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Five Tips for Student Recruitment in Vietnam

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Universities from well-developed countries are getting more interested in recruiting top-ranked Vietnam students to become part of their communities.

According to the estimations of The World Bank, Vietnam is one of the countries with the most rapidly growing economies in the East Asia region. Human capital grows with the economy. The country developed a new legal framework, which increases the accountability of higher education institutions and ensures the development of a better workforce. 

If your organization sets appropriate student recruitment strategies for Vietnam, you could end up with highly qualified learners who would bring diversity, knowledge, and creativity to campus.

Tips for Student Recruitment in Vietnam

1. Understand Your Target

When you want to attract students from Vietnam to send applications to study at your university, you approach the process from the position of a recruiter. This means you need to learn as much as possible about this target audience so that you can make a suitable offer for them.

Young people from Ho Chi Minh City tend to be open to new opportunities. The students from Hanoi may need more convincing since they were raised in a more conservative environment. What all students from Vietnam have in common is the wish to be included in a progressive studying environment, which would open great career opportunities. That’s the foundation of your student recruitment plan.

2. Adjust the Application Process

These are not native English speakers. You can’t expect them to send personal statements and admission essays that would be competitive with the ones from native speakers. The students who come from your country were trained to write essays in the right format. They still need an instant writing essays service to help them with the application. Can you imagine how hard that is for Vietnamese students?

You can adjust the application form to guide them with specific questions. Instead of expecting an essay in a particular format, you can be more flexible with the requirements. Just ask why they want to study at this school and be okay with a freestyle answer.

3. Offer What the Students Need

According to the Global Flow of Tertiary-Level Students report by UNESCO, 22,172 students from Vietnam were studying in the USA in 2016. 19,152 pursued studies in Japan and 15,298 went to Australia in 2017. Most of the students who went to the USA attend community colleges.

This tells us a lot about the interests of Vietnamese students who go abroad. They want top-level education. But they are not ready to pay thousands of dollars per semester. That’s why they go to community colleges and need scholarships to support them through their educational journey.

4. The Parents Have a Role in This Process

Young people from Vietnam respect their parents a lot. The parents don’t control them, but they certainly have the authority of advisors. They are worried about the distance, language barrier, and safety of the foreign country. A recruiter must address these concerns. You should talk about safety on the campus. Mention the ways you’ll support the students during the adjustment period. Explain what this opportunity means for the future of their children.  
When you gain the trust of the parents, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

5. Promote Education that Makes Them Employable

What opportunities for work will they have in Vietnam once they gain a diploma at your school? Will they be able to stay abroad to work? Vietnamese students are mostly after great career opportunities. Their background taught them that progress is necessary and possible. Their country’s economy is growing, and they want to be able to compete in this competitive job market when they graduate.

When promoting undergraduate and postgraduate programs, you should focus on the aspect of employability. That’s what these students are interested in.

Most of All, Be Honest!

You can attract students from Vietnam to apply for programs in your school by highlighting the advantages they get. The college or university benefits from getting the most intelligent people from foreign countries on its campuses. But the promotional campaign must focus on the advantages the students get. That’s how you’ll win their trust and interest. 

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