VietnamHanoiFirst Metro Line in Hanoi to Be Launched in April

First Metro Line in Hanoi to Be Launched in April

Latest update: November 2021

10 years and many test runs later, Hanoi people can now enjoy the comfort of traveling on swift and modern metros instead of getting frustrated in traffic jams. The Cat Linh – Ha Dong is the first line to officially be in full operation among the city’s grand scheme of a metro system.


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Elevated railways in Quang Trung Street, Ha Dong District

Route 2A from Cat Linh Station (Dong Da District) to Yen Nghia Station (Ha Dong District) is equipped with 13 trains of the latest technology, which are being tested every day to make sure of the system tuning’s accuracy. Each train is expected to run at an average speed of 35 kilometers per hour and to reach the capacity of approximately 1000 customers.

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The command center is based in Ha Dong Depot

The Cat Linh – Ha Dong metro line in Hanoi is 13-kilometer long with 12 stations, which will take approximately 23 minutes to travel the whole route (including stops) 

The trains run on electromagnetic power and operate automatically. The conductor is responsible for opening and closing the door, as well as taking care of unexpected incidents.

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The trains mostly operate automatically

Tickets can be purchased either at the two ticket vending machines installed in each station or from the staff at the ticket office. Passengers will swipe their tickets in the automatic entry gates to enter or exit.

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12 automatic gates are set up in each station

Individual commuters can buy either monthly tickets which cost VND 200,000 (~ $US 9) or daily tickets for VND 30,000 (~ $US 1.30), both are for unlimited trips. Tickets for single trips cost around VND 7,000 – 15,000 ( ~ $US 0.5) depending on the distance.

Although the fare is slightly higher than regular bus tickets, the first metro line in Hanoi promises to provide internationally standardized service and cut down half the traveling time.

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The capacity is expected to be 1000 passengers

With the high anticipation for the city’s and even the country’s first metro line to operate, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong metro line in Hanoi attracts a fair share of commuters. The city has high hopes that the metro system will be a feasible solution for the city’s traffic congestion problems, as well as reducing the amount of air pollution coming from transportation’s exhaust fumes.

metro line hanoi 1

99% of the work for the first metro line in Hanoi is now complete

The second metro line in Hanoi (Nhon – Hanoi) is prospected to be 74% completed but the launching day has been delayed. People are also looking forward to hopeful news of the metro systems in Ho Chi Minh soon. 

More information on the First Metro Line in Hanoi

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