VietnamHanoiFun Activities during the Rainy Season in Hanoi

Fun Activities during the Rainy Season in Hanoi

Vietnam’s capital rains heavily during spring and summer (February – August). Although you may miss out on all the fun outdoor activities in Hanoi, you can’t have a memorable experience here. Many of Hanoi’s attractions are indoors, so you can explore the charm behind the thousand-year-old city’s closed doors. Scroll down for our best-recommended activities during the rainy season in Hanoi.

Fun Activities during the Rainy Season in Hanoi

Visiting Museums and Historical Sites

Learning about a country’s past and present is an excellent way to start your list of activities during the rainy season in Hanoi. And luckily, this city has a significant number of museums and interesting sites to satisfy your inner history buff:

National Museum of Vietnam History: A comprehensive collection of over 200,000 artifacts representing the course of Vietnamese history.

Hoa Lo Prison Museum: An animated demonstration of Vietnam’s past fights because the museum used to be a jail during French colonialism for communist patriots and American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Vietnamese have always prided themselves on having many ethnic groups in the country, 54 to be exact. This museum is where you can get an extensive overview of all the ethnicities.

Indoor Entertainment

There are all kinds of activities during the rainy season in Hanoi, and indoor entertainment is a not-to-be-missed choice. Below are two unique experiences that only Hanoi can offer:

Hanoi Opera House: The building is often praised as Southeast Asia’s most stunning architectural masterpiece. You can take a tour to admire its breathtaking corners and history or buy tickets to one of its monthly performances.

The Hanoi Opera House’s design takes inspiration from the Opera Garnier in Paris

Water Puppetry: This is a traditional folk art form and an intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam. The performance takes place on the water surface, using wooden puppets to tell Vietnamese folklore stories or historical tales.

Live Music Venues: Is it raining at night in Hanoi right now? Don’t let it stop the fun. You can still join the local fun by jamming to live music sessions – Vietnamese and English songs are available.

Warm Yourself with Hanoi’s Delicacies

Eating is probably the most fun of all activities during the rainy season in Hanoi due to the varied cuisine of Vietnam’s capital. While eating, you can uncover the city’s persona without stepping outside.

Try Bun Cha – a signature of Hanoi containing vermicelli, grilled pork, fish sauce, and fresh herbs.

Pho is also a no-brainer choice. What’s better than a piping hot bowl of this international favorite on a cold day in its origin city?

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend Bun Dau Mam Tom – vermicelli with fermented shrimp paste, fried tofu, and sometimes boiled pork or fried intestines.

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Enjoy the Rainy Scene with a Coffee in Hand

When we talk about Vietnam, we talk about coffee. So make your time indoors worthwhile by exploring different aspects of the tangy Vietnamese drip coffee. A famous variation of this drink is Hanoi egg coffee. It’s a take on Cappucino where the whipped egg yolks replace milk, giving the coffee a rich, aromatic taste.

Hanoi also has many beautiful cafes for photography lovers. You can choose hidden ones between the old alleys of Hanoi Old Quarter, or coffee shops around West Lake will offer you a romantic view during the rainy days.

Shop at Hanoi’s Luxury Malls

Many people don’t consider shopping one of the fun activities during the rainy season in Hanoi, but it’s a great way to spend time indoors while getting your loved ones a unique souvenir at home. While it might not be ideal to shop at the outdoor wet market due to the weather, you can opt for a high-end experience in one of Hanoi’s shopping malls, such as Trang Tien Plaza or AEON Mall Long Bien.

Our Thoughts on Fun Activities during the Rainy Season in Hanoi

The rain sure isn’t an ideal setting for any trip, but we hope that with our list of activities during the rainy season in Hanoi, you’ll find a way to turn challenges into opportunities and make the most of your time. The above are just our top picks, and Hanoi has a lot of hidden gems to offer, so don’t forget to check out our website for other travel suggestions from locals!

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