get infected.

Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam – Food and Water Safety

Water Safety

Drinking from the tap may be your habit but don’t drink tap water in Vietnam. It isn’t for drinking purposes, thus it can be highly chlorinated. In rural areas, you can even get tummy bugs since the locals might use water straight from a well or a river.

Food Safety

health hygiene tips traveling vn food original

Vietnam has many exotic foods, even insects

Vietnam is established culinary heaven, so we understand how hard it is to stop wanting everything. Yet, your stomach may not sit well with the unfamiliar food varieties here. Therefore, stay away from foods that are uncooked or have ingredients that you’re not ready to eat. On top of that, choose eateries that are recommended or look clean, and stay away from street-side stalls if you can to avoid food poisoning. Vietnamese cuisine incorporates lots of fresh herbs and greeneries, so if you want to eat healthily in Vietnam or if you’re on a special diet, you’re covered here.

Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam – Keeping Fit

health hygiene tips traveling vn keeping fit original

The Ho Chi Minh Complex (including the Mausoleum) is ideal for walking since there are many attractions within walking distance to each other

Keeping one’s physique in check is one of the most pro-active health and hygiene tips for traveling Vietnam. You can do that easily by buying day-passes at a nearby gym, opting for walking between nearby attractions, exploring parks and other natural wonders of Vietnam, and so on. Even if you should go through quarantine, there are plenty of fun things to do at home to help you feel healthy and energized. For example, cooking Vietnamese food is an exciting and delicious option!

Conclusion on Health and Hygiene Tips for Traveling Vietnam

In this particular time, when good hygiene and mindfulness are the keys to getting our lives back on the “normal” track, protecting one’s health should constantly be on the top of his or her mind. Remember these health and hygiene tips for traveling Vietnam well and put them into practice for a safe and smooth-sailing vacation.

Read more COVID-19-specific health and hygiene tips for traveling Vietnam here: Safety Practices to Travel Vietnam during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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