VietnamMiscellaneousFinding Academic Motivation at These Extraordinary Destinations in Vietnam

Finding Academic Motivation at These Extraordinary Destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most amazing countries in the world as it will always surprise you with the unexpected. Although you may find the typical Asian culture familiar, there is a unique feel in all the vital destinations you set foot in. Just think about those beautiful limestone karsts you will encounter at Ha Long Bay or the famous Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, or maybe the antiquated atmosphere at one of Vietnam’s oldest cities will take you back in time in ancient Vietnam. Still, let’s narrow things down to the most important that you should take advantage of by making it to five essential spots to enrich your learning inspirations.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Vietnam for Academic Motivation

Ha Long Bay

For aspiring geologists, you do not want to miss the 1,600 small islands and endless other lime karsts emerging from crystal water. Paradise Island or Cat Ba Island should be among your top priorities. You can go more off-the-beaten-path to observe closely how nature has generously granted the city with such miraculous wonders. Or, you can take a cruise for a more leisurely experience. Remember to complete your homework while you have a stable Internet connection, as not every island will have a good signal. Consider English essay writing help that works 24/7 and can help you get done with your academic tasks or any kind of work that you may have to do. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything!

Ho Chi Minh City

While you can visit Hanoi like most people do, take one step further and consider visiting a city that is more dynamic. Ho Chi Minh City holds some of the most crucial memories of the Vietnam War and the Indochine era of the country. There are two vital spots, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, that have been there for over a century representing significant Indochina architecture. Also, do not forget to check out the Independence Palace which saw the last battle of the Vietnam War, and the War Remnant Museum, which exhibits painful yet necessary reminders of the wartorn past.

Hoi An

The historical Hoi An city is a cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO more than twenty years ago. As a culture enthusiast, you would want to witness the flow of foreign influences being brought to Vietnam by merchant ships from all over the world. A harmony of Chinese and Japanese styles that blend so seamlessly with Vietnamese spirit is impossible to find elsewhere. Hoi An is also notorious as a shopping paradise, where you can treat yourself after study hours.

Da Nang

Not so far from Hoi An is Da Nang with its iconic Da Nang Golden Bridge. Don’t let the urbanscape fool you, as this was once both home to many of Vietnamese fairytales, and a crucial location of historical significance as this was the port where the French army first came to Vietnam. Wandering further from the city center, you’ll be amazed at how untouched nature here, especially in the Son Tra Peninsula, where you might spot wild monkeys mischievously glancing at tourists.

Nha Trang

Now, what about a beach resort? Vietnam presents you with beaches that literally run for miles of pure white sand. One of the best locations is a bay called Nha Trang! You can dive into the crystal clear waters, research the sea scenery, and get close to the Ryusan-ji Temple. You will be surprised to learn that the local monks still use it. Just show respect as you visit this unique temple!

Learning More About Vietnamese Culture

Unfortunately, most tourists these days seem to ignore the importance of a foreign culture as they only tend to visit the museums or famous tourist spots by not really focusing on simple people and traditions. Speaking of common rules, you must avoid being boastful or showing your fancy clothes off. The same is true about public displays of affection that can be easily misunderstood.

Dressing conservatively and keeping your body parts covered by focusing on modesty and humility is recommended. It is a matter of knowing your etiquette, as it’s not asking too much and can be met with a little effort! As you shall learn, the family and community play a vital role, as the social norms are based on Confucian principles. Take your time to explore this bit, and your trip to Vietnam will pay off with a wonderful experience!

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