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Fuel and Gasoline Prices in Vietnam

What is the norm for filling up your bike/car at Vietnamese gas stations (Vietnamese petrol stations)? What are the current fuel and gasoline prices in Vietnam? Find out with our local guide.

fuel and gasoline prices in vietnam famous gas station in vietnam

Petrolimex is the biggest gasoline provider in Vietnam

Types of Fuel in Vietnam and Their Prices (November 2018)

Fuel and gasoline prices in Vietnam fluctuate quite frequently following the worldwide fuel price trends,especially influenced by those countries from which Vietnam import gasoline, namely Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea (Vietnam still depends on import for gasoline).

The latest change to fuel and gasoline prices in Vietnam took place on 6 November 2018 and, good news for all, it was a decrease. Below are the details:

Fuels for bikes

  • E5 RON 92 – II (Ethanol 5%): VND 19,600/ liter (US$ 0.84)
  • RON 95 – III (Research Octane Number 95): VND 21,065/liter (US$ 0.91)
  • RON 95 – IV: VND 21,210/liter

A few years ago, motorbike owners in Vietnam also had another option for fuel – RON 92, but now since the government aims to promote the use of the more environmentally-friendly E5, no gas stations provide RON 92 anymore.

Other fuels

  • Diesel (DO 0,001S-V and DO 0,05S-II): VND 18,640/liter
  • Petroleum: VND 17,080/liter
  • Mazut: VND 16,347/liter

fuel and gasoline prices in vietnam price line chart e5 ron95

Variations in fuel and gasoline prices in Vietnam (namely E5 gas and RON 95 gas) between June 7 and October 22

How to Fill up Your Bike/Car at Vietnam Gas Stations


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Unlike gas stations in other more developed countries that operate on self-service, at Vietnamese gas stations customers always have employees fill up their bikes or cars. There are self-service gas pumps at some stations mixed with serviced ones but the price is about the same and doesn’t yield much more benefits or convenience, so Vietnamese still choose the latter.

The steps are:

  • Park your car/bike
  • State your desired amount, usually in price rather than volume, to the employee
    For example, VND 50,000 or 100,000 (round numbers are the norm for ordering oil amount in Vietnam)
  • Monitor the number on the electronic board to check your amount

fuel and gasoline prices in vietnam how to fuel your vehicle at vietnam gas station

Gas station employee directs customers to check the ordered amount on electronic board

Summary of Fuel and Gasoline Prices in Vietnam

Fuel and gasoline prices in Vietnam hover around VND 20,000/liter (US$ 0.86).

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Note: The price in this post is the latest update on November 2018, from VTV news and Petrolimex

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