VietnamFood & DrinksTop 4 Food Delivery Apps in Vietnam for Your Travel List

Top 4 Food Delivery Apps in Vietnam for Your Travel List

Food is one of the most confusing issues when traveling to a country with a foreign culinary culture. It is not just about what you will be eating, but the experience you will have with the food in that place. There are concerns about food safety, scams, authenticity, and convenience. Fortunately, suppose you’ll be traveling to Vietnam. In that case, it is pretty easy to get your hands on a local favorite dish as Vietnamese food is not only fulfilling to the belly but also pretty accessible, especially to young, tech-savvy travelers.

Here, we will help you compile a list of everything you will need regarding food delivery apps during your stay in Vietnam, which you can add to your travel list.

First, check to find if you have a smooth connection to the Internet. Then, you can compile your list on some online plan manager or upload it to Google Docs, so you will have your plans and lists no matter what. You will also need a reliable connection to explore options online. Thus, when it comes to having a home connection at all times, we suggest considering Grande Communications. While this is not the only option out there this one provides both affordability and quality service under one name.

With that sorted, learn about some food delivery apps in Vietnam you must keep on your list – so you never go hungry.

Grab Food

Grab is one of the most used ride-hailing services in Vietnam, and it is available in most tourist destinations in Vietnam. Some say a grab shipper is available every 3 meters square from your stand. Initially launched in 2012 as a ride-hailing service, “Grab Food” was introduced in 2018. The app is English-user-friendly, and even if the food delivery doesn’t speak much English, the automated bot and English-speaking customer service are always available to assist you.


  • Available in almost 20 cities and provinces
  • Great rating by locals
  • Fast delivery
  • Great deals and discounts


  • High shipping fee

Shopee Food

Shopee first came to Vietnam as an e-commerce platform, and Shopee Food is a very intuitive application that makes it easy to find the dishes you need, explore the best food reviews, and view order delivery routes. This app covers about 37,000 shops in Ho Chi Minh City, which is more coverage than other apps.


  • The local rate is at the top
  • Fair shipping fee
  • Cover the most local vendors


  • Fewer deals and promotions compared with Grab Food


GoFood is similar to Grab Food, which has their drivers doubled as food delivery. Though there are few options, one of GoFood’s strengths is that it allows you to place multiple orders simultaneously from multiple vendors. Additionally, because GoFood functions are relatively new compared to other apps, they offer attractive promotions and cheap delivery fees to attract customers.


  • Fast order processing
  • Reliable vendors
  • Order from multiple vendors at one time


  • Limited options
  • Limited food delivery drivers

Conclusive Note on Food Delivery Apps in Vietnam

The food market in Vietnam is extensive, and one of the greatest things about traveling in the digital age is that you don’t have to get out of the hotel bed to get some food anymore. The top dominating apps would be Grab Food and GoFood, which dominate not just Vietnam but the South Asian market for food delivery applications. Thus, you will not have to worry about going hungry in the middle of the night and can even host parties or have some family fun while traveling through Vietnam with wide-ranging food options.

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