VietnamHanoiHanoi Bucket List - Tick off the Must-dos in Hanoi

Hanoi Bucket List – Tick off the Must-dos in Hanoi

Hanoi is a dynamic city, where foodaholics, coffee-lovers, adventurers, night-lifers and even retrospectives can collide. There is a rainbow of things to do in the city, both touristy and local driven. Here are our suggestions for the Hanoi bucket list!

Hanoi Bucket List: Visit the Famous Attractions

Hanoi bucket list touristy things 1

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most attractive destinations for tourist

Hanoi boasts a wide collection of both nostalgic, historical spots and some more modern ones that you should definitely visit. Here are a few suggestions:

hoa lo prison 15

Hoa Lo Prison is a perfect destination for those excited in Vietnam’s history

  • Temple of Literature
  • One of UNESCO’s World Heritages – Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
  • Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi bucket list touristy things 5

Hanoi Opera House features a classic French architecture

Find a hotel in Hanoi’s city center below:


Hanoi Bucket List: Taste Hanoi’s Celebrated Cuisine

Hanoi bucket list touristy things 6

Trying Pho is a must when you’re in Hanoi!

Hanoi is a city known for its mouth-watering street food, which comes in great variety and is sold on basically every corner. Let’s see how many of the dishes suggested below you will be able to taste!

  • Egg coffee
  • Authentic “Pho” at Pho Thin – 13 Lo Duc Street
  • Bun cha” at 74 Hang Quat Street
  • Nom Bo Kho” (Dried Beef Salad) at “Tuyet Beo” – 3 Nguyen Thiep, Hoan Kiem District

IMG 7144

Try this refreshing dried beef salad on a summer day!

  • “Bun Dau Mam Tom”
  • Vietnamese “Banh mi”
  • “Banh Tom” (Fried shrimp pancake)
  • Bia Hoi” on Ta Hien Street

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Hanoi Bucket List: Explore Hanoi’s Vibrant Culture

These are the activities for you to experience Hanoi’s “thousand-year-old culture”:

  • Watch a water puppet show with your family at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater
  • Pay a visit to Quang Ba Night Flower Market to see gorgeous flowers
  • Visit sacred pagodas and temples

quan thanh temple 17

Quan Thanh Temple is one of the most sacred institutions in Hanoi

Hanoi bucket list touristy things 9

It is not very hard to find this traditional vehicle on the roads in Hanoi Old Quarter

  • Watch street performers at the weekends

Hanoi bucket list touristy things 10

Seeing street performances is a great way to experience the dynamic spirit of Hanoi

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Hanoi Bucket List: Experience Some Local Must-dos

Try Shopping and Bargaining at Markets

Hanoi, as well as a lot of cities in Asia, has a distinctive wet-market culture that can be very appealing to tourists. Visiting and shopping at these markets will grant you a taste of the local way of life, as well as their tradition of bargaining.

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Spend Your Time Like a True Hanoian

Wondering how a Hanoian would spend a day? These are just the basics!

  • Visit West Lake

Hanoi bucket list local must dos 3

West Lake at sunset

Hanoi bucket list local must dos 7

West Lake Area is a center of fine-dining

  • Wake up early and do some exercises
  • Celebrate the victory of Vietnam national football team
  • Observe contemporary art exhibitions at Royal City on Nguyen Trai Street

Hanoi bucket list local must dos 6

VCCA exhibition can satisfy your inner love for contemporary art

  • Learn to cook some Hanoi’s special dishes
  • Get yourself stuck in a traffic jam at rush hours

Hanoi Bucket List: Enjoy the Must-dos in Hanoi

Hanoi is a city with various distinctive features, which will fascinate you on every step of your exploration. If you find our guide useful, please help share it with your friend and stay tuned for more tips into Vietnam Travel.

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