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Finding Yourself Through Travelling: Why Vietnam is a Perfect Choice

Choosing where to go on your first international trip is almost equivalent to where to spend your honeymoon. Not to add any pressure, but it is a significant decision that will stay in your memory forever and ever.

Your first trip ever abroad is vital for more than one reason. Many first-time travelers that are students can use their experiences on their trip when it comes to writing an essay to apply for university or college.

Because, in that trip, they learn about themselves and their world. And of course, they grow as a person and prepare for life on campus. Although nowadays you can quickly discover personal statement writing services when the time comes for essay writing, education and classes are not the significant factors for choosing your first trip. What is truly important are the fun and existing activities you will experience, the cultural sensitivity you will develop, and the long-lasting impacts on your heart and mind that your first trip will make.

Also, it will be the first time you will experience a culture outside of your own, meaning that you would want a destination with exciting stuff to do, great food, and beautiful scenery while welcoming foreigners. And what other place can give you all of that besides Vietnam? You may wonder why Vietnam is out of the world, but there are many reasons for it, and in the following, we will share some of them.

Finding Yourself in Vietnam with the Friendly People

Once you’ve visited more than one place, you can handle less friendly and pleasant locals. But on your first trip, you will have to deal with many new happenings around you, and not dealing with standoffish and rude locals will make things easier, which is one of the reasons why you should go on your first holiday to Vietnam.

Not everyone there speaks English, and if you don’t speak Vietnamese, you may not be able to converse with everyone you meet, but be sure that everyone will meet you with kind gestures and smiles.

Vietnamese Food is Delicious

Your Vietnam holiday can turn you into a foodie, even if you never consider yourself one. Their foods are filled with Vietnamese flavors, and everything is fresh and delicious. Their most popular dishes are the Vietnamese Noodle Soup known as Pho and their Summer Rolls and Banh Mi. They also serve a unique coffee, known as egg coffee.

Many Incredible Things to Do and See in Vietnam

Another great thing about Vietnam is that wherever you go, you will find something that you will love there, and that is because there are a huge number of activities that you can do in Vietnam. If you love the beach, you can visit the coastal city of Tuy Hoa, if you are into history, you can see a historic cathedral, and if you are seeking an adventure, you can go to the caves of Cat Ba or Phong Nha Island. We can keep going, but you got the point. There is something for everyone in Vietnam.

Vietnam is massive on the backpacker’s circuit, which indicates that it is an affordable option. Meaning that if you want to travel on a budget, this is a perfect choice. Vietnam is still a developing country, so travel essentials such as accommodation, public transport, and food will cost you less than they do in your home country, so you will spend less than you expected.

Easy Public Transport in Vietnam

Motorbikes are everywhere in Vietnam. So, if you are more adventurous, you can rent one and use it to go to the best places to visit with it. However, you can also ride a motorcycle or cycle a taxi. There are comfortable and convenient trains for longer journeys, and if you book one, you can even sleep through the ride. Although, make sure that you go on a boat too. They offer various boat tours such as cave areas, river tours where you can see local fishing villages, and the famous expedition of Ha Long Bay.

Conclusion for Finding Yourself Through Traveling Vietnam

Vietnam will leave you speechless and stay in your memory forever. And the best way to have a great experience there is to go with an open mind and allow the country, the food, the people, and the beauty to speak for itself.

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