VietnamExplore These Fishing Villages in Vietnam

Explore These Fishing Villages in Vietnam

Blessed with over 3,000 kilometers of coastline, Vietnam possesses the planet’s most astonishing natural sights, from pristine beaches to untouched islets. If you are looking for rustic yet lively destinations, we have compiled a list of the most charming fishing villages in Vietnam, from North to South.

Fishing Villages in Vietnam: Cua Van Fishing Village – Halong Bay

Secluded in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Halong Bay, Cua Van fishing village is genuinely a wonder of fishermen. The reasons why Cua Van village should be at the top of your bucket list are its genuinely antique sense, the charming beauty of natural scenery, and the retained cultural heritages from the past.

Fishing villages in Vietnam Cua Van fishing village Halong Bay 1

The peaceful Cua Van

What to Do in Cua Van Fishing Village

Once visiting Cua Van village, always remember to contemplate the limestone karsts rising from turquoise waters, capture unique images of this floating village with vivid raft houses, and gain hands-on experience with fishing activities. Most interestingly, you can explore the whole village yourself by taking kayak boats (US$ 5/person/hour) or the traditional basket boat (US$ 3/person/hour).

Fishing villages in Vietnam Cua Van fishing village Halong Bay 2

Rowing at Cua Van fishing village

How to Get to Cua Van Fishing Village

The best way to reach Cua Van fishing village is by taking a cruise trip from tourist services (such as Starlight Cruise, Paradise Sail, Indochina Sail or Majestic Cruise, etc.) in Halong Bay as it is more convenient and secured. These cruise services usually cost around US$ 170 to more than US$ 400, based on the quality as well as the length of the trip (two days – one night or three days – two nights).

Fishing villages in Vietnam Cua Van fishing village Halong Bay 3

Thẹ 5-star Starlight Cruise

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Fishing Villages in Vietnam: Ham Ninh Fishing Village – Phu Quoc

After many years, Ham Ninh still preserves its original magnetism since the tourism boom, portrayed by the thatched house of local fishermen. No one can tell exactly when this ancient village was born, but it has gradually become a famous tourist destination for travelers when touching down on Phu Quoc.

Fishing villages in Vietnam Ham Ninh fishing village Phu Quoc 1

A crowded corner of Ham Ninh fishing village

What to Do in Ham Ninh Fishing Village

You surely don’t want to pass up the opportunity of witnessing the picturesque sunrise at Ham Ninh village when the mossy rocks and sandy beaches leisurely get exposed to daylight.

More importantly, Phu Quoc Island is well-known for the Nghinh Ong Festival (Whale Worshipping Festival) that occurs on the 15th and 16th of August in the Lunar calendar. Although this festival is held by many fishermen in different regions of Vietnam, Ham Ninh fishing village is the most jubilant festival venue with solemn yet joyful rituals. If you head to the beautiful Ham Ninh during this time, don’t hesitate to join the festival to soak up the local atmosphere.

Fishing villages in Vietnam Ham Ninh fishing village Phu Quoc 2

Nghinh Ong Festival expresses the hope of fishermen for good weather, luck, and a wealthy life

Fishing villages in Vietnam Ham Ninh fishing village Phu Quoc 3

Nghinh Ong Festival attracts thousands of locals and tourists to participate

Also, we highly suggest sampling specialties like cucumber soup, tram mushroom, and flower crab of Ham Ninh village that you can easily find in the local market.

How to Get to Ham Ninh Fishing Village?

Ham Ninh village locates in Ham Ninh district, which is about 20 kilometers away from the center of Duong Dong town. Thus, a motorbike is quite preferable, thanks to the short traveling distance and self-command. It is also more economical compared with the expensive taxi fare in Phu Quoc.

Google Maps location: Ham Ninh fishing village

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Fishing Villages in Vietnam: Thanh Nam Fishing Village – Hoi An Ancient Town

Thanh Nam, a small fishing village, is the encapsulation of Vietnam’s undisturbed beauty of the countryside. Boasting imposing white sand and translucent water, the village turns into a magnificent spot to sit back and blend yourself into the warm sunshine.

What to Do in Thanh Nam Fishing Village?

Thanh Nam village always appeals to those who are photography enthusiasts thanks to its uniqueness. It is a rare fishing village where you can take a bike trip along the coastal line to experience the surrounding areas without any filter and rediscover the rhythms of the day. With spontaneity as the only rule to your trip, we guarantee visiting Thanh Nam will become your very personal and unforgettable memory.

Fishing villages in Vietnam Thanh Nam fishing village Hoi An 1

Fishing villages in Vietnam Thanh Nam fishing village Hoi An 2

The endearing scenery of Thanh Nam fishing village

How to Get to Thanh Nam Fishing Village?

Thanh Nam is among the top must-visit destinations when travelers go to Hoi An as you can easily take a ferry from Cua Dai harbor to reach the village with only half of a US dollar. Driving a big loop around Highway One is also a choice, but it would take much longer.

Google Maps location:

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Fishing Villages in Vietnam: Mui Ne Fishing Village – Mui Ne

Interspersed among the soaring coconut trees of Phan Thiet beach, Mui Ne fishing village always has an odd charm regardless of the time.

What to Do in Mui Ne Fishing Village?

With over one kilometer of coastline, Mui Ne fishing village is especially quiet and peaceful with a year-round calm sea that reflects the simple melodies of the village life. Tourists can take a chance to experience a distinct outlook on the local’s livelihood amongst boisterous water regions.

Visiting the village in the early morning and you can immerse in the local bustling bargaining scene of fishermen. Also, never miss the chance to pick up your favorite seafood and ask the locals to prepare it on the spot at extremely affordable prices.

Fishing villages in Vietnam Mui Ne fishing village Mui Ne 2

The fresh seafood market is right on the beach every morning

Fishing villages in Vietnam Mui Ne fishing village Mui Ne 3

Vietnam has one of the best seafood so don’t forget to try it

If you have time on your hands, learning how to make the traditional Vietnamese fish sauce at the Fish Sauce Museum is more than fantastic. The local fish sauce makers will meticulously show you the process, from drying fish to fermentation.

How to Get to Mui Ne Fishing Village?

As Mui Ne fishing village is only about 20 kilometers away from the center of Phan Thiet city, you can travel by bus (route 1 with the fare around VND 13,000). Another option is to ride motorbikes, which offers you the tranquil view along the way.

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Google Maps location: Mui Ne fishing village market

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Fishing Villages in Vietnam: Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Fishing Villages in Vietnam

The rainy reason between late June and August can badly affect your activities when visiting fishing villages in Vietnam. Therefore, the dry season (October to March) or late December would be the most perfect time to embark.

Along with that, the northern ocean, including Cua Van village in Halong Bay, can become chilly during autumn and winter (November to April) due to the monsoon season impacts, not to mention the storms.

Traveling by bike to and around The Fishing Villages in Vietnam

Motorbike is the most popular means of transport in Vietnam and also an ideal choice to get to fishing villages. Remember to check if you can drive in Vietnam and have a glance at our riding tips to have a safe trip.

Key Takeaway on Fishing Villages in Vietnam

Fishing villages in Vietnam can fulfill any beach-lovers with their agrestic vibe and a great sense of adventure. Kind-hearted and hospitable coastal dwellers will always deliver the warmest welcome to you. So why don’t you embark on a journey right now to explore the marvelous suggested fishing villages in Vietnam?

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