VietnamMiscellaneousHanoi To Saigon Road Trip: What You Need To Prepare

Hanoi To Saigon Road Trip: What You Need To Prepare

One of the best ways to experience the most out of Vietnam is by making a road trip that will start in Hanoi and ultimately end up in Saigon, a popular route for adventure enthusiasts to traverse the best of the country’s culture and sceneries. If you are planning on taking this road trip yourself with your friends and family, there are certain things you need to prepare to make your adventure awesome and super comfy.

For Your Suitcase

Hanoi and Saigon’s weather can differ significantly, especially during the summer and towards year-end. Prepare comfortable clothes that are great for hot weather and some sweaters over it when the night becomes cold. You can travel in the most comfortable clothing, but make sure to bring long dresses or trousers when visiting some temples and pagodas wherein modesty is required. Bring quick-dry towels so you can quickly air dry them after you shower. Bring swimming suits too if you plan to see a great beach or pool. For other essentials, make sure you pack a medicine and emergency kit.

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Things You Need for Your Vehicle

The ultimate thing you have to prepare is the vehicle for your adventurous trip. Having your own car would be ideal, but you can also look into renting one in Vietnam. Most importantly, extensive traveling requires some features to make your vehicle more prepared. For more room in the car, a common practice is to include a rack overhead similar to a prinsu roof rack that will hold your baggage. This allows you to bring more things, including your tent, car tools, and even more suitcases for you and your companion. Have your vehicle checked carefully to ensure that it is in its best condition for long drives.

Vietnamese roads are a bit tricky to navigate through due to the large number of motorbikes on the street


Electronics are essential for every trip, whether it is a camera to document your experience or a battery pack to charge your phone and other devices used for GPS. Make sure you carry them in a waterproof bag in case of unexpected rain.

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Venture from Hanoi to Saigon for the ultimate Vietnam experience. Prepare all the essentials and pack as minimally as possible. You can always reload your luggage at a local streetside shop or convenience store.

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